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Ken Berwitz

Today's quote comes to us from Rick Moran at americanthinker.com.

It seems that David Brock, the former "conservative" who opportunistically turned hard-left - like Ed Schultz, and Ariana Huffington (who did a double-flip by being a left winger who turned conservative during her marriage to very rich, bisexual Michael Huffington, then reverted back to her left wingedness after dumping him when he couldn't spend his way into the US Senate) is angry with the New York Times.

Why is Mr. Brock angry?  Because he feels the New York Times is too critical of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Stop rubbing your eyes.  You read that right.  Read his open letter to the Times and see for yourself.

So what did Rick Moran have to say about Brock's lament that was so on-target he cops Quote Of The Day honors?

"It's like accusing the Pope of being anti-Catholic"

Congratulations, Rick.  You win with room to spare.


Ken Berwitz

Apropos of nothing political.....

.....here, by my reckoning anyway, is the funniest cartoon of the month. 



I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Ok, back to politics.


Ken Berwitz

Benghazi?  What's that?

This is not me talking, it is John Kerry - at least figuratively. 

It seems that Kerry has decided the four people who were "punished" by being put on administrative leave after the Benghazi massacre didn't really do anything wrong, and have all been reinstated to their former positions.

Excerpted from Josh Rogin's article at dailybeast.com:

Secretary of State John Kerry has determined that the four State Department officials placed on administrative leave by Hillary Clinton after the terrorist attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi do not deserve any formal disciplinary action and has asked them to come back to work at the State Department starting Tuesday.


Last December, Clinton's staff told four mid-level officials to clean out their desks and hand in their badges after the release of the report of its own internal investigation into the Benghazi attack, compiled by the Administrative Review Board led by former State Department official Tom Pickering and former Joint Chiefs Chairman Ret. Adm. Mike Mullen. Those four officials have been in legal and professional limbo, not fired but unable to return to their jobs, for eight months... until today.


Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Raymond Maxwell, the only official from the State Department's Near Eastern Affairs bureau to lose his job over the Benghazi attack, told The Daily Beast Monday he received a memo from the State Department's human resources department informing him his administrative leave status has been lifted and he should report for duty Tuesday morning.


"No explanation, no briefing, just come back to work. So I will go in tomorrow," Maxwell said.

Let's review.

-It is almost a year since the Benghazi massacre of 9/11/12, in which four of our citizens were murdered by terrorists, in a poorly guarded facility on the one day of the year when common sense would tell anyone that our facilities should have been on highest alert.

-For weeks afterward, President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and UN Ambassador Susan Rice lied to our faces about the cause of this massacre being some obscure video tape no one ever heard of.

-The President has been re-elected to a second term, in no small part because our wonderful "neutral" media - aka the Obama Accomplice Media - buried this story on his behalf.

-Hillary Clinton, who spent four months ducking hearings on Benghazi and then showed up to tell us that what happened didn't make any difference, is apparently running for President in 2016, with media continuing to fawn over her just as they always have.

-Susan Rice has been elevated to national security advisor.

-And now, the four underlings who were put on "administrative leave" (aka paid vacation without losing vacation time) are right back at their jobs.

-But, to date, not one person has been brought to justice for this atrocity.

If our media cannot figure out that there is something wrong here, that this is a massive cover-up being buried by a corrupt, dishonest administration, then they are even worse than I think - which, trust, me, is really saying something.

I can't begin to imagine what is going through the minds, and souls, of the massacre victims' family members. 

They have every ounce of sympathy I own, for their loss and for the superseding anger they must feel. 

Maybe someday members of our wonderful "neutral" media can explain to them why they have spent a year pretending none of this existed.  


UPDATE:  From Matthew Balan's blog at newsbusters.org:

Neither ABC's Good Morning America nor NBC's Today devoted any air time to Kerry's move. Instead, the two programs set aside full reports to Sunny, the new dog adopted by the Obama family.

An unsigned writeup on CBSNews.com outlined that Clinton had "placed Diplomatic Security Chief Eric Boswell, security officials Charlene Lamb and Scott Bultrowicz and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Maghreb Region Raymond Maxwell on administrative leave." It also pointed out the State Department released a statement on Tuesday stating that "Kerry had carefully studied the findings of the agency's Accountability Review Board (ARB), and 'reaffirmed its finding that no employee breached their duty or should be fired but rather that some should be reassigned.'"

And the beat goes on.....

Zeke .... .... Compare the ability and world presence of Kissinger to Hillary or Kerry. . . . . . Not even in the same universe . . . . . (08/21/13)


Ken Berwitz

At this point, you have to wonder if the news doctoring at NBC and its sister network MSNBC is just a function of how far leftward NBC has lurched over the years, or whether there actually is a news-doctoring division, which specializes in lies of omission.

Of the two kinds of lies - lies of commission and lies of omission - the lie of omission is much more insidious. 

A lie of comission is when you say something which is not true.  A lie of omission, however, contains nothing that is untrue.  The lie is accomplished by intentionally eliminating parts of the truth, so you can draw people to an incorrect conclusion.

Would you like examples NBC/MSNBC doing this?  Ok, here are two:

-During last year's presidential campaign there was its doctor-job on Mitt Romney's comments about the technology at a convenience store.  A tape was intentionally edited to make Mr. Romney seem amazed by the store's automated ordering system, as if he had never seen anything like it before, when, in truth, Romney was using the technology as an example of how far the public sector is behind the private sector.

-Then there was that despicable editing of the taped conversation between George Zimmerman and the police dispatcher, which suggested that Zimmerman was suspicious of Trayvon Martin because he was Black.  In truth, Zimmerman said Martin was acting suspiciously with no mention at all of his color.  Only when the dispatcher specifically asked if he was White, Black or Hispanic did Zimmerman say "He looks Black".  In other words, NBC edited out the dispatcher's question to make it seem that Zimmerman was racially profiling Martin, which he was not.

And now, from yesterday's Martin Bashir show, with substitute host Joy-Ann Reid, we have this - which I pulled from Noel Sheppard's blog at newsbusters.org:

JOY-ANN REID. SUBSTITUTE HOST: I want to play something for you that Mayor Bloomberg said in his news conference today, he was talking about Stop and Frisk in a way that's interesting because it recalls what President Obama said would happen had he had a son. Just listen to this and I'll get your response.


NEW YORK CITY MAYOR MICHAEL BLOOMBERG: I think if I had a son and that son was stopped, I would have some real questions about it.


REID: So Mayor Bloomberg is essentially saying that if he had a son and he was stopped, he would feel differently about Stop and Frisk. How do you respond to that given how vigorously he and other proponents of this kind of policing have defended the practice? They're essentially admitting that if this were happening to their children, if it were happening to their sons, they wouldn't like it. Why can't they take that next step and then understand why these communities that are experiencing don't want it?

Well, that says it all, doesn't it?  Mayor Bloomberg is obviously a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do hypocrite of the first order, isn't he?  After all, the trancript doesn't lie, right?


This is not all of what Mr. Bloomberg said, it is just the first few words.  Somehow, MSNBC left out the rest, which just might change what he was trying to communicate.

Well, MSNBC might do this, but we don't.  So let me show you the Mayor's complete statement:

BLOOMBERG: I think if I had a son and that son was stopped, I would have some real questions about it. Having said that, I think if I thought long and hard about it, I actually thought that [New York City mayoral candidate] Bill Thompson (D) said it right. Bill Thompson said he didn't like Stop and Frisk, but he had a son. He wanted to make sure the kid didn't get killed, and the only way we should do that is get guns off the streets.

If you've got a better answer, and one that you're willing to try and see whether, "Well, let's see if another few hundred people get killed. Okay, it didn't work, and we'll go back." This is, we're playing life and death here, and this is just not something. But, yeah, if anything, if it's personal, if you have something happen to you, you feel about it very differently. That doesn't mean you can't stop and say, "Wait a second. No matter how much I dislike it."

Take a look at public housing. Five percent of the public lives in public housing. 20 percent of the crime in this city is in public housing. We have to do something to stop that. Nobody likes cops in the halls in public housing, but they dislike the fact that theyd be taken away even more because that's whats protecting them to the extent we can possibly do it.

A bit different, wouldn't you say?  Like, oh, about 100%?

As my old marketing research pal Al Cooper used to say, "One time is a fluke, two times is a coincidence, three times is a policy". 

I've shown you three examples - and I have no doubt there are more as well.  So my question stands:  do NBC and MSNBC have a LOO division?  Because the network certainly is adept at lies of omission. 

In the UK, a "loo" is a toilet.  Maybe NBC and MSNBC should flush their LOO division down a loo, and start acting like they care about honest reporting again.  If, in fact, they do care about honest reporting - which, at this point, is a real issue.

Oh, one other thing:  as noted earlier, Noel Sheppard's blog referred to yesterday's Martin Bashir show, co-hosted by Joy-Ann Reid.  But I watched Today in New York this morning....and they ran the same edited clip, with the same insinuation about Bloomberg being a hypocrite.

These people have no shame at all.

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