Friday, 08 November 2013

TESTING Ken Berwitz

this is a test to see if I can blog from where I am right now, which apparently I can. Okay, I will try to do some blogging over the next couple of days, with my regularly scheduled, er, stuff resuming as usual on Monday.



I hope this doesn't surprise you.

Today, the news is full of stories about president Obama surreptitiously easing sanctions on Iran.

Why in the world would he do this?

The rationale appears to be that he feels, since hassan rouhani, Iran's "moderate" new President, took office, there is a better chance that the country will forgo its nuclear weapons ambitions.

If so, he is either the single most gullible President in my lifetime - maybe anyone's lifetime - or just doesn't care about Iran's stated goal of wiping Israel off the face of the map.

With great sadness, I have to say I'm not sure of which it is.

Did Mr. Obama happen to notice the "death to America" demonstration earlier this week?

Did he happen to notice Iran's bragging about how far it's nuclear program has progressed?

Did he happen to notice the estimates that Iran could be as little as a month away from being able to produce a nuclear weapon?

I wonder f/what the "Lost Tribe" people - the Jews and non - Jews who support Israel but voted for Barack Obama - think about this. Is it possible that they will finally realize who they have cast their lot with?

Or are they just as benighted now as before; just as willing, even eager, to rationalize some kind of half-baked explanation for the unexplainable?

And what about Israel? What will Mr. Obama say If/when Israel acts to protect itself from Iran's overt threat to annihilate it? Whose side will he take?

How scary that this is an issue at all.  But it is.

free` It is even worse than you think, here is a part of what SoS John Kerry said at a press conference in Jordan this last week about the Israel PA "peace" talks. ----- "... if you cannot get peace with a leadership that is committed to non-violence, we may wind up with a leadership that is committed to violence," ------ I wonder which leadership he is talking about? The only leadership that wants no violence is Israel. Since he is speaking about the possibility of a 3rd intifada I assume he is talking about the PA leadership. Not only is Israel screwed but so is the USA. How stupid are the people in charge of our country? ----- Here is the source where I read it. -- (11/08/13)

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