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Ken Berwitz

The ridiculous loudmouth, Rep. alan grayson (D-FL), calls himself a "congressman with guts" - because he equates being a loudmouth with having them.

Here, for grayson's benefit (as if he would learn from it) is an example of real guts: Shown below is one of the ads (yes, there are others with an identical theme) Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance, the largest provider in Iowa, is about to start running, which ridicule the ObamaCare disaster and offer Wellmark as a superior alternative, where "promises matter":

Well done, Wellmark.  Now prepare to be audited for the next three years.....


Ken Berwitz

Let's play the ObamaCare Suppose game.


-you are a Democrat running for re-election next year;

-you are aware that, in addition to its incredibly disastrous web site, ObamaCare is predominantly being taken by people who are older, who have pre-existing conditions and who are unable to pay for it;

-you realize that the lack of young, healthy sign-ups is going to cause insurance premiums to skyrocket the next time they are calculated;

-and you note that the next time they are calculated is just before your election.

What to do, what to do.....

Well, here is what Health and Human Services (HHS) has come up with:  it will move the start of ObamaCare's second year for one month - from October 15th (3 weeks before the mid-term elections) to November 15th (one week afterward).

That way, the, voters will not actually see where ObamaCare insurance premiums are going before casting their ballots.

See, HHS is headed by the amazingly incompetent Kathleen Sebelius.  That nice lady who managed to spend $400 - $634 million dollars (depending on who you ask) over three years to develop a web site that most nerds in your local high school would have done more competently as a term paper, in return for an "A"  and a field trip or two. 

And, utilizing the same competence level to address the fact that ObamaCare itself is turning out to be every bit as disastrous as the web site rollout, this is how she (presumably under the aegis of Boss Barack) figures the administration can get by it.

And what is your job (yep, you have a job too)? 

Your job, if you are willing to take it,  is to be an absolute idiot.  A moron.  A circus clown.  Someone so stupid that you cannot see through this absolutely transparent, cynical charade.  Your job (again reminding you that it is voluntary, not compulsory) is to pretend that moving the start of ObamaCare's second year back has nothing to do with moving the release of new premium data past the mid-term elections.  That adding a month to something which does not need any extra time, which brings it past election day, is a random coincidence.

Look, I know jobs are hard to come by right now (is Obama still blaming Bush for that?).  But, if you're asking me, this is one you definitely should not take.

Don't be an idiot, a moron and/or a circus clown for Obama & Co.  Please.


Apropos of nothing political....

Two days ago I dropped a small container of Ronzoni Pastina on our kitchen floor.  The pastina thingies slid in every direction.  And as of this morning, having swept and vacuumed several times, I am still finding them.

What does this have to do with anything, political or otherwise? Nothing, that's what.  But I'm frustrated.

Ok, back to politics, where we're all frustrated no matter what drops on the floor.


Ken Berwitz

It is now over a week since Martin Bashir uttered what may well have been the single most vile, insulting commentary on Sarah Palin which has ever (dis)graced MSNBC (something of a major accomplishment, in a perverse sort of way). 

Specifically, apart from calling her a dunce with a long-deceased mind, Bashir suggested Ms. Palin would be an "outstanding candidate" to have to have someone defecate in her mouth and urinate on her face. 

I'm not kidding, folks, he said that.  If you have the stomach for it, click here to read his verbatim "commentary" and my reaction to it.

The reason I am mentioning this is not to further berate Bashir...who apologized on his Monday show,  either sincerely or insincerely (we'll never know for sure). 

The reason is to point out that, to this moment, there has not been one peep out any women's group - most particularly the National Organization for Women (NOW) - about this.  Nothing. 

I have often blogged NOW, and similar organizations, are not actually women's groups; they are left wing groups which trick women by cynically exploiting so-called "women's issues" to further their actual agenda.  The silence regarding Sarah Palin is another proof that this is so.

Tell me:  If it were a conservative show host saying anything one tenth as offensive about a leftward female politician - say, Sean Hannity talking about Hillary Clinton this way - do you doubt NOW would be out there condemning him?  Demanding that he quit his radio and TV shows or be fired?  Do you doubt they would be doing exactly the same for MSNBC President Phil Griffin?

The fact that they are doing neither tells anyone who wants to know that NOW has no problem with a woman being trashed in the most vile, disgusting way long as the women in question does not share its political agenda, that is.

For Ba-sheer hypocrisy, they are right at the front of the line. 


Ken Berwitz

Today's quote comes to us from Hillary Clinton:  whose main claim to fame, other than marrying Hubby Bubba, is that she has gotten further with fewer accomplishments than almost any person in the history of the United States (Barack Obama is the undisputed winner of this "competition", with Ms. Clinton and John Kerry vying for second place).

Two days ago, this is what she had to say about the government shut-down and her party's scare-the-voters tactic of wailing that it could have caused a default on our debt (which, as numerous economists pointed out, was not going to happen):

We were in another one of these dramas in Washington -- would we or would we not default on our debt? And all the business leaders wanted to talk to me about was, 'was the United States going to default on its debt?' And I kept saying, 'Oh, of course not. We would never do that.' And just hoping and praying that I was right.

What I saw, in that incident, was bewilderment. Like, how could the United States do that to itself? Especially countries that believe in our model, really cherish our values, want to be moving more toward our example.

Fast forward, this last time -- as I talked to people around the world -- there was a sense like, 'if you guys can't get your act together, we need to de-Americanize the world.' Which was a phrase used by a high-ranking Chinese official. That is not good news for us. That is a very unfortunate conclusion.

Uh....Ms. Clinton:  does it occur to you that the Chinese, who have been financing our insane deficits all these years, intend for this to happen?  That it has nothing to do with a 17 day hissy-fit between Barack Obama and Republicans, but is a long-term strategy that we, by our profligate spending behavior, are a willing participant in?

I guess not.

Therefore, I award Hillary Clinton Quote Of The Day honors for sheer obtuseness.   Because, based on that quote  I don't know of anyone - even Mr. Obama or Mr. Kerry - who comes close.

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