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Ken Berwitz

First things first:  Do not believe the Obama administration.  It lies about everything.

Now, the following excerpt from today's blog by's unfortunately-named blogger "allahpundit" -- which I have broken up into several paragraphs for ease of reading:

Health-care reporters have been zeroed in lately on the 834 error rate, i.e. the rate of garbled or phantom enrollment data transmitted from to insurance companies as people sign up.

WaPo claimed the other day that the rate is as high as one-third, but HHS, knowing a looming PR catastrophe when it sees one, has refused to give reporters a hard number.

The media's focus on that is all to the good - the higher the 834 error rate, the more chaos there'll be next month in sorting out the big surge of applications in December - but there's another key rate that's being overlooked. Namely, what's the rate of people who somehow, miraculously, have completed the sign-up process on but then failed to send a payment to their new insurer for their first month of premiums?

I haven't seen a single estimate of that yet even though it's a crucial metric: If you don't pay by New Year's Eve, you're not enrolled, even if you successfully signed up on the website.

If there's a huge nonpayment rate among new sign-ups, there'll be a huge number of people who show up to see the doctor next month only to find, to their great confusion and annoyance, that they have no coverage because they haven't paid yet.

ObamaCare, after three years of nonstop fanfare, started with a catacysmically disastrous web site.  Two months later, the administration is bragging over how improved it is.  But that is another administration lie, since IT professionals, one after the other, are warning us that security is virtually non-existent and some of the back-end functions - a payment mechanism, for example - are not even built yet.

And now, as is correctly noted above, there is the issue that a great many people who think they have signed up have not, in fact done so; enough so that Kathleen Sebelius and her fellow incompetents at Health and Human Services (HHS) are withholding the information from us.

Do they think they can hide it until after the 2014 elections?

And what happens when people who think they have gotten insurance find out - maybe after getting a humongous doctor or hospital bill - they have not?  Who will President Obama tell them to blame?  Ted Cruz?  George Bush?  Waldo?

ObamaCare is an unworkable monstrosity.  We see proof of this just about every day. 

When will our supposedly "neutral" media - which touted ObamaCare from its inception, and only grudgingly acknowledged the horrific web site rollout for a week or two before reverting to form and giving us the current smiley-face appraisals of its bogus  "improvements" - start talking about it in real terms?

Zeke .... .... .... HealthCare.Gov has absolutely NO reported errors in these areas: . . . . Security, Payment Processing, Advising providers whether the patient is still in the deductible phase (patient pays first $6,000 / yr medical expense). . . . . .. No errors at all ! ! ! - - - of course, none of those components have been written yet. . . . . . . . If it ain't there, it can't be wrong - - - - (12/06/13)


Ken Berwitz

There are visionaries and there are delusionaries.

Here are the words of a delusionary:

"I believe we are closer than we have been in years to bringing about the peace and the prosperity and the security that all of the people of this region deserve"

How nice that John Kerry thinks a 47 year "negotiation" which has never gone anywhere due to unwavering intransigence on the part of Palestinian Arabs, is inching closer to peace, prosperity and security. 

On what does he base this thought?  No one knows (and I'm betting that includes Kerry himself).  It certainly is not on the say-so of Palestinian Authority President mahmoud abbas, who, according to the article I've linked to above, has refused each and every overture Kerry has made.  But we're supposed to believe it anyway.

And, yes, this is the same John Kerry who is fresh from cutting one of the worst deals in memory, with Iran - whose leader, ali khameini (while laughing up its sleeve no doubt) immediately informed the world that everything Kerry claimed to be in the deal was "misunderstood" and "invalid".

An incompetent for a President and a delusionary for a Secretary of State.  Great combination.

I count the seconds until the end of this administration.  And I assume that Israel agrees 100%.


Today's Quote Of The Day comes to us from William J. (Bill) Bratton, the just-named, once and future Police Commissioner of New York City.

Here is what Mr. Bratton, who formerly served under hard-line law enforcement mayor Rudy Giuliani, had to say about "stop and frisk", during an interview with the reliably liberal legal commentator Jeffrey Toobin in May:

 "First off, stop-question-and-frisk has been around forever.  It is known by stop-and-frisk in New York, but other cities describe it other ways, like stop-question-and-frisk or Terry stops. It's based on a Supreme Court case from 1968, Terry v. Ohio, which focused very significantly on it. Stop-and-frisk is such a basic tool of policing. It's one of the most fundamental practices in American policing. If cops are not doing stop-and-frisk, they are not doing their jobs. It is a basic, fundamental tool of police work in the whole country. If you do away with stop-and-frisk, this city will go down the chute as fast as anything you can imagine."

Am I misremembering, or did New York City's incoming Mayor, Bill de Blasio, run on the premise that he would absolutely, unequivocally end "stop and frisk"?

Nope, I'm not.  If you use the link I've provided and read Toobin's article, you will find that, at least ostensibly, Commissioner Bratton will be in charge of ending this procedure.

I award Bill Bratton Quote Of The Day honors because his position on this police procedure is so at odds with what he is supposed to be doing on behalf of Mr. de Blasio that my interest level is at fever pitch....because I can't imagine how it is supposed to work.

I promise a future Quote Of The Day award to anyone who can explain it to me.


I've been waiting years to post something like this, and today is the day.

The new data are out and:

- unemployment dropped to 7.0%,

-over 200,000 jobs were created, and

-the worker participation rate rose (from 62.8% to 63.0%) rather than declined.

I understand that the data still stink, that this is just a one month snapshot, and that it is probably due to seasonal employment, thus will fall back next month.  But good is good...and in an economy starved for good news, I'm willing to jump on whatever I can.

free Ken, I read over 40% of the jobs were government hires. (12/06/13)


Apropos of nothing political....

-New York Yankees:  My guess is that Robinson Cano will take the Seattle Mariners' ridiculously huge offer (reports indicate it is $25 million a year for 9 years...which would take Cano well past his prime, especially given that he is a middle infielder) and leave the Yankees.  

If I were Yankee owner Hal Steinbrenner and GM Brian Cashman, I would not even think about matching such an offer or even coming close, I would just wave goodbye.  

Excellent though Cano is, the only players worth that kind of money to a baseball club are players who draw fans to the park...and Cano does not draw fans to the park.  Let the Mariners organization spend much - maybe most - of the years of this contract wondering what they were thinking, while Cano languishes in the anonymity of the Seattle market - which I doubt very seriously he wants (ask Ichiro Suzuki).  Well, at least he would be getting big, big bucks for it.

-Brooklyn Nets:  When will billionaire owner Mikhail Prokhorov bite the bullet, admit that as great as a player Jason Kidd was he is hopelessly over-matched as a coach, and let him go?  Right now the Nets - who started the season being touted as a contender for the NBA championship - are 5-14.  To make matters even worse, they just lost by 30 points to the crosstown rival New York Knicks, who came into the game with a 3-13 record.

Yeah, I know the Nets have injuries.  But who doesn't?  No excuses:  Kidd is just plain not happening.

Ok, enough.  Now back to politics, where we are lucky if things are just plain not happening.


UPDATE:  Well, that didn't take long.

Reports have just surfaced that Robinson Cano has agreed to an even bigger contract with the Mariners:  10 years, $240 million.

FYI:  Cano is already 31 years of age (b: October 22, 1982).  How many second basemen stay at the top into their mid-thirties?  

As a Yankee fan, I'm sorry to see him go...but also as a Yankee fan I understand how ludicrous the Yankee contract would have had to be for him to stay.  

So bye-bye, Robinson.  I promise the Yankees' world will go on without you.


Ken Berwitz

How dumb does President Obama think we are? 

Apparently, the answer is plenty dumb.....and, for plenty of us he just may be right, too.

Among the more remarkable things Mr. Obama said during Chris Matthews' kiss-ass interview was this:

"And I actually think there are a bunch of Republicans who want to get stuff done. I - they've gotta be embarrassed.  Because the truth of the matter is is that they, they've now been in charge of, of the House of Representatives-- one branch or one chamber in one branch of government for a couple of years now. And they just don't have a lot to show for it."

That so?

Well, either they rewrote the constitution Thursday morning, or:

- the senate is still part of congress,

-once the house passes legislation, the it still has to go through the senate before reaching the President's desk, and

-the senate is still controlled by Democrats, not Republicans.

See, no matter how many pieces of legislation the Republican-controlled house passes, if the Democrat-controlled senate does not then also pass them, they can't be sent along to the President for his signature.  

So when President Obama complains about Republicans not having a lot to show for the years they have been in control of the house (it's four, Mr. President, not "a couple" - maybe if you were more hands-on engaged in the business of government you would know that), as if Republicans alone were in control of how much legislation winds up on his desk, he is intentionally misleading us. 

And Chris Matthews either does not know this (which, of course, he does), or is too busy dealing with the thrill up his leg to correct his lord and savior, Barack Obama.  Besides, telling the truth about this would damage his unconditional-love standing with Mr. Obama, not to mention MSNBC.  And we can't have that, can we?

Well, look at the bright side.  At least Matthews did not suggest that house Republicans would be outstanding candidates for having someone defecate in their mouths and pee on their faces.  For the MSNBC franchise, that is actually a step upward.

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