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Ken Berwitz

Suppose I told you that the Muslim brotherhood, a terrorist group which hates Israel and hates Jews in general, had members who speak out against Israel and Jews in general.  Would you be surprised?  Would you expect otherwise?

Well, the New York Times, with all the sincerity of Inspector Renault when he was shocked - shocked - to find out that gambling was taking place at Rick's, is suggesting it is surprised that mohamed morsi, the long-time Muslim brotherhood member Barack Obama helped install as President of Egypt, has done just that.

From David D. Kirkpatrick's article in this morning's edition:

Nearly three years ago, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood delivered a speech urging Egyptians to "nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred" for Jews and Zionists. In a television interview around that time, the same leader described Zionists as "these bloodsuckers who attack the Palestinians, these warmongers, the descendants of apes and pigs."

Morsi did not refer explicitly to Jews, but echoed anti-Semitic themes.

That leader, Mohamed Morsi, is now president of Egypt - and his comments may be coming back to haunt him.

Since beginning his campaign for president, Mr. Morsi has promised to uphold Egypt's treaty with Israel and to seek peace in the region. In recent months, he has begun to forge a personal bond with President Obama around their successful efforts to broker a truce between Israel and Palestinian militants of the Gaza Strip.

But the exposure this month of his virulent comments from early 2010, both documented on video, have revealed sharp anti-Semitic and anti-Western sentiments, raising questions about Mr. Morsi's efforts to present himself as a force for moderation and stability. Instead, the disclosures have strengthened the position of those who say Israel's Arab neighbors are unwilling to commit to peace with the Jewish state.

Representatives of Mr. Morsi have declined repeated requests over more than three days for comment on his remarks. One reason may be that the re-emergence of his previous statements has now trapped him in a political bind. While his past comments may be a liability abroad, he faces a political culture at home in which such defamation of Jews is almost standard stump discourse. Any attempt to retract, or even clarify, his slurs would expose him to political attacks by opponents who already accuse him of softness toward the United States and Israel.

My favorite parts: 

-"morsi did not refer explicitly to Jews":  who, exactly, do you think he was referring to, Mr. Kirkpatrick?  Buddhists?  Shintoists?  Zoroastrians?

-"...the exposure this month of his virulent comments from early 2010, both documented on video, have revealed sharp anti-Semitic and anti-Western sentiments".  Er, Mr. Kirkpatrick...mohamed morsi is a member of the Muslim brotherhood.  The Muslim brotherhood.  And you think it is revealing that his positions are the same as the group he belongs to?  This is some kind of revelation?  What did you think his positions were?  Did you figure him for a life membership in the B'nai B'rith?

-"Any attempt to retract, or even clarify, his slurs would expose him to political attacks by opponents who already accuse him of softness toward the United States and Israel":  Tell me, Mr. Kirkpatrick; wouldn't that be just as true of morsi maintaining the 33 year peace treaty with Israel?  Do you think his opponents are ok with that treaty, any more than they would be with a retraction or clarification of his remarks about Jews?  Does it, by any chance, tell you something about the state of that peace treaty right now?

Sadly, I have no doubt that there are a great many New York Times readers, including a great many Jews, who will read David D. Kirkpatrick's article and somehow convince themselves that this is new information about mohamed morsi - something that was not known beforehand and that Barack Obama could not have had any inkling of or taken into account when he worked so hard to depose Hosni Mubarak.  

I congratulate Mr. Kirkpatrick and the Times for - again - making fools of these people.

But I am not fooled.  And I hope you are not fooled either.


Ken Berwitz

On Friday, January 25th, there will be a "March For Life" in Washington D.C., in which various pro-life groups, both secular and religious, will converge on the nation's capital to demonstrate and generally make their voices heard.

If this year's "March for Life" is anything like it has been in previous years, you can expect upwards of 100,000 to attend.

Regular readers of this blog may, at this point, be wondering why I would put up such information, given that I support all forms of contraception, including the "day after" pill, and no restrictions at all on abortion until there is a beating heart and brain activity (at which point I consider it a live child). 

The reason is that our wonderful "neutral" media, which had no problem giving massive publicity to just a few "Code Pink" lunatics for marching around in those idiotic vagina outfits during the Republican national convention, are virtually certain to either give minuscule coverage to this event or ignore it completely -- based on the fact that they have always done so in the past.

For readers of this blog, however, that is not going to happen.   You now know of the event and when/where it will be held. 

What it means to you?  That's your business.


Ken Berwitz

I watched about two minutes of Piers Morgan's show this evening.

I do believe he has the potential to be the first man in Television history to get so flustered that he'll hold his breath until his face turns blue.

Mr. Morgan is living proof that being imperiousl and arrogant does not necessarily correlate with being reasoned and mature.

More on this tomorrow.


Ken Berwitz

There is no US newspaper like the New York Post.

Today it gives us a repulsive story about a man who decided it would be a great idea to relieve himself - from his back end - between the cars of a moving subway train.  Unfortunately, while doing so, he apparently lost his balance, fell onto the tracks, and was run over by the train.  I assume you don't need me to tell you that he did not survive.

The first sentence of the article?  "It was his time to go".

Like I said, there is no US newspaper like the New York Post.

bob w Who gives a shit!!! (01/16/13)


Ken Berwitz

Most people who read political blogs know what Project Veritas is.  But in case you don't, PV is a group, formed by a young conservative named James O'Keefe, who, with his associates, creates videos which usually embarrass the hell out of the left.

In the last couple of years, for example, the group has created hidden-camera videos exposing the willingness of organizations like ACORN and Planned Parenthood to skate the law.  This past year it debunked the claims of the left that there is virtually no voter fraud by having members go to voting locations, making increasingly ludicrous claims about who they are, and being given the green light to register and vote anyway (my favorite was the White guy with the beard who went to the location where Attorney General eric holder votes, saying he was holder, and immediately being told to go right in and cast a ballot).

Well, Project Veritas is at it again. 

This time, PV's target is (for the most part) media people who are avidly in favor of much stricter gun control...with an emphasis on members of Gannett's Journal News, the White Plains, NY-based newspaper which published an interactive list of all homes in which one or more residents have a legal gun permit.

And what did PV do?  It sent what appeared to be anti-gun activists to each person's home, knocked on the door, and told the person who answered that they wanted to put a "This Home Is Proudly Gun-Free" sign there.

What kind of reception do you figure they got?  Well, just CLICK HERE and find out.  I'll bet you know the answer already.

Did you watch at least some of the video?  Did it play out the way you expected (I'll bet the answer is yes)?

Now;  count on media ignoring it, just as media ignored the proof it supplied of how easy it was to commit voter fraud.  

And if you do see this latest effort written up, you can probably count on it being downplayed and attacked -- like the hatchet-job write-up Project Veritas gets on wikipedia.com (which tries its best to take PV down, with little in the way of tangible material to do so).

Simply stated, most of what passes for our mainstream media these days do not like what Project Veritas has found out, so they don't want you to know about it. 

But, having just read the blog and seen the video, you do know, don't you? 

Make of it what you will.

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