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Ken Berwitz

Are you as disgusted as I am about how many people are unable to tell you who the last three Presidents and Vice Presidents were, but have no problem providing a dissertation on who should have won on American Idol and The Voice, what the Kardashians are doing, and who should get theirs on just about any "Real Housewives" show?

Now think about the fact that every one of them has the potential to cancel your vote out.

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Ken Berwitz

The latest NBC/WSJ poll has enthralled many in our wonderful "neutral" media, who revel at the opportunity to "prove" that Republicans, not Democrats in general or Barack Obama in particular, are perceived as being to blame for the government shutdown.

Never mind that the poll shows very different data than most of the others. When you see the numbers you want, you run with them.

In this connection, let me post a couple of other poll findings which these same media folks somehow are overlooking.

-Over the last three days, in the Rasmussen daily Presidential poll, Barack Obama has gone from 30% strongly approve/37% strongly disapproving - a 7% negative disparity, to 27% strongly approve/40% strongly disapprove - a 13% negative disparity. 

-And over the last four days, Gallup's daily presidential tracking poll shows him moving from 46% approve/48% approve - 2% negative -to 42% approve/52% disapprove - 10% negative.

Since pretty much all that has been talked about over this period of time is the shutdown, why do you suppose this is happening?

My point is not that the NBC/WSJ poll should be disregarded, or that Rasmussen and Gallup are the holy grail.  It is that there are data showing negative movement on both sides, not just one.  And, while NBC/WSJ is all over broadcast and print media, have you heard a word about Rasmussen or Gallup?  I'm betting you haven't.

My point is that when media can't wait to report one side of things while virtually ignoring the other side, their partisanship is coming across, loud and clear.

These people may call themselves journalists.  That's what it might say on their business cards.  But they are not journalists, they are propagandists.  And that is the shame of what passes for mainstream media today.


Ken Berwitz

Just how incredibly inept has the rollout of ObamaCare been?

Excerpted from Felice Freyer's article in yesterday's Providence Journal:

In its first 11 days of operation, Oct. 1 through Friday, HealthSource RI fielded 62,000 unique website visits.

Of these visitors, about 5,500 started accounts (created a username and password) and 1,698 completed their applications and selected a health insurance plan.

These numbers were released Saturday by Christine C. Ferguson, director of the agency, which runs the health insurance marketplace or exchange created under the federal health care overhaul.

Nationwide, health exchanges have been beset by technical difficulties, although state-run exchanges such as Rhode Island's had fewer problems.

Got that?  11 full days of operation and, in Rhode Island, about as blue a state as there is, a total of 1,698 signups have taken place.  That averages to about 154 a day. 

As of 2012, Rhode Island has slightly over 1,000,000 residents and over 400,000 households (this, of course, is before we get to small businesses, another target of ObamaCare).  Let's see:  at 154 a day, that comes to......well, let's leave it at that the person whose job is to turn out the lights after the last Rhode Islander is on ObamaCare, definitely has enough time get to the switch.

My favorite part of the article is where it says that "state-run exchanges such as Rhode Island's had fewer problems" than elsewhere.  In other words, compared to other states this is good news.

Now, please remember:  The same government agency which hired the people who put ObamaCare's web site together, and oversaw its construction for THREE YEARS, at a cost of $634 MILLION DOLLARS, is the one that will be in charge of health care in this country:  Whether people are well or sick; whether they live or die.

Sleep well tonight.....


Ken Berwitz

Today there will be a "million veteran march".  It will take place not just in Washington DC, but in locations throughout the United States.  Its specific purpose is to force the Obama administration to unblock our war memorials.  But its broader context is to force Barack Obama and his people to act like responsible adults, rather than the kid who owns the football, and won't let anyone use it unless he gets his way.

Although the march is being spearheaded by important military figures, such as retired Army Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, it is a true grassroots event which sprung up, in large part, as a spontaneous reaction to the incredible disgrace felt when the Obama administration refused to provide death benefits to our fallen soldiers, claiming it was due to the government shutdown. 

There are no major sponsors that I know of (though I expect supporting organizations will quickly get involved).

Excerpted from Wanda Carruthers' article at

"We're going to assemble at the World War II Memorial at 9 o'clock on Sunday morning. We should have some members of Congress there to speak. And, there will also be a rally at the Iwo Jima Memorial," Boykin said.

He said prepared for possible arrest by park rangers because the government shutdown has closed federal parks and memorials across the nation.

"We're not out there to cause trouble. We're out there to send a message. If they start arresting people, then, that's just going to happen," Boykin said.

"It's not our intent to be involved in civil disobedience. But, we feel that we've got to stand up a make a statement, and that the nation's capital has to hear this statement that we're making," he added.

The Obama administration, aided and abetted by members of Mr. Obama's Accomplice Media, have behaved in a way that, if it were a Republican administration, these same media would be howling for protests, investigations, arrests, recall petitions, and maybe an impeachment.

But as long as they are willing to look the other way on behalf of this President and the people around him - the execrable harry reid foremost among them - it will continue to put the lowest, most vindictive, intentionally painful acts of partisan politics ahead of everyone and everything else.

I wish this march every success.  And I wish that today is the day enough of our mainstream media finally talk honestly about what is really happening here; how the fight over ObamaCare (which polls show that the public does not even want), is being conducted by Barack Obama and his cohorts, and how it is hurting people who have no reason to be hurt.

I have high hopes that my first wish will be realized...but almost none for my second wish.

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