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Ken Berwitz

The President of Arts and Entertainment network (A&E) is Nancy Dubuc.  She is the one who has suspended, possibly fired (we'll see) Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan.

This is the same Nancy Dubuc who, as President of the Lifetime Network, hired the far-left roseanne barr to do a reality-based show set in Hawaii.

The show bombed and was cancelled, but that is not the point.  The point is that Dubuc did this knowing roseanne barr's ugly, sordid history of hatred.  I know she knew it because, aside from the fact that it is out there for anyone to see, I emailed her about it.

Here is the information I provided:

-November, 2008, speaking about Black voters in California, who voted overwhelmingly for Proposition 8:   "They showed themselves every inch as bigoted and ignorant as their white christian right wing counterpartners who voted for mccain-palin and bush-cheney"

-January, 2011, speaking about Sarah Palin:  I hate Sarah Palin, I'd slap her 

-May, 2007, speaking about Israel:  I hate Israel too much to host The View 

-February 11th, on her blog (which also viciously attacks Jews):  The Ruling Classes are less than one percent of the world's population, yet through their control of trade routes upon the Open Seas, the ungodly pirates that they are, control 99% of the world's resources, and move them through the world by water. They kill dispassionately and by stealing the wealth of entire communities and classes. After being arrested and tried by a Judicial system NOT heavily weighted in their favor (as now), they shall face a fate more horrifying than death (to them). These greedy moral derelicts will be forced to actually pay back the money they stole, every single plundered dime!!

Without Bullshit, the Twin Towers of Patriarchy, Warmongering-Piracy and Woman Hating-Pedophilia will collapse under their own weight. 

And then we have this proud moment from last year, when the Jewish-born barr displayed her humorous side by having herself made up to look like adolf hitler, and baking what she called "burnt Jew cookies":

Roseanne Barr as Adolf Hilter holding burnt Jew cookies in Heeb

Uh Nancy?  Still think roseanne barr is "funny"?  Still "thrilled" to get her? 

This is a small part of roseanne barr's sick, hate-filled past.  But Nancy Dubuc happily handed her a show anyway - the same Nancy Dubuc who is dumping Phil Robertson for his religious beliefs about gay people.

Anyone still want to tell me there's no media bias in the entertainment industry?


Ken Berwitz

Tomorrow, December 23, is the last day people can sign up for ObamaCare and be covered in 2014.

This was not the original deadline.  The original deadline was December 15.  But, due to a combination of the disastrous web site launch, a virtual inability for people to sign up....and the apparent fact that a great many people don't want to....that was unilaterally extended another 8 days.  Similarly, the deadline for payment of premium was unilaterally extended from January 1 to January 10.

Now, a day before this extended deadline, ObamaCare's sign-up rate seems clearly to be a small fraction of what is needed to make it work, or to provide insurance at anywhere near the premiums President Obama and his people promised (trying to get exact information from Obama & Co. regarding the number of sign-ups is about as easy as finding a hen with teeth).

A few questions:

-What will this administration say about it? 

-Who will they blame next (so far it has been a succession of people and institutions, none of them the administration itself)?  

-When will they tell the people who signed up how much more money they can expect to pay in premiums? 

-Do they think they can suppress this information through the 2014 election season?

-How many Democrats in competitive races will try - however implausibly, given that no one but Democrats wrote the legislation and then voted for this unworkable monstrosity - to distance themselves from it?

This is going to be a very, very interesting year.....


UPDATE:  Let me amend:  In his Friday press conference, President Obama alluded to the claim (not fact, claim), that more than a million people have signed up for ObamaCare since its October launch.

Do you believe him?  If so, why?  What part of ObamaCare has he not lied about already?

And even if you do, is that the total of people who have actually sent in premiums, or the total who just have "signed up" but not paid a premium, which means they are not signed up at all?

Trusting the Obama administration about anything is about as logical as Charlie Brown trusting that Lucy Van Pelt to hold the football down for him to kick it.

Michael Moon If you listened carefully to our Liar-In-Chief's presser, he did not say one million people had "signed up" for Obamacare. He said one million people had "selected" a plan. If you shop on-line, you know how different these two things are. He never ever has said how many people have actually paid for, thus actually signing up for, Obamacare. To me it is fascinating that a President can lie like this and last one more day in the White House without being impeached, much less four more years. (12/22/13)

Zeke .... .... .... Mr. Obama is tirelessly searching for a solution to this minor glitch. - - - He is looking all over the sands of Waikiki for this. . . . . Surely, some grass-skirted hula dancer will place a lei over his head and whisper the solution in his ear . . . . . . .. . . . (12/22/13)


Evidently, despite the media attention he has gotten for years, Chris Christie is not interested in being the Republican Presidential candidate in 2016.

Why do I say this?  Because, on Friday, he signed legislation - admittedly somewhat watered down, but legislation nevertheless - which enables the children of New Jersey's illegal aliens to get in-state tuition rates.

In other words, if you and your family are legal residents of, say, Easton Pennsylvania, just over the New Jersey border, and your child wants to attend Rutgers University, you pay full price.  But if you and your family are legal residents of, say, Tijuana, Mexico, but in New Jersey illegally, and your child wants to attend Rutgers University, you get a break and pay less.

Is this right?  Does it make sense?  Evidently, for moral and/or political reasons, Chris Christie has decided it does.

Now:  what standing does that put him in with Republicans nationwide?  Keep in mind that they already have Christie's post-Hurricane Sandy love affair with Barack Obama to hold against him.  Can we agree that it does not help him very much?

And don't even think about Chris Christie changing parties to run Democrat.  A pro-life Democrat has about as much chance to win the party's presidential nomination as al sharpton has to be named national spokesperson for the White Citizens' Councils of America.

From a political perspective, the only element of logic I can find for this is that, since the legislation would undoubtedly put Christie in good stead with a segment of the Latino vote, he could argue that it expands his vistas beyond those of other Republican candidates.  

Even there, however, being relatively more palatable to that segment will not necessarily result in a swing from a Democrat, whose party has long championed rights for illegal aliens, to Christie, whose party, to say the least, has not.  And, in any event, the largest states with major Latino populations tend to be so blue that even if he swung a percentage of those votes over it would not change anything.  In fact, for one of those states - Florida, with its major Cubano population - it might lose rather than gain him votes.

With these factors in mind, I certainly hope Mr. Christie's decision was based entirely on principle.  Because at least then he might derive a benefit - personal if not electoral - out of it.

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