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Ken Berwitz

This morning, CNN has a major story on "the knockout game" - which, in which, as discussed in a previous blog, the perpetrators are almost exclusively Black and the victims almost exclusively non-Black.

The one and only mention of the racial nature of this "game" was in the next to last paragraph, which said that, in New York, Jewish and African American community leaders (who defines what a "community leader" is?) met to discuss it.  No indication of which group consisted of the perps and which consisted of the victims. 

Who are these "journalists" protecting?  And why?

They certainly are not protecting the innocent Black young people who are also victimized by these thugs; the young people who non-Blacks may recoil from, out of fear  that they might be playing the "game" and looking for a victim.

When two or three Black friends, entirely innocent and just walking down the street, see White people cross to the other side of that street to avoid them, who will they blame?  Will they blame Whites for being fearful, or the thugs who have generated the fear? 

Why should these young people be put in that position based on the color of their skin?  And why do the CNN's of the world (and they are far from alone) help perpetuate their situation by not reporting the truth - i.e. that while most Black people are decent and law-abiding, there are violent thugs within Black communities who are running wild? 

Hiding such information, by intentionally not mentioning skin color in news reports, makes media their willing accomplices.

Maybe if media stopped this ridiculous charade and started reporting things as they are, the communities in question would be emboldened to do something other than wring their hands and wish this reality did not exist.


Ken Berwitz

Does the name Jessica Sanford ring a bell?

If you are a supporter of ObamaCare it very well might.  Ms. Sanford's superb experience with ObamaCare was featured by President Obama last month. 

Excerpted from an article at Seattle's KING5 news:

Jessica Sanford of Washington wrote to Obama, explaining how the ACA helped her and her son, who has ADHD. 

"I am a single mom, no child support, self-employed, and I haven't had insurance for 15 years because it's too expensive," wrote Sanford.

Obama went on to explain how Americans like Sanford can now get health coverage for $169 a month, after her son's medication alone would have previously been $250 by itself.

"I was crying the other day when I signed up, so much stress lifted," wrote Sanford.

Heartwarming.  Except...... is what happened afterwards, via the following excerpt from Tom Blumer's Graham's piece at

Ms. Sanford has since learned that the state exchange seriously erred, and that she will get no subsidy at all. Because she can't afford to pay the monthly premium, which now appears to be in the neighborhood of $600 a month (her original premium was said to be $169, and her original subsidy was reported as $452), she will go without health insurance coverage next year and pay the Affordable Care Act's mandated fine.

Mr. Blumer goes on to explain the utter ineptitude involved in misinforming Ms. Sanford about what her premium actually would be. 

He also posts Ms. Sanford's reaction, in her own words, as posted on her facebook page:

"Wow. You guys really screwed me over.  Now I have been priced out and will not be able to afford the plans you offer. But, I get to pay $95 and up for not having health insurance. I am so incredibly disappointed and saddened. You majorly screwed up."

How devastating is this for Jessica Sanford?  Very.

And humiliating is this for President Obama and for ObamaCare?  Not at all.

What?  Not humiliating at all for Mr. Obama?  How can that be?  

Because, as Blumer points out, neither the Associated Press, nor network news shows, nor morning shows, nor the New York Times, etc. etc. etc. have reported it.

That's right.  Barack Obama's poster-woman for the benefits of his signature legislation turns out to have no benefits at all, and mainstream media buries it.

Media bias?  Naaahhh....

"Keep 'em ignorant and you own 'em":  alive and well in the era of Obama.


Ken Berwitz

Of all the disastrous foreign policy decisions this administration has made, this may well be the single worst.

The United States, via the obtuseness, ineptitude and incompetence of President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, has cut a "deal" with Iran - a terrorist country which ignores the deals it makes, and has a history of lying to the world as casually and frequently as Obama told us we can keep our insurance policies and our doctors.

This is the same Iran whose actual head of state, ayatollah ali khamenei (not the puppet hassan rouhani) bragged about making fools of Obama and Kerry just three days ago - and whose key general, General mohammad reza naghdi, then assured Iran's military that it would annihilate Israel.

Doubt me?  here, straight from my blog at that time, are their actual quotes:

Speaking to "thousands of commanders" of Iran's Basij militia, khamenei said his use of the term "historic flexibility" to describe the negotiations with (hopelessly outmatched) US Secretary of State John Kerry were:

" artistic maneuver and the use of different tactics to reach different goals and ideals of the Islamic regime..."

Translation:  "We're stalling some more while we build our nuclear capability, just like we have been doing for years, and this oompa loompa is falling for it again".

That threat certainly has the goods to win Quote Of The Day honors - as do khamenei's add-on comments:

Khamenei called Israel a "rabid dog", "unclean", "illegitimate" and "a bastard."

"The Zionist regime is destined to destruction, because this miserable regime was imposed [on the Middle East] based upon force, and no imposed phenomenon can last," he said.

But, though about as blunt as a billy-club, none of this compares to the bluntness of General mohammad reza naghdi, who spoke at the same gathering, thus with full approval of khamenei.  Here is what he had to say:

"The Basij forces stand by the goal of annihilation of Israel from the world's map.  Until we recover the Islamic lands from the [Israeli] occupiers and conduct prayers with our leader at the holy Quds [Jerusalem], we will not retreat from fighting with America and the Zionists."

This is the regime John Kerry and his boss, Barack Obama, have proudly eased sanctions against. 

Can they possibly be this obtuse?  This inept?  This incompetent?  

Let me allow the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu characterize what has happened...because it is Israel (and Saudi Arabia and the UAR among others) which will have to decide what to do about itL

"This is a bad agreement that gives Iran what it wanted: the partial lifting of sanctions while maintaining an essential part of its nuclear program.  The agreement allows Iran to continue to enrich uranium, leaves the centrifuges in place and allows it to produce fissile material for a nuclear weapon"

With a combination of sadness and fear, I must repeat here what I have said in many previous blogs:  Israel is being put in a position where it has every reason to believe that it must take out Iran's nuclear capacity to avoid its own annihilation. 

What happens when Israel does what it has to do?  Who are Obama and Kerry going to blame?  Bush? Republicans?  The Japanese tsunami?

And, far more importantly, which side will Obama and Kerry take? 

Until this horrific administration came into power I would not have doubted for a second that it would stand with its staunch ally, Israel, against Iran or any terrorist regime. 

Now?  I honestly do not know.

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