Saturday, 26 January 2013


Ken Berwitz

Yesterday was the 40th annual "March For Life", opposing abortions in general, and the Supreme Court's Roe v Wade abortion ruling in particular.

How many people attended?  Well, this picture gives you an idea:


And this video gives you an even better one - especially starting at about 1:03, when it provides an aerial view of just how massive the crowd actually was:

It is a very good bet that at least 100,000 March For Lifers were in attendance - maybe a  lot more than 100,000.  And a great many of them were young people.

That's big news, wouldn't you say?

So how are our wonderful "neutral" media treating it?  Here's an indication:

-On the NBC web site, yesterday's March For Life is reported in a video about one-third of the way down the page, without any indication of crowd size in the headline, but "tens of thousands" mentioned during the video.

-On the CBS web site, it is halfway down the page and the crowd is estimated at "thousands" (that could be as little as 2,000).

-On the ABC web site it doesn't exist.  The march didn't even happen.

-The New York Times web site has it about two thirds of the way down the page, with the crowd described in its headline as "thousands", and in the story itself as "tens of thousands".  The print edition kept the march off the front page, consigning it to page A9

Yesterday I suggested that we compare the coverage of this event, taking into account its crowd size - and the weather as well, since it was a freezing-cold day - to the coverage afforded a few hundred "Occupy Wall Street" protesters in October, 2011. 

Make that comparison now...and see why I rail about the bias of mainstream media


Ken Berwitz

I have, for the most part, stopped blogging about Chris Matthews, because his ridiculous rantings have become so commonplace that they aren't really newsworthy anymore.

But yesterday I put on his "Hardball" show for a minute or so, and caught him saying that if Hillary Clinton ran in 2016 she would get all the women and half the men - 75% of the vote.  And, though he did giggle a little while saying it, he then added, in a more serious tone, that he thought it actually was possible.

That is so off the rails that it is worth mentioning, even for Matthews. 

Not for nothing do I call him Chrazy Chris.

Zeke ..... ..... Tingles is as interesting as a 3 yr old having a temper tantrum. ..... .... Not as logical as the 3 yr old, though. .... .... But neither is Keiff Olbumann. .... .... (01/26/13)

Ken Berwitz keith olbermann? I used to blog about him a lot. But now that he has disappeared (maybe now that Current has become Al Gorzeera he can sue Qatar for his $$$) I don't even think about him anymore. Maybe they'll create another hard left network he can piss off for a while before he's fired again.... (01/26/13)


Ken Berwitz

We have our two grandchildren with us for the weekend.

Last night, my wife and I split a half a chicken we bought at Wegmann's.

Today, my wife told me to heat up the other half and split it with our 6 year old grandson - the one who, with his shirt off, would make you think he eats like a bird.

I held out two plates for him, one with the leg and thigh, the other with the breast and wing, and asked which one he wanted.

His answer, 100% conversationally (no intent of any kind, just answering)?  "Both".

It turns out the bird he eats like is a vulture.

I am currently heating some soup for lunch.


Ken Berwitz

It now turns out that the surgery performed this month on New York Yankees' former superstar/now has-been with a superstar's contract, Alex Rodriguez (also known as A-Rod), may put him out of commission for the entire 2013 season.

I say this as a long-time Yankees fan:  It serves them right. 

The Yankees handed an impossibly opulent ten year contract to a player already in his 30's, who has no realistic way (other than through massive steroids usage..which, let's be honest, Rodriguez is no stranger to) of giving them a level of performance anything close to what they were paying for - especially in the last five of those years (he is signed through 2017).

Now he is 37, way past his most productive years, out for most, maybe all, of the season, and they are still stuck with him for another four. 

Did the Yankees learn from this fiasco?  Probably not. 

How about other teams in baseball and other sports?  Based on recent similarly ridiculous contracts given to players, definitely not.

That's too bad for them.  And it is too bad for sports fans like me, who lose interest when the name of the game is less statistics than it is financial statements.

free` Ken, Have you seen the movie Moneyball? I think you may enjoy it you haven't. (01/26/13)

Ken Berwitz free - I did, and I did. (01/26/13)

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