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Ken Berwitz

What do you get when you replace one useless, accomplishmentless loser with another? 

Excerpted from Brendan Bordelon's article at

The State Department has done almost nothing to enhance security at dangerous diplomatic outposts since last year's deadly Benghazi attack, the department's chief watchdog reported.

In an audit released Wednesday, the State Department's inspector general blasted the department for failing to formulate a strategy to protect high-risk installations abroad, even after Libyan ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were murdered during a terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2012.

"The Department of State has neither a conceptual framework nor a process for risk management," the report reads. "There is no one person or office specifically tasked to oversee the assessment of risks in critical, high-threat locales and weigh those risks against ... policy priorities to determine if the strategic value of the program outweighs the associated risks."

Does this surprise you?  I hope not.  Because why would you expect more from Hillary Clinton - who has gotten more media adoration for less accomplishments than just about any person in the history of the United States - or John Kerry, who, in my opinion, might also place in that top 10?

Can anyone tell me what either Ms. Clinton or Mr. Kerry has ever accomplished?  And, before you try, do not tell me about how many times they have been elected and appointed to things, because that is not the kind of "accomplishment" I am asking about.  I am asking about what they did while in those positions. 

I'll wait...and it will be a long wait, since neither of them have accomplished squat.

So who does Barack Obama inflict on us as Secretaries of State?  First, Hillary "what difference does it make" Clinton and now, Kerry.

This is not some parlor game.  The lives of dedicated people who work in our embassies and consulates are at risk every day.

How many more will have to lose their lives before the Obama State Department decides it might be a good idea to figure out how they can be protected?  Or is the strategy to do nothing, and when the next attack occurs, blame another video-maker?


Ken Berwitz

The one and only person who has been "brought to justice" for last year's Benghazi massacre is leaving jail today.

 Mark Basseley Youssef, the creator of an anonymous video which was critical of Islam, has finished his jail sentence.

He had been jailed for a year over probation violations connected to the making of his video - something no one was bothering him about until the Obama administration decided to lie about its being responsible for the massacre, which left four US citizens dead including our Libyan Ambassador - who was also raped and tortured.

Doesn't it just give you the warm fuzzies to know that this administration is so on top of making sure that the responsible parties pay?

How many seconds until this sickening bunch of incompetents is out of office?

Zeke .... .... These people are . v.e.r.y . vicious. They throw anyone under the bus to save their backsides. . . . . .. . IMHO, they blackmailed General Petraeus - - and he responded by going public with his affair, and resigning as CIA Director --- thereby pulling the teeth out of their threat. [ "they" = Obama's administration, esp Valarie Jarret, czars, ] (09/26/13) (09/26/13)


Ken Berwitz

Question:  If Republican leadership cannot effectively manage opposition to ObamaCare - which this country has clearly told us it does not want - what can it effectively manage?

Maybe, just maybe, it's time for new leadership.

Zeke Ken ---- Comments are acting up again. The PUNISHED FOR THE BENGHAZI item has corrupt comments; the SYRIA item will not accept comments. . . . (09/26/13)


Ken Berwitz

Did you know that, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), after 10 years of ObamaCare, 30 million people will still be uninsured?

And did you know that the CBO estimates each person who does come on will cost taxpayers an average of $7,200 a year for insurance coverage provisions alone...and that there are many other adjunctive costs which this does not take into account?

Is it just me, or can an individual (not a family, an individual) get pretty good insurance coverage for $7,200 a year?

Want to see these, and more specifics about what a fiscal cataclysm ObamaCare really is, and how completely it soaks taxpayers?  Then read Jeffrey H. Anderson's article at National Review, from which the above facts were pulled (yes, he supplies the CBO tables which show exactly what he is talking about).

Then, please ponder the fact that our great payoff - the wonderful result of all this - is that the government will be running our health care. 

I'm sure this will be highly reassuring, since we all know what a bang-up job government does in running everything else.

And while you're pondering that, also ponder why mainstream media are not reporting these facts, which - again - are right there in the CBO report for every one of them to read.... 

....unless, of course, you, like me, see a large percentage of them as Barack Obama's Accomplice Media, that is.  If so, don't bother pondering this at all.  You already know the answer. 


Ken Berwitz

Politically speaking, this is not a good year for New Jersey.

On October 13, there will be a special Senate election - at a cost of something like $24 million dollars and the disruption of schools which also serve as voting locations. The apparent reason for blowing this much-needed money is that Governor Christie, who is running for re-election, did not want popular Democrat senate candidate Cory Booker on the same ballot, where Mr. Booker might embarrass Christie by exceeding his vote total.

Then there are our senate choices:  We have Republican Steve Lonegan, a fringe right winger with a talent for losing elections, versus Mr. Booker, a relentlessly self-promoting Democrat who, at one time impressed me as dynamic, honest and independent-minded, but now comes across more and more as a political hack, with a keen interest in stuffing his pockets with $$$. 

On paper, this election is over now.  Booker wins, and by plenty.

But let me remind you that there was a time in the Democrat New York Mayoral primary when Anthony Weiner was well in the lead.  And when it turned out that he was still contacting women and generally making a fool of himself on the internet, his support evaporated like dew on a sunny July morning during a heat wave.

Why is this relevant to the New Jersey senate race?

Read the following excerpt from Michael Barbaro's article in (surprisingly the New York Times, and see:

Mayor Cory A. Booker has a high schooler's affinity for Twitter, reveling in its ceaseless flow of affirmation and infinite space for self-promotion.

But the occasional perils of his reliance on the social media service became evident on Wednesday when a 26-year-old stripper from Oregon revealed her private online correspondence with him.

In a message to the stripper, named Lynsie Lee, Mr. Booker wrote that "the East Coast loves you, and by the East Coast, I mean me."

Ms. Lee, whose photograph on Twitter features her splayed topless across a yellow couch, replied, "Well, now I'm blushing :)"

Mr. Booker wrote back: "It's only fair."

Kevin Griffis, a spokesman for Mr. Booker, declined to discuss how many private messages the mayor had exchanged with Ms. Lee. "The mayor talks with people from all walks of life on Twitter," he said in a statement. "The most shocking part of the story was learning that there is a vegan strip club in Portland."

Let me point out that there are major differences between Mr. Booker and Mr. Weiner.  Weiner was sending pictures of his genital area to the women he contacted, was clearly working towards having sexual trysts, and was married while this was happening.

By contrast, all we know so far about  Mr. Booker, who is not married, is that he has done some flirting with a stripper whose twitter page shows her topless - so it's not like he didn't know who/what he was talking to.  

If it ends right there, than this probably will be seen as a remarkably bad decision and little more.

But what if, as with Mr. Weiner, other women (or possibly men - we do not know Mr. Booker's sexual orientation) start coming forward?  What might he have said to them?

My point is that we are right at the beginning of our knowledge base about Cory Booker's on-line activities. Therefore we cannot tell where, if anywhere, it is going and what it will say about him.

One of the only things which trump political partisanship among our mainstream media, is sex scandals.  So let's keep our eyes open and see what happens next.


Ken Berwitz

How badly did Barack Obama make out during the Syria fiasco?

Well, we know that the Putin/al-assad tandem made absolute mincemeat of him diplomatically.  But since much of Mr. Obama's Accomplice Media have, with increasing desperation, tried to put some kind of shiny patina on his serial bungling throughout this fiasco, it would also be interesting to see how the public at large feels.

Here, from the latest poll I have seen on this subject (the YouGov poll) is an indication for you:

If these data are accurate, they show that, despite the best efforts of his media acolytes, the public is not fooled.

And, in case you think it is only one poll, when the CBS News/New York Times poll asked respondents whether they approved or disapproved of the way Barack Obama was handling the Syria situation, 37% said they approve, to 52% who disapprove.

Maybe that explains why, other than Gallup's daily tracking, Mr. Obama's overall approval ratings have not been positive in any major poll for at least two months.

Go to, and see for yourself.

And now, of course, we have the impending ObamaCare monstrosity.  Wait until the taxpaying, productive segment of our population finds out what a bill of goods they have been sold.

Now this, of course, is all anecdotal to President Obama, who is in his last term as President and, personally, could not care less.  But it is going to mean a great deal to Democrats in vulnerable congresssional areas, I can assure you of that.

2014 is going to be a very, very interesting year.....

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