Saturday, 05 October 2013


Ken Berwitz

I realize that President Obama and his fellow Democrats are pulling out all stops to maintain the impression (with copious help from his Accomplice Media) that Republicans are solely responsible for the shutdown, and that the shutdown is going to cause people inconvenience and pain.

But closing war memorials, so that citizens - especially veterans - cannot simply walk up and pay their respects?  How mean-spirited can this get?  How low can it get?

Excerpted from Mark Segraves' report for NBC - Washington D.C.:

Like the hundreds of World War II veterans who came to National Mall to pay their respects this week, a group of Vietnam veterans found a barricade blocking the way to their memorial Friday. News4's Mark Segraves said two U.S. Park Service Rangers manning the gate asked that the group respect the government's shutdown but moved aside.

Segraves described the exchange as pleasant and respectful.

The veterans then moved the barricade and walked down to the wall to pay their respects. But a flood of tourists followed even though the memorial is closed to the general public.

"The consensus among the group of Vietnam veterans was we're going to go anyway. We'll go through the barricade," North Carolina resident Reid Mendenhall said.

U.S. Park Police arrive to the scene, asked everyone to leave and put the barricade back into place.

Earlier in the week, hundreds of vets on Honor Flights from Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and other locations poured into the site after members of Congress, led by Rep. Michele Bachmann, removed the barriers.

Since then, tourists and veterans alike have gained access to the World War II memorial by parting the barriers -- the Park Rangers cannot stop individuals from going in.

Good for Ms.  Bachmann and any congressperson, Republican or Democrat, who takes this stand.  And good for any citizen who ignores the ridiculous farce of barricading war memorials, the only purpose of which is to make citizens suffer needlessly so that Obama & Co. might possibly anger them into demanding an end to......what? 

Republican demands that there be negotiations, or Democrat intractability? 

The answer to this question is what will determine how long the shutdown lasts, and who will make it stop.

Oh, one other thing:  Remember the sequester?  I bet you haven't thought about it in months.  To remind you, it started on March 1, with warnings by President Obama and his people - including a great many so-called "journalists" -  that the consequences would start at dire and drop lower every day it went on.

Well, it is now October 5.  And I'll ask again:  Remember the sequester?  I bet you haven't thought about it in months.

Now think about the government shutdown.  Think about who is warning you of the dire consequences.  See if you notice any similarities.

Get the point?  I hope so.

free' Ken, No I don't think everyone that comes to your site gets it. I have been seeing commenters here in the last week or so that have never posted a comment before. So I would be willing to bet that most if not all of them do not get it. (10/05/13)

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