Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Ken Berwitz

Media used to call Ronald Reagan "The Teflon President" because, no matter how they attacked and condemned him, his popularity was such that the attacks and condemnations just rolled off.

Today we have the Trafalmadorian President.

Trafalmadore was a creation of Kurt Vonnegut; a planet inhabited by beings who, among their other characteristics, simply ignored the bad things in life and concentrated only on the good things.

Which leads us to media and newly re-inaugurated President Barack Obama

I watched as much of the inaugural coverage as I could take.  The level of overt adulation for Mr. Obama and, if anything, even more for Ms. Obama, eventually was too much for me.  Fortunately, there was the end of the Knicks-Nets game and then reruns of Law & Order.....

Not a word (that I heard anyway) about the stagnant economy, not a mention of the Green scandal, with billions of dollars poured into the coffers of Democrat contributors for businesses that went under on the taxpayers dime, not a hint of Benghazi (with our ambassador raped, then killed along with three other citizens), not a sniff of Operation Fast and Furious (with two US agents and hundreds of Mexican nationals dead), or BAIPA, or the higher taxes on every earner, not just the rich ones, or of the 80 dead in Algeria (several of them American) by a group aligned with the wholly resurgent al qaeda Mr. Obama told us was virtually gone, etc. etc. etc..

Hey, why would media talk about such trifles when the King and Que...er, President and First Lady are out there in front of all those adulatory crowds (so what if they are far smaller than they were in 2009)?  I mean, did you see Michelle's new hairdo, and the dress she wore?  Where is your sense of proportion?

Another facet of Trafalmadorians was their ability to see the past, present and future of their lives.  So they knew what eventually was going to happen to them and their civilization, even though Kurt Vonnegut died without telling us about it.

But we don't have that ability.  And with an incompetent President who is never held to account for his actions or their consequences being ignored, Trafalmadore-style, by his Accomplice Media, who knows what will happen to us?


Ken Berwitz

You have to hand it to Noah Browning and Saleh Salem of Reuters.  They have written an article that explains what today's Israeli election means to "Palestinians" which makes perfect sense.....if you happen to hate Israelis and disdain actual facts.

Here are the first few paragraphs in rust, with my comments in blue:

Palestinians evinced weary indifference on Tuesday as Israelis voted in an election set to produce a hardline government keener to expand Jewish settlements on occupied land than seek peace.  Would you, or someone - anyone - define "occupied" for us?  Judea and Samaria (also known as the west bank) are non-sovereign territories.  They certainly are not "Palestinian" since, Israel did not win them from "Palestine" (a fantasy state which has never existed in the history of the world), Israel won them from Jordan during the 1967 war.  How can Israel "occupy" land from people who never had it in the first place?

"Regardless of who wins, the result is the same: Israelis want this land but not the people," said Ahmed Amro, a professor at Al-Quds Open University in Ramallah, the West Bank's capital.   Israel has spent 45 years trying to give land to Palestinian Arabs so that there would be two sovereign states side by side, living in peace.  It has not been Israel which turned down every offer and never made one of its own, it is the "Palestinians", who have done that.  Now you whine about not having a state?  Whose fault is that?

"The Palestinians should have a plan to face this situation we're in, and not put much stock in who wins," he said of the four million people under Israeli occupation or blockade.  Ahhh, there you have it.  The "Palestinian" position, stated not as the position of Palestinians but as established fact.  Not that the territory is disputed, or that there are two sides to this story, just that Israel is an occupying force, period. 

Israel has occupied the West Bank since capturing it in the 1967 Middle East War, along with east Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights. Gaza has remained under tight curbs on movement since Israeli soldiers and settlers withdrew in 2005.  Occupied from WHO?  Maybe Robinson and Salem would like to answer that just once.  I repeat: how can Israel "occupy" land from people who never had it in the first place? 

As far as the "tight curbs on movement", could that possibly have anything to do with the charter of hamas, which runs Gaza?  The charter which calls - as a religious duty - for the obliteration of all Israel (not just the so-called "occupied territories"), the death of all Jews (not just Israelis), and rejects all peace talks and negotiations out of hand? 

It has been said that a camel is a horse drawn by a committee.  My thanks to Browning and Salem, for showing us its journalistic equivalent - i.e. what a news story is, when written by people who, either through ignorance, partisanship or hatred, have no intention of reporting honestly.

Oh, one other thing, in the form of a note to Robinson and Salem:  The only free elections ever held in the Arab world (until our intervention in Iraq, that is), occurred in Gaza and the west bank in 2005/2006 - at the insistence of Israel and the USA.  But the next elections, which were to be held in 2009, never took place.  Therefore Gaza and the Arab-controlled west bank are right back to being dictatorships again. 

When do you figure you'll be writing about that?


Ken Berwitz

It is almost three months since Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, and some people still do not have shelter or electricity.

Yet not a word about what a "heckuva job" FEMA is doing.

Funny how expectations change when the President is Obama rather than Bush......


Ken Berwitz

Without going into the details (and there are enough of them for a small book), I wish to hell that United Airlines had never swallowed up Continental.  And, again without going into the details, I know that I am far, far, far from the only one who feels this way.

Zeke .... .... United is the boss of the merged airline. .... They run it Chicago style. ..... .... just Google "United Airlines customer complaints" .... ..... Rude, indifferent flight and customer service people. ... 4 times the complaints/ 100,000 passengers of anyone else; ... 72% on time. .... ..... *Sigh* ... I'm 20 minutes from EWR (Newark / Liberty), a Continental hub. .... Also, with no competition in many routes, United is raising fares - many doubled. ..... ... Recommendation: ... Take the $15 Chinatown to Boston bus, instead, ...., ,,,,, (01/22/13)

Zeke .... ..... Ken, you really should go into detail .... maybe a brief overview of 20 Gigabytes. .... .... My friend and her sister just traveled to Cincinnati from NYC via Amtrack. Overnight, and the trip is 11 hrs, so they got a roomette. .... Reported the trip was delightful, dining car was top drawer. And, with her new iPad mini, had all the reading material she could want. .... (01/22/13)

BOB W Continental actuall took the controlling interest in United. Continental got corrupted by incorporating too many of United's bad people and policies. let me know when you want to write the book. I can help since I have now logged 2 million miles on them.I agree by Continental absorbing the cancer has now turned a very good airline into crap. the last time i spoke to them, i asked them for te phone number of CATHY PACIFIC. (01/22/13)


Ken Berwitz

Today's quote comes to us from the impossibly disgusting left wing talk show host mike malloy, who said this about Rush Limbaugh:

But this son of a bitch personify, if ever evil could be rolled into a huge fat mass, this is it. This guy, this Limbaugh, this is one of the most vile human beings ever to live! If Limbaugh had the power, he would open gas chambers! If Limbaugh had the power, he would line people up against the wall and execute them! If Limbaugh had the power, he would destroy children because he cant have any! The only thing he sees in children is sex partners! This is a sick, degenerate, evil man!

WHY (screaming) is he on the air? This is not First Amendment protected speech! This son of a bitch is evil.  Rotten to the core.

I know, and you know, that eventually, Limbaugh will say whatever, whatever he comes up with. I don't know how he can get any worse than this. But somebody, someplace is going to listen to him and that'll be it!

And in case you doubt that anyone would be vile enough to say this, click here and listen for yourself..

Is it fair to criticize Rush Limbaugh?  Sure it is;  I certainly have done enough of it over the years.  But this is so low-down, so completely repugnant, so reprehensible, that......if malloy were a right winger he might already have been suspended or fired for it.

But suspension or firing is not in the cards for mike malloy.  He is a left winger.  No one is coming after him.  Certainly not the same media who were so outraged by Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a self-described "slut" and a "prostitute" - which is about 1/1,000th as offensive as malloy's comment - that they kept after Limbaugh until major advertisers left the show. 

That does not happen to the mike malloys of the world.  Different set of rules, you see.

Then they wonder why people call them biased.


Ken Berwitz

Three days ago, 15 year old nehemiah griego shot and killed his mother, his 9 year old brother, his 5year old and two year old sisters.  He then sat among the bodies of his family members for 5 hours until his father, Greg Griego came home so he could shoot and kill him too.

Here, from Jeff Proctor's article in today's Albuquerque Journal, is additional news about this horrific mass murder:

-nehemia griego may have planned the massacre of his family at least a week ago, and may have told his 12 year old girl friend - the one he texted a picture off his dead mother's body to;

-His father, Greg Griego, though currently described as a "local pastor", has been arrested numerous times in the past, and guns he had in the house, possibly including the ones his son used, were obtained by friends buying them, and then giving or selling them to him.  In other words, the guns were obtained illegally.

-And here's a shock:  nehemiah griego liked to play violent video games, such as "Modern Warfare".

Now:  keeping in mind that we are dealing with a deranged 15 year old who watches violent video games, and a house with illegally obtained weapons.....can someone tell me which old, or new, gun control laws would have prevented this massacre from taking place? 

Any information you provide will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


Ken Berwitz

Here, straight from Freedom House, are the latest evaluations of how free Israel and each of its neighbors are when it comes to PR (Personal Rights) and CL (Civil Liberties).  In reading it, please remember that the PR and CL ratings for Israel include Arabs, which account for almost 20% of its population

The lower the number, the more freedom there is:

Territory              Freedom Status     PR                      CL






Partly Free  




Not Free




Partly Free




Not Free



Gaza Strip

Not Free



 West Bank            Not Free              6                       5


* indicates a country's status as an electoral democracy.

Any questions?

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