Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Ken Berwitz

Today is the very last day that anyone can sign up for ObamaCare and have coverage by the beginning of 2014. 

-How many have  signed up? 

-How many are trying to sign up with no success as yet? 

-How many who think they have already signed up had their enrollments botched by the hopelessly compromised ObamaCare web site and, in actuality, do not have health care coverage at all? 

-How many who have signed up did not, and will not, pay the premium, thus should not be counted? 

-How many have had their personal information stolen by hackers/identity thieves - a near-100% likelihood since there is no security built into the web site?

-How enormously important would an ObamaCare success be to the President and his fellow Democrats, going into the 2014 election season?

-How enormously important would an ObamaCare failure be to the President and his fellow Democrats going into the 2014 election season?

Would you call ObamaCare a major story?  I know I would.

Well, it did not show up on the Today show until 9 minutes after the hour.  And, even then, correspondent Peter Alexander capped the woefully inadequate coverage with a smiley-face report that President Obama signed his family up for a bronze plan, and it only cost him $400 a month.  You could almost hear "Happy Days Are Here Again" playing in the background.

At 7:30 Today did a recap of the day's major story.  ObamaCare was not among them.

And, yes, there are people - maybe millions of them - who rely on Today for their news.

God help every one of them.

free` Ken your blog didn't mention that Obama was unable to use the website. -- Obama Couldn’t Use Website To Sign Up For Obamacare --- Unable to offer a camera-friendly photo-op of the president breezing through an improved HealthCare.gov, the White House quietly announced on Monday that, sometime over the weekend, aides had enrolled Obama through an in-person enrollment site while the president was vacationing in Hawaii. ---- washington.cbslocal.com/2013/12/24/obama-enrolls-for-health-coverage-wont-use-it/ --- (12/24/13)


Ken Berwitz

This will be an easy blog to write.  I'll let the (formerly Obama-supporting) Chicago Tribune do my talking for me.

Excerpted from this morning's editorial:

Is (the latest unilateral revision of the legislation) the final major change as Obamacare lurches toward the starting line of coverage? Who knows? There are still eight days to go before Jan. 1. The administration is in full backpedal, arbitrarily repealing its own law under intense political pressure. On Monday - just hours before the putative application deadline - came word that federal officials will fudge the deadline and allow people an extra day to enroll for coverage beginning Jan. 1.

But every time the administration changes something big or small, it creates winners and losers. The losers, understandably, are furious. Expect to hear more from them as the 2014 general election approaches, with its rich possibilities for revenge.

For instance: "A 60-year-old living in Polk County, in northwestern Wisconsin, and earning $50,000 a year ... would have to spend more than 19 percent of his income, or $9,801 annually, to buy one of the cheapest plans available there," the Times reported. "A person earning $45,000 would qualify for subsidies and would pay about 5 percent of his income, or $2,228."

No wonder support for Obamacare has collapsed, dropping 5 percentage points in less than a month to a record low, according to a new CNN/ORC International poll released Monday. Only 35 percent of Americans support the law, compared to 40 percent in late November.

Many Americans who think they've enrolled in a plan will greet the new year unsure about whether they're really covered or if the computer ate their applications. Many of those who do buy coverage will face higher premiums and huge deductibles. They may not be able to see the doctors or go to the hospitals of their choice.

This is the reality of Obamacare.

This is why the law is teetering.

ObamaCare is an unworkable monstrosity.  No matter how many desperate changes are made to try and "fix" it.

Just as no one can make a silk purse from a sow's ear, the Obama administration cannot make a viable health care plan from ObamaCare. 

The more Obama & Co. try, the more they fail, the more desperate they look...and the more unpalatable this unfixable loser is to the public. 


Ken Berwitz

Apropos of nothing political....

I was channel surfing yesterday, and came across an episode of Sanford & Son, in which Fred (the late, great Redd Foxx) was trying to get a bank loan.  The show, of course, was very funny - but what caught my attention was the actor who played the bank's loan officer. 

His name was (still is) Tom Scott, and - for some reason, who knows why - I remember meeting him and his beautiful wife when, as a very young man trying to make it as an actor, he was at a party in Brooklyn (Tom's and my home town) thrown by my wife's best friend (to this day) and her then-husband.

I vaguely remember us having an extended conversation about race, and Tom's wife, at the end, commenting that it was good we, and presumably other people, were at least talking about the issues we had discussed, because that was the only way they could effectively be dealt with. 

I looked Tom up on the Internet Movie Data Base (imdb.com) and found that he had modest acting career for a while, but had gotten out of it (just one credit in the past 20 or so years) - and that, on January 1, he will celebrate his 65th  birthday.

Happy birthday, Tom.  I hope you and yours are doing well.  And I only wish that we had progressed beyond what your wife ruefully noted all those years ago instead of, in all too many ways, regressing from it.

Ok, back to politics....where, for race and lots of other things, regression is a way of life


Ken Berwitz

On October 13, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) executive board voted for 6 condemnations of Israel - to go with the hundreds and hundreds already out there, for a variety of horrible crimes, including Israel's intention to build an elevator by the Visitor's Center at the Wailing Wall.

Today the news is filled with mass graves, and a probable genocide either imminent or already started by Sudan, against South Sudan.

I request that the United Nations, ever vigilant to find terrible injustice throughout the world, consider a condemnation of Sudan.

I make this request with the hope that the UN can find its way clear to considering what is happening in South Sudan at least as egregious as the construction of an elevator in Israel.

We'll see......

BOB W I, too, have a request for the UN. it is pack your bags and get out. It is a useless organization, well past any usefulness. It is full of old men, sleeping, snoring and passing gas with no real meaningful accomplishments in over 50 years. it costs the USA and NY far too much of our taxpayers money to fund this over the hill gang. (12/24/13)

free' It isn't just in Sudan, Muslims have been killing Non-Muslims in many countries for decades. I guess no one has noticed, or are just too afraid to go up against the Cult of Islam. (12/24/13)

free` Bob, I think most people would agree with you, maybe someday they will let the voters decide if we want to be a member of such an organization as the UN. But I doubt we will ever get to vote on that. We have inadvertently given up many of our rights to make decisions and our politicians are just there for the paycheck and benefits. IMO I don't see things getting better ever again, too many takers out vote the producers. (12/24/13)

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