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Ken Berwitz

Yesterday a friend, knowing my feeling toward the Obama administration, asked me what I had written about the "spy scandal", in which it has become clear that the USA spies on other countries, very much including allies such as France and Germany.

He was surprised when I told him I had not written a thing about this, and asked why.

I'll tell you what I told him. 

I assume that all countries with the capability of doing so are spying an as many other countries as they are able to - friends and enemies alike.  I also assume that this was being done when President Obama took office, that it continues to be done during his presidency, that it will be done the day he leaves the White House and will continue with the President who succeeds him.

In other words, there is no story here.  There is only a lot of false Inspector Renault-like shock that it is being done, by countries every bit as actively involved in spying as we are.

There are plenty of things to criticize President Obama about.  But this, most assuredly, is not one of them.


Ken Berwitz

There are a lot of explanations which could be floated for the ObamaCare disaster - you know, the one President Obama says is just a short term little whoopsie, that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says is just a couple of glitches pointed out by people she doesn't work for, and that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz assures us Democrats will proudly feature in their 2014 campaigns.

One of them - the easiest of all - is the old maxim that there is precious little that government runs capably or cost efficiently. 

Well, in this case you can stop right there.  Because nowhere is this maxim more provable than ObamaCare.

The first paragraph of Avik Roy's devastating article at, with its accompanying chart, makes this conclusion inescapable:

In recent months, President Obama and his subordinates have waived or delayed a number of Obamacare's notable features, such as the law's employer mandate, and its procedures for protecting taxpayers from fraud and identity theft. Earlier this month, in that context, I obtained a heretofore-unpublished memorandum from the Congressional Research Service. The CRS, Congress' non-partisan in-house think tank, compiled 82 deadlines that the Affordable Care Act mandates upon the first three years of its own implementation. Remarkably, it turns out that the White House has missed half of the deadlines legally required by the ACA. And some of those deadlines remain unmet to this day.

Take a good look at that chart.  Of 82 legally mandated deadlines - i.e. not wistful hopes but deadlines which had to be met - exactly one half either were completed late, or have not been completed at all.

That said, let me ask a question:  if Avik Roy could easily get his hands on this information, does it not stand to reason that other media people could have done so as well?  That being the case, has this astonishing indictment of Obama, Sebelius & Co. been reported throughout mainstream media?  How about after Mr. Roy's article was published, when no actual investigative journalism was necessary? 

Here is your answer:  please note that the article I have put up is dated August 18th - over two months ago.  Have you seen or heard a thing about this on the network news?  In the major daily newspapers? 

It can be argued that these missed deadlines are nothing other than details, that being late on some stuff is not long as the final objective is met.  And, frankly, that is a very good argument, one that I would agree with. 

But once the final objective was not met, those missed deadlines ceased being asterisks and, instead, became indictments.  So where, in the past 26 days since ObamaCare launched, have mainstream media talked about them?

One other thing:  at the start of his paragraph, Mr. Roy mentions something I have cited in several blogs over the past months - that President Obama has unilaterally (and, in my view, unconstitutionally), waived and/or delayed parts of ObamaCare. 

This means that every time Democrats have sneered that ObamaCare could not be defunded or changed because it was "settled law" they have been lying.  Settled law means the law stands as-is, unchanged.  This, indisputably, is not true of ObamaCare.

Regarding the constitutionality issue:  can you show me any part of the constitution which says, implies, or provides a basis for, a President taking legislation which passed through congress and he himself signed into law, and personally deciding which parts will and will not be implemented? 

That's what they do in places like Cuba.  Venezuela.  Iran.  But not in the USA -- or, at any rate, not here until we had President Barack Obama and his Accomplice Media looking the other way. 

I conclude, therefore, that every time President Obama has waived his hand and declared changes to this legislation, he has been acting outside of our constitution.

If I'm wrong, please show me where.  But if I'm not wrong, please be as outraged by this as I am.

Zeke .... .... ObamieKare is "settled law" like Global Warming is "settled science" . . . . . . . . .[The President] shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed..... . . US Constitution : Article II Section 3 .... ..... ... (10/26/13)


I am sitting next to Jacqueline (Jackie, as she points out, not Jacquie) and I just asked her what her pet peeves are.

She tells me that they are people who are late and people who are picky.

This probably means nothing to you.  But I decided to immortalize her (so to speak) on this blog, and this is the way I'm doing it.

Ok, back to politics.


Ken Berwitz

Let's play a game of "did you know that?".  Ok, here goes.

Did you know that:

-CGI Federal, Inc. is the company which put together the disastrous ObamaCare web site?

-Four other companies bid on the project, but CGI Federal is the only one that was considered for it?

-CGI Federal is also involved in dispersing $1.7 billion dollars in federal aid for Hurricane Sandy victims?

- And that, a full year after the hurricane hit, a majority of families which requested assistance have yet to get even one penny?

That doesn't look very good for CGI Federal, Inc., does it? 

So why would a company with this kind of record get these kinds of plums from the Obama administration?

For that we need one more "did you know that?" entry.

Did you know that:

-Toni Townes-Whitley, Michelle Obama's classmate, and fellow member of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni, happens to be a Senior Vice President of CGI Federal?

Do Ms. Obama's association with Ms. Townes-Whitley, and CGI Federal Inc.'s exceedingly good fortune, have anything to do with one another? 

I don't know for 100% sure.  It could be just an amazing coincidence - like the amazing coincidence that most of the failed "green" companies which soaked taxpayers for hundreds of millions when they went under were owned or fronted by big Democrat donors.

I suggest you use your own good judgment, and decide for yourself.


Today's the day for a sister act.

I just got this from Eli and Ora's Jeena (yes, this is Anita's sister):

A public service announcement.

Hard to argue with that......


Ken Berwitz

This one speaks for itself. 

Here is a letter to the editor of the Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch from "Michael Carroll".   And the end of the letter is the end of this blog - because I don't know how to add to what he says.

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

I am self-employed and I pay for my own health insurance. I assumed I would pay a surcharge for the Affordable Care Act every month. I assumed incorrectly that I would have the freedom to choose, that my future and security were in my hands. My insurance agent visited my office and asked me what provision of the ACA I wanted to sign up for. I thought he was kidding; he wasn't. I do not have a choice. My policy will go from $325 a month to more than $900 a month, my coverage will be nowhere near what I have today and I must change my family doctor, eye doctor and dentist. My deductible will be as high as $8,000.

This act is now a federal law and there are no private insurance policies available - none - at any cost. I actually felt sorry for my insurance agent as I could see his frustration and weariness at having to explain this to his clients over and over.

My impression was that this act was to assist those who could not assist themselves, to provide help to those in need. I was fundamentally supportive and in agreement with this concept.

I should have seen this coming simply by the fact the lawmakers exempted themselves, their families and their staff. If a car mechanic will not drive a car after he performs major repairs, then the car is probably not safe for me and my family.

Why $900 a month for an inferior product? The middle-class citizen will carry this burden, the rich can pay cash, the poor pay nothing, and the folks in the middle pay everything.

Michael Carroll. Richmond.


Yes, the above title suggests there may be a possibility that Martin Bashir is a Tea Party collaborator, and maybe a ku klux klan sympathizer.

If you know Mr. Bashir as the hard-left host of an MSNBC show which airs weekday afternoons, this might be a tad confusing to you.

If so, please be assured that it is not me making the accusation:  it is none other than alan grayson a Democrat congressperson the good people of Orlando/Kissimee and environs have chosen to represent them in congress.

See, Mr. Bashir had grayson on his Friday show.  And, though he joins grayson in hating the Tea Party movement with a passion, Bashir had the temerity to suggest that grayson was wrong to compare tea partiers to the ku klux klan.  

How did grayson react?  Well, read the excerpts from a transcript of the show and see for yourself:

BASHIR: Mr. Grayson, I receive e-mails from people regularly describing me in the most inappropriate terms and asking that I be murdered and shot and hung. I accept that that happens. The point I'm simply making to you is that is it appropriate to use such heinous crimes and to analogize them when describing the Tea Party when you and I know members of the Tea Party have not perpetrated murders or lynchings?

GRAYSON: And the point I'm making to you, Martin, is that if you don't speak out against it, then in effect, you're collaborating with it. And, in fact, if you give someone like me a hard time for speaking out against it, then maybe you're collaborating with it.

BASHIR: I am not collaborating with it, but Representative Alan Grayson weve run out of time. Thank you, sir, for joining us.

 GRAYSON: Thank you, Martin.

Let me reiterate:  Martin Bashir has never had any trouble at all speaking out against tea partiers.  What grayson is really saying, therefore, is that if Bashir does not join him in equating the tea party movement with the klan, it means that maybe he's a tea party sympathizer.

I would call what grayson said nuts, but it does not do his comment justice;  it's 1,000 miles beyond the "nuts" stage.

And this is the guy Florida's 9th district elected as its representative?  Hooboy.  

Must be the Fantasyland vote...

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