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Ken Berwitz

The latest on Paula Deen?  Ballantine Books, which was to have published her latest book in October - one which, pre-publication, jumped to #1 on Amazon's best seller list - announced it would not be doing so, and was dropping her altogether.   

Translation:  Another company has been scared off by the ridiculous overreaction to offensive language Ms. Deen admitted to using years if the people at Ballantine never used any themselves in their lives.

Cowards.  Hypocrites.

Meanwhile, here is what alec baldwin, arguably Hollywood's most prolific hypocrite (and, believe me, the competition is intense), tweeted - not years ago, but just this week - about Colin Myers, Editor-in-chief of the New York Daily News, who is gay...

"Her Highness Colin Myler... Please don't do to the News what you did to NOTW

"Ever since that English Queen took over the Daily News, they lie like the Post..."

...which comes on the heels of these two, which were aimed at George Stark, a reporter who apparently misreported something about baldwin's current wife:

"I'm going to find you, George Stark, you toxic little queen, and I'm gonna"

"If put my foot up your fucking ass, George Stark, but I'm sure you'd dig it too much?"


So baldwin - whose ugly anti-gay comments were not made years ago with an apology, but this week without one - is being dumped from his big money-making gig as spokesperson for Capital One, the way one corporate sponsor after another has dumped Paula Deen, right?  And the movie industry has announced, en masse, that it is going to drop him like a bad habit, the way it largely dropped Mel Gibson for his hate-comments about Jews, right?

Wrong, and wrong.. 

baldwin, you see, is safely ensconced on the left side of the playing field.  So he is a protected species, free to say anything he cares to, however offensive, and is home free anyway.

I assume this kind of amazing hypocrisy is eating Paula Deen, and her many, many fans, alive.  As it should.

This, folks, is PC hypocrisy at its finest.  I hope it disgusts you as much as it does me.


Ken Berwitz

That beyond-sick title is no joke.  It is real.  Click here to see the video, if you have the stomach for it - along with links to other atrocities being committed against Christians (read that non-Muslims).  Please do NOT click unless you do.

The beheadings were carried out by so-called Syrian "rebels" - the ones President Barack Obama decided to fund, long after they became infested with terrorist fundamentalist Islamic murderers belonging to al-qaeda and similar offshoot groups.

I do not know of one administration in my lifetime which has made more disastrous foreign policy decisions than this one.  One after another after another.  Nor have I ever seen a mainstream media so completely compromised that it will not report these disasters as what they are so that US citizens can know the truth.

Little wonder the Russians and Chinese don't think twice about publicly giving us the middle finger.  What do they have to worry about?  That Barack Obama has the competency to figure out what to do about it? 

In 2008 we elected an incompetent, unqualified Chicago machine politician to the office of the Presidency.  Then we re-elected him in 2012.  Since we have knowingly put the architect of these atrocities in a position to perpetrate them, we therefore must share the blame with him.

Is this what we wanted the United States of America to be?   A willing facilitator of terrorist murderers?

What have we done to ourselves?

free` Well, he promised 'CHANGE' and we have gotten it. He never said it would be a change for the better. I still believe he never thought he would win the 08 primary let alone the election, he was just getting/keeping his name out there for a future run. I believe even Obama was smart enough to know he would never be nominated in 08 vs Hillary. And as for the MSM, they had no problem reporting body counts of American Soldiers when Bush was potus, have you seen any reported since obama was elected? The MSM is more than just accomplices or even compromised, it is the exact same type of media that communist/socialist countries have had, they CAN NOT be relied on for any kind of truth whatsoever. (06/30/13)


Ken Berwitz

Is Egypt ready to explode?  Sad to say, chances are that it is.

Excerpted from Hamza Hendawi's article at

Thousands of opponents and supporters of Egypt's Islamist president began massing in city squares in competing rallies Sunday, gearing up for a day of massive nationwide protests that many fear could turn deadly as the opposition seeks to push out Mohammed Morsi.


Waving Egyptian flags, crowds descended on Tahrir Square in the heart of Cairo, one of multiple sites in the capital and around the country where they plan rallies. Chants of "erhal!" or "leave!," rang out in the square, birthplace of the 2011 uprising that toppled autocrat Hosni Mubarak.


On the other side of Cairo, thousands of the Islamist leader's backers gathered not far from the presidential palace in a show of support. Some wore homemade body armor and construction hats and carried shields and clubs precautions, they said, against possible violence.


There is a sense among opponents and supporters of Morsi that Sunday's rally is a make-or-break day, hiking worries that the two camps will come to blows despite vows by each to remain peaceful. Already at least seven people, including an American, have been killed in clashes the past week, mainly in Nile Delta cities and the coastal city of Alexandria.

So what is the problem?  Wasn't there a democratic election in Egypt - the first real one in its history?  Didn't mohamed morsi win that election?

Well, yeah.  But the problem is that, since then, in the rich tradition of Venezuela's hugo chavez and Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan,  morsi has usurped more and more of Egyptians' freedoms in the name of Islam.  And, because of it, the "freedom and democracy" crowd, which was so prominent in Tahrir Square when they wanted Hosni Mubarak out of power, has reappeared there now....along with at least as many morsi supporters who love what he is doing and want him to continue down that same path.

How's that for a powder keg?

Last time around, the "freedom and democracy" people thought they prevailed when Mubarak went bye-bye...but wound up with morsi.  Maybe they think they can do better this time...but the greater likelihood it would seem evident, is that they will lose again. 

This time, instead of challenging Mubarak, they will be going up against pro-morsi Islamists, who just may be a little more aggressive in putting them down.

The bottom line?  Things could get very bad, very fast.   Let's hope for everyone's sake that they don't.

Zeke .... .... Egypt ... where Obama is going to give 200 Abrams tanks and 20 F-16 fighters. .... ... The very latest versions of these weapons. .......... ...... Pray tell -- exactly WHO would Egypt (and the Muslim Brotherhood) use these against ? .......... ........... (06/30/13)


Ken Berwitz

What do you say about three "Femen" women who strolled into a Stockholm Mosque, bared their breasts, and demanded equality for women?

I'll tell you what I say:  I say that, with that one act, they demonstrated more of a passion for women's rights than the so-called "women's groups" our media are so happy to promote.

First, the particulars, as excerpted from an article at The Local, an English-language newspaper in Sweden:

Three women from the feminist activist movement Femen entered a mosque on Sdermalm in central Stockholm on Saturday morning, baring their breasts and chanting "No sharia" and "Free women".

Mosque employees called the police who dispatched several units to the scene. Shortly after their arrival they emerged with the still bare-breasted women and walked to a transport vehicle.

The women are reported to originate from Egypt, Tunisia and Sweden.

Femen is originally a Ukrainian women's group that applies "sextremism" to draw attention to equality and democracy issues.

At first glance (probably a bad pun in there somewhere) this would seem to be little more than a publicity stunt.  When women publicly expose themselves, media - with cameras of course - are sure to follow.

But it was also a courageous act that brought attention to the horrific treatment accorded women under fundamentalist Islam - in which they are seen as nothing other than sperm repositories and maids, who have no say at all in their lives.

There are millions of Muslims in the United States.  There is no doubt that at least some of them subscribe to fundamentalist Islam, thus to this treatment of women.  Similarly, there are many Mosques in the United States, and at least some of them preach and teach such behavior to their congregants.

So tell me:  when was the last time you heard about any so-called "women's group" - NOW, for example, but the others as well - marching for the rights of Muslim women?  Ever? 

Me neither.

Nor do I recall them marching against the tidal wave of abuse hurled at any conservative women - Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and so many others - for daring to think differently than the left wing masters NOW and the others are so willing to kneel before.  Evidently having a non-left wing opinion somehow disqualifies them as women.  It's open season.

To further illustrate:  last year, these groups went to the wall for Sandra Fluke, a pampered, well-to-do Georgetown University law student, who lied to us about what a struggle it was for her, and 40% of the other female students at this $58,000 a year school, to obtain contraceptives...which were available in the local Walmart for $9 a month.  That was worth marching over.

But a religion that does not allow women to decide who they can marry, who can be beaten if they displease their husbands, who must cover their entire bodies, other than eyeslits, when in public and who, as rape victims, can be killed to restore the "honor" of the family?  Forget about it.  Not important enough.

Therefore, my thanks go to the three "Femen" women.   They did not shame themselves at all.  They shamed the so-called "women's groups" which, collectively, do not have the integrity or guts this trio displayed so visibly in that Mosque.

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