Sunday, 22 September 2013


Ken Berwitz

Latest count in the horrific terrorist attack in a Kenyan shopping mall:  68 dead and 175 injured.

And you can bet the death count will rise.

Now there are reports that three of the Somalian terrorists who perpetrated this attack - which they proudly characterize as being exclusively against non-Muslims - came from the USA.  Two from Minnesota and one from Missouri.

Can similar attacks on USA malls be far behind? 

The sad reality is that too many people in this country, politicians very much included, still don't get it.  Still don't understand what we are up against.

If we don't start fighting terrorism for real - which means protecting ourselves from the homegrown terrorism that is so clearly in our near future - we are asking for what is about to come.

When do we see what is in front of our eyes? 


Ken Berwitz

Investors Business Daily has posted an excellent editorial about the fraudulent claim - that's right, the fraudulent claim - made by mainstream media that the Republican-majority house has put up 40 bills to defund ObamaCare and not one of them went anywhere.

Their narrative, evidently, is meant to show that these bills are ridiculous, have no value, and are the futile ravings of the loony-right, teabagging, mouth breathing, rabid (you can fill in the next few adjectives) Republican nut jobs.

Except.....what they are not telling you is that 20% of those bills wound up being signed into law by - guess who? - Barack Obama. 

Read this excerpt and see for yourself:

Just one problem: Twenty percent of those bills made it to Obama's desk and secured his signature.


Obama signed House bills to kill a costly ObamaCare reporting rule, terminate its long-term care insurance program and repeal the "free choice voucher" program. He also signed bills cutting funds for the so-called CO-OP program, a public health slush fund and other ObamaCare programs.


Two other House-passed bills one to end the Independent Payment Advisory Board and another terminating the medical device tax have strong bipartisan support. Another simply codified the employer mandate delay Obama himself had already ordered.


Yet the media pretend these things never happened.

Is 20% a lot? 

Well, I don't have the statistics at hand.  But I would guess that, when the House Of Representatives sends bills to a Senate run by the other party, and then would have to be signed by the President of that other party, relatively few would wind up as law. 

If so, claiming that the 40 Republican ObamaCare bills were futile is an illusion, created by mainstream media, to fool the public.

As regular readers of this blog know, I have, for the past several years, used the term Accomplice Media.  This refers to the large number of mainstream media venues which seem determined to forgo any journalistic integrity, for the purpose of protecting their lord and savior Barack Obama -- while demonizing Republicans as a group in the bargain.

This is just one example of many.  And every one of them disgraces the so-called "journalists" who pump this kind of material out.

Shame on them.

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