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Ken Berwitz

From the pen of Michael Ramirez, Investors Business Daily's great political cartoonist, we have this just-about-perfect depiction of President Obama's insistence that eric holder should conduct an investigation of the Department of Justice - which holder himself is in charge of, and therefore means he would be investigating himself.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  In this case, how about ten thousand. 

Thanks Mr. Ramirez.  You continue to outdo yourself.


Ken Berwitz

Today's quote -and it is a remarkable one - comes in the form of a tweet from the Democratic National Committee's Communications Director, Brad Woodhouse. 

Here is what Mr. Woodhouse has to say about the mainstream media venues which are declining to attend an eric holder discourse on why the Department of Justice he runs snooped on reporters from the Associated Press, Fox, and who knows how many others, because holder insists that it be off the record:

"POTUS asked AG to review how leak investigations are done but some in the media refuse to meet with him. Kind of forfeits your right gripe." 

(NOTE:  You can read the tweet, and the reactions of some media people to it, by clicking here.)

Translation:  If you don't agree to aid and abet holder by hiding what he has to say about this scandal, you have no right to complain.  Hey, you had your chance, sucka, and you blew it.

The Quote Of The Day judges (FYI:  I am all of them) love this kind of stuff.  Rarely is anyone so open about supporting an arrogant abuse of power like this one.

Therefore, with great thanks to Mr. Woodhouse (hey, I finally got it right), Quote Of the Day honors are his.


Ken Berwitz

Back to the Lie-RS scandal  (a scandal the Today Show didn't have a word to say about this morning, thus leaving its millions of viewers to assume it is now old news - which it very much is not.)

Here, as taken straight from the White House's "visitor access records" and put together by, are the number of known visits to the White House from various members of the Obama administration.  See if any IRS official's name jumps out at you:

Obama officials who've visited the White House (As prepared by The Daily Caller)  

As you can see, douglas shulman, the man who doesn't know, didn't hear about, cannot recall and will have to get back to you on virtually every question asked of him by the Issa committee, was at the White House way more than anyone else:  a total of 157 times (and who knows how many additional visits which are not on the record).   That is more than any cabinet member, including the Secretary Of Defense, Secretary of Homeland Security, Attorney General or Secretary of State. 

And these white house visits, of course, extend across the entire time that the shulman IRS targeted conservative and religious groups seeking tax exempt status, while allowing it for such "nonpartisan' groups as, media matters and the Center for American Progress (CAP) among many others. 

Here's a question you will never hear the answer to:  since Barack Obama purports not to know a thing about what the IRS is doing - he just finds out by reading the papers, you see - and douglas shulman doesn't know anything about anything - he was just running the IRS, you see - what do you suppose they talked about?

The lies and cover-ups here are thicker than iced molasses.

And the worst is yet to come.  Bet on it.

Oh, one other thing:  In case you are wondering who the distant #2 and #3 are, Rebecca Blank is the acting Secretary of Commerce, and Thomas Perez is the far left amnesty-loving nominee for Secretary of Labor.  Wouldn't you like to know what they spend their time discussing with President Obama?  Me too.


Ken Berwitz

Dishonest.  Arrogant.  Racist.  And now this.

eric holder, the disgraceful toady and Obama sock-puppet of  an Attorney General this country has endured through the last four and a half years, is willing to meet with the press.  But there is one condition:  the press cannot report on what he says when they meet.

In other words, holder has invented a new concept:  Delete The Press.

Does that sound ridiculous to the point of being insane to you?  Well, you can read it here, in an article by CNN's Carol Cratty.

Oh, incidentally, CNN is refusing to attend unless it has the ability to report what holder is telling the press.

So is the Associated Press.

So is the New York Times.

So is the Huffington Post.

And so, I suspect, are a lot more news venues (though, to its eternal disgrace, has said it will be there - maybe they figure they'll get an exclusive).

My most fervent wish is that holder walks into an empty room - just as empty as his tenure as Attorney General has been.

How much longer must we endure this pathetic joke?

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