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Ken Berwitz

As you may remember, Carl Bernstein was one of the two then-young Washington Post reporters (Bob Woodward was the other) whose coverage of Watergate was generally credited with taking down the Nixon administration

Was Bernstein a left wing reporter with an agenda then?  Maybe yes and maybe no...but it was sort of irrelevant given Nixon's words and actions, which, in the final analysis, were what forced him to resign.

Now, however, it is 40 years later.  And - at least to me - Bernstein comes across as an old-time left wing ideologue whose days of glory are far past.  What has he been reduced to?  Read his comments about the government shutdown, stated during today's "Morning Joe" show on MSNBC, and see for yourself:

We're also at a great cultural moment here.  A great political pivotal moment in our history.  I compared it last week here to McCarthy, Joe McCarthy, McCarthyism. This is about the Republican party and what it's going to be.  Is it gonna conduct a fact-based, philosophical argument in our political system or is it going to be a nihilistic hateful asymmetrical in terms of facts and the truth part of party as in Joe McCarthy?  This is about media as well. These poll numbers are about a totally different media culture than we've had in the past.  And as you see in that clip from Comedy Central, we need to start covering this story not 50 - 50, this much on this side that on the other, we need to cover it factually.  Because there are facts here that will show what this event is about.  And where, in fact, is this anger, hatred of Obama coming from, what is the root of this....

Let's try, as briefly as possible, to parse this remarkable statement.

-What exactly is McCarthyist about demanding that ObamaCare either be defunded or parts of it dropped or delayed?  Why is this not a legitimate effort by the opposition? 

Did Mr. Bernstein notice that every major poll shows the country disapproves of ObamaCare, and therefore is presumably in agreement with the Republican position?  Did he notice that President Obama unilaterally has delayed significant parts of the legislation - without bothering to consult congress - which means that he himself has no basis to argue the legislation must remain intact?  Does Mr. Berinstein think the constitution affords a President more legislative power than the legislative branch of government? 

-Fact-based philosophical argument, rather than nihilistic hateful asymmetry?  Please, save that kind of rhetoric for the self-proclaimed philosophers you might run into at a tony D.C. cocktail party.  Most of the rest of us prefer plain English.

-You don't like the poll numbers?  Did you like them when they showed Democrats more on top of this issue?  Funny, I don't recall seeing you on a TV show complaining about poll data then.

-Anyone who doubts your personal partisanship for even one nanosecond need only read your complaint about what you call 50-50 coverage.  You've got to be kindding:  mainstream media have been massively in favor of the Obama/Democrat position.  To call what we have seen and heard from media over the past week 50-50 is to effectively say that if they give Republicans any positive coverage at all, or Democrats any negative coverage at all, you have a problem with it. 

-And, of course, you eventually get to the requisite "It's just because you Republicans hate Obama"....which, more often than not, leads to the "....because he's Black" closer.  Thank you for only implying this, and not, in so many words, calling Republicans racist for daring to disagree with President Obama on a political issue.  It is a refreshing change.

The one and only reason Republicans are coming out anywhere near ok during this shutdown is because a large percentage of the public perceives that they have a point; that they are making sense.  It certainly isn't because Democrats are rolling over for them, and it certainly isn't because media are giving them too much positive coverage.

All the whining about McCarthyism and nihilistic asymmetry in the world will not change that reality.


Ken Berwitz

As type this, President Obama is sticking his chin out, standing 100% firm on no negotiations, and lying about the condition of the economy. (He is STILL blaming today's econmy on Bush, five years later, and he is STILL claiming to have halved the deficit, which is a 100% fraudulent con-job calculation based on his putting the cost of his "stimulus package" on Bush rather than himself).

He is also saying he will work with anyone on this - when he has spent his entire presidency thumbing his nose at Republicans and declining to work with them at all.

Oh, and he is calling Republicans extortionists.

This doesn't even qualify as a joke.


Ken Berwitz

A bravura performance. 

Mr. Obama combined a lot of facts, common sense, semi-facts, outright lies, shameless political spinning .........and probably came off extremely well to a great many people.

Credit where credit is due.

Zeke ..... ......... Snake Oil ... ... just Snake Oil .. . . . . . incredible hypocrisy - - - the guy out-lies BJ Clinton. . . . Holding up death payments to KIA military, but keeping his Golf Course open. . . . . (10/09/13)

WisOldMan AP poll: Obama at 37% approval. (10/09/13)


Ken Berwitz

I hope you understand the Obama administration enough to understand why this should be no surprise at all to you.

The National Mall, which has been closed this week, supposedly due to the government shutdown, will be open today.

Why?  Because there is going to be a big rally today for immigration reform (i.e. in support of giving illegal aliens full rights, presumably including citizenship, even though they have no legal right to be here at all). 

In other words, the government shutdown is in full force....unless you happen to be an illegal with an agenda. 

But you World War II vets who want to pay your respects by doing nothing other than standing at the memorial?  Take a hike.

I'll say this for the Obama administration:  they always promised transparency, and this is proof positive that they meant it. 

Could these disgraceful, politics-at-all-costs hypocrites possibly be more transparent?  I don't know how.

free` Ken wrote; But you World War II vets who want to pay your respects by doing nothing other than standing at the memorial? Take a hike. ----------------- Not only that but I saw a few headlines that they were arresting Veterans who went to the memorials despite the barricades. And I read they are spending more on keeping people out than they did when they were open to the public. May G-d save our Nation. (10/09/13)

free` Oppps, I forgot about this part that Ken wrote; Because there is going to be a big rally today for immigration reform (i.e. in support of giving illegal aliens full rights, presumably including citizenship, even though they have no legal right to be here at all). -------------------------------------------- That's not so bad Ken, here in California ILLEGALS are now allowed to get drivers licenses and can legally be attorneys and practice law in the state. Am I crazy or is all of this just really messed up? Maybe even to point of no return. (10/09/13)


Ken Berwitz

For years, I have blogged a series titled "Real Racism", in which I talk about incidents where racism - not the phony variety which often is conjured up by sharptonesque hustlers, but the real McCoy -  crawls out from under its rock to make decent people sick to their stomachs.

Well, here is the opposite.

David Pfeiffer is an Obama administration operative; a "Senior Advisor".  As such, he is constantly out there promoting the Obama position on various issues - including on twitter.com. 

So far a yawner, right?  Well, it should be.  But read Mr. Pfeiffer's tweet below, and see why it is creating such a stir:



I will make this short and sweet:

Many web sites have picked this gaffe up, including a disturbing number (actually, even one would be disturbing) featuring headlines which mention Mr. Pfeiffer's use of the word "nigger" without indicating it was an obvious accident.  

This is hugely unfair.  Any reasonable person can plainly see it was nothing more than an inadvertent typo. 

But "headline skimmers" who don't read the full article, might conclude otherwise.  So the real issue is whether any of the web sites in question purposefully headlined the Pfeiffer story in a way that would lead this group to the wrong conclusion.

I hope none of them did....but, realistically I know at least some did...which is pitiful.


The original version of this blog, while communicating the same message, was written with a ton of typos and grammar mistakes (that is what happens when you write hurriedly, which is what I often have to do).  My apologies.

Zeke .......... .......... "The original version of this blog .... .... was written with a ton of typos" - - - just like the tweet in question. . . . .. . (10/08/13)

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