Monday, 24 June 2013


Flying from Budapest thru Dusseldorf to beautiful, exotic New Jersey.  Last leg of a trip which started in Prague and then Vienna.  Will tell you all about it later today.  


Yeah, I know I promised to blog about the amazing trip we just took to Prague, Vienna and Budapest.

But I'm tired (6 hour jet lag in there somewhere), the unpacking is hell (even though my beautiful bride did most of it as usual), and my computer is scanning for viruses, which makes it slower than iced molasses (I'm putting up this blog from an iPad mini).  

So it is going to have to wait until the morrow morn.

Good night!!!

Patsy You know what, I'm very much incinled to agree. (07/02/13)

Zeke ..... Welcome home, Ken ..... (06/24/13)

Jose Lorraine,Thank you for writing this. (It is the first blog post of yours that I am ranideg.) Your personal examination of dreaming is comforting and encouraging to me. Why must you, I, or others be ashamed of experiences that communicate the unconscious whether it be in a waking state or in sleep? I feel more accepting of my episodes because as you nicely put it, Besides, these dreams do not belong to me. I didn’t ask to experience them, nor am I capable of making them up. I find this statement to be so true.As well, I really appreciate how you explained the following: They have convinced me that some dreams, perhaps all dreams, are gifts from some universal source, what I call the Great Cosmic Oneness of Being. And they belong, as many indigenous people believe, to the tribe. In other words, these dreams are too big for me to keep hidden. Though they may have come through me, the wisdom teachings in them are not for me alone. My experiences with the psyche happen to me as an individual. But, you enlighten me to not imagine them as strictly personal.Lena (07/02/13)

Ken Berwitz Thanks zeke. Great trip, but even greater to be back (06/25/13)

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