Saturday, 09 November 2013


Ken Berwitz

Are you old enough to remember the beginning of the Free Speech Movement?

If so, you probably remember that it started, in no small part, at the University of California - Berkeley.

Well, here is what free speech has degenerated into at that very same school today.

The Student Government of the University of California - Berkeley has just voted, unanimously, to ban the term "illegal immigrant" from its discourse.

The reason? Because it deems that term to be racist, offensive, unfair, and derogatory.

The fact that it also happens to perfectly describe someone who comes to the United States from another country without legal status? Apparently that is meaningless to the new fascists at Berkeley.

And the fact that, regardless of whether it is accurate, it is free speech which, the last time I checked, was supposed to predominate at universities? That, apparently, is meaningless as well. 

So  you can chalk free speech up as another casualty of the politically correct fascists who, increasingly, hold sway at our country's campuses.  Put it alongside the shoutdowns of any but the most leftward speakers who come to those campuses.

How proud these arbiters of what we all can say, or hear, must be of the "progress" they have made.

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