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Ken Berwitz

I said I was finished for the evening, but this made me laugh out loud - not for political reasons but just because it's funny - so up it goes.

From Eli and Ora's Anita, we have this:


Now good night for real!!!


Ken Berwitz

Question:  Just how much have the taxpayers been soaked for ObamaCare?

Answer:  Far more than the Obama administration has told us - and, almost certainly even more than than even the skeptics among us thought.

Excerpted from Jonathan Easley's article at

A surge in government spending in the six months before the ObamaCare exchanges went live pushed federal spending to top government contractors over the $1 billion mark, a new study finds.

According to the report released Thursday by Bloomberg Government analyst Peter Gosselin, federal spending ramped up in the months leading up to Oct. 1, with $352 million of the $1 billion in federal contracts to the top 10 ObamaCare contractors awarded during this time.

The price tag usually associated the Affordable Care Act rollout is $394 million, based on a Government Accountability Office report. Gosselin argued that study was too narrowly focused, so he expanded his search of a federal contractor databases to include all awards where the acronym "ACA" or other related words and phrases appeared.

"In looking at the full range of ACA-related contracts for just 10 firms, the BGOV analysis found more than $1 billion worth of contract awards," he wrote.

"Given the seriousness of the IT problems and the fact that most of the contracts are on a cost-plus basis, the companies almost certainly are in line for another burst of spending aimed at quickly making repairs," he said.
Un-frigging-believable.  Every time you think this could not get worse, it does.

Mr. Gosselin started with an estimated cost of $394 million for the rollout of this disaster on steroids.  I, and others, have been working with a much higher, $634 million dollar estimate.

Well, it turns out that, based on Mr. Gosselin's investigation, which shows over a billion dollars gone already, we should have been adding the two together.

And then we should have been adding even more - since, due to what a complete debacle ObamaCare is so far, a ton of additional $$$ is going to have to be pumped into it on top of the billion-plus.....i.e. into the pockets of the contractors who, with Obama & Co.'s guidance, screwed it up in the first place.

That, folks, is government - in this case left wing government - at its finest.  Way too much in cost, way too little in results, nothing but ineptitude and lame excuses from the people responsible for it.

And let me remind you, again as I have several times over the past weeks, that the people in charge of this grotesque failure are the same people who will be in charge of health care.  Whether people are sick or well.  Whether they live or die.

Sleep well tonight....


Ken Berwitz

Here is the latest "I am the President, so the buck, there" cartoon.

Your laugh might be through gritted teeth, but at least you get the laugh out of it:

Good night!


Ken Berwitz

I just watched Megyn Kelly try as best she could to conduct an interview with Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the architects of ObamaCare (and, not incidentally, Chicago Mayor and former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel's brother).

I suspect that videos of this interview will be available tomorrow and, if so I'll put one up so you can see for yourself what an arrogant, obnoxious jerk this man is.

UPDATE:  As promised, here - courtesy of - is the full video:

Yes, he is a doctor and yes, he is (or at least I assume he is) brilliant intellectually.  My characterization does not relate to his medical or academic qualifications.  It relates to his "I am 100 times smarter than you, and I don't give a damn about what you're asking me, I'm going to tell you how things are, I am right, you are wrong, so shut the hell up and don't interrupt me while I'm lecturing you" attitude.

Based on Emanuel's talking-down segment, we now "know" that the low number of people able to enrol in ObamaCare so far is irrelevant, because of the tidal wave of people who will enrol later on (unfortunately Mr. Ezekiel's crystal ball was out of camera range so I can't describe it to you), and that the rollout of ObamaCare was not a disaster, a fiasco, a was "disappointing".

This is exactly the kind of guy who goes to a wedding, demands to sit at a "doctor's table", and in 10 minutes flat makes every other doctor sitting at that table wish he/she was with someone - anyone - else.


Ken Berwitz

Just when we needed the comic relief.......

Here, excerpted from Alexandra Jaffe's article at, is what Debbie Wasserman Schultz, aka DWS, aka Dim Bulb Debbie, telling us what a great political winner ObamaCare is.

Honest, she really is saying this.  See for yourself:

Democrats will be able to run on ObamaCare and win in 2014, the party chairwoman's insisted Friday. 

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) said the troubled rollout of ObamaCare's enrollment website, which has frustrated thousands trying to enter the site and bruised the administration, won't hurt Democats in next year's mid-term elections. 

"Democrats will run on the Affordable Care Act and win," Wasserman Schultz said.

Wasserman Schultz cited the ability of women to receive free birth control and preventative care under the law as examples.

A number of Democrats have signaled worries about the law and the web site. 

Ten Democratic senators signed a letter on Friday urging Health and Human Service Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to extend the deadline for enrolling to make sure people unable to access ObamaCare's enrollment website will have time to do so. 

Wasserman Schultz said she doesn't think an extension of the enrollment period will be necessary. 

"We fully expect that that won't be necessary, because the kinks that have occurred through the website are being worked on and are being ironed out," she said.

Democrats need 17 seats to pick up the House - a tall order in a midterm election, when turnout is lower than in a presidential election. 

But Wasserman Schultz argued the government shutdown and debt ceiling fight has hurt Republicans and will resonate with voters next year. 

"Oh, absolutely," she said. "I think so. Yes."

Yep, you got it.  DWS sees this as a triumph!  Expecially among women, who will come running to elect Democrats because they get free birth control and preventative care.  Wheeeeeeee, it's freeeeeeee!!!! 

-Never mind that the ObamaCare rollout this month is so complete a disaster that even a growing number of DWS's fellow Democrats are demanding that it be delayed and fixed.

-Never mind how many people - women included - will no longer be able to keep their current coverage; the coverage President Obama assured them they could keep. 

-Never mind how many people - women included - will pay additional premiums for ObamaCare; far in excess of what it costs to get birth control (free sure does cost a lot). 

-Never mind how many women do not need birth control and, from a personal standpoint, consider the issue irrelevant. 

-And never mind how many women are pro-life (DSL seems to think all female voters salivate at the thought of abortion-related services but, according to major polls, they are divided on the issue.  Illustratively, a Gallup poll conducted last May found 47% of women say they are pro-life and 46% say they are pro-choice). 

I suppose we could be kind, and just chalk DWS's ridiculous comments to mindless partisan-promotion BS of the kind people in both parties engage in. 

But this is so far removed from even a scintilla of reality that special attention must be paid. 

And when it comes to dealing in areas removed from reality, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in a league of her own.

Not for nothing do I call her Dim Bulb Debbie.


Ken Berwitz

Like many, many other people, I read the Drudge Report ( every day, and check in multiple times to see what is new there.

The reason?  Drudge does not post any articles of its own, but compiles articles from numerous sources around the web, both left and right, as well as dozens of syndicated columnists.

(Many on the left consider drudge a right wing web site.  Me?  I would say that any web site linking me to, among others, MSNBC, Gloria Borger, Eleanor Clift, Joe Conason, David Corn, and a raft of other left wing sources - that's just through "C" on its alphabetized list - can't be classified that easily).

In any event, as I write this, drudge is featuring a compilation of articles on the ObamaCare catastrophe which, evidently, the Today Show somehow missed, while scurrying to give us new information on an indictment which was not issued for a 17 year old murder case.   So I thought I would put them up here -- with the understanding that this kind of information is why drudge is worth your while every day:

Dems debate delays to Obamacare...
POLL: Most Americans want delay...
THE HEARINGS: Site contractor gives testimony...
'Even I couldn't log on'...
Dummy data file on includes Star Wars, Transformers characters...
CAREFIRST to Drop 76,000 Customers...
Cancellation notices soar above enrollment rates...
CBSNEWS: Obamacare Takes Away Woman's Health Care Choices...
REPORT: Disaster set in motion before 2012 re-elect...

Read this, and then remember which party singlehandedly gave us ObamaCare in its current form, and which party warned us it was a disaster which should be delayed or dumped altogether.  See which of the two comes out looking better.


Ken Berwitz

ObamaCare continues to be a total disaster.  HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius informs the country that she "doesn't work for" anyone who thinks she should take responsibility for this debacle by resigning.  There are reports that far more people are losing their insurance due to the rules of ObamaCare than there are people able to sign on and receive it.

So what are the top three stories on the Today show this morning? 

-Five people are injured (no fatalities) at a state fair when a ride malfunctions;

-Additional information on the 14 year old who killed a schoolteacher in Massachusetts;

-New information about the indictments of the parents of JonBenet Ramsey, the 6 year old "beauty queen" who was killed 17 years ago.

Notice anything missing?

During the entire first half hour of the show (at which point I gave up), the only story I saw which had anything to do with ObamaCare was that Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ), a reliably left wing Democrat drone who is guaranteed to second anything Barack Obama says, angrily denounced an Energy Committee hearing on what went wrong with the ObamaCare web site, referring to it as a "monkey court" (as you probably are aware, the the term is actually "kangaroo court" - Mr. Pallone didn't even get that right).

Therefore, people who view the Today Show and rely on it for news, now "know" the only newsworthy ObamaCare development is that a Republican-chaired committee is on some kind of witch hunt (or is it monkey hunt?).

Media spin:  this is how they do it.

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