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Ken Berwitz

Sometimes two short quotes can say more than volumes of commentary.

Vice President Joe Biden on how to control the sale of guns, beyond even what the elected congress of the United States would do :

"There are executive orders, there's executive action that can be taken.  We haven't decided what that is yet. But we're compiling it all with the help of the attorney general and the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action that we believe is required."

Vice President Joe Biden, speaking with makers of the violent video games which teach children how to kill with guns, and tell them that it's fun - nothing more than an entertaining pastime in which the more they kill, the better they are?

"I come to this meeting with no judgment. You all know the judgments other people have made.  We're looking for help."

Notice a bit of a difference?

Now:  which industry do you suppose gives more money - a ton more money - to Joe Biden and his boss, Barack Obama? 

Yep, two quotes can tell you a lot.......even if the information should sicken you to the pit of your stomach.

Zeke .... The issue is one Three Letter Word: -- G U N S (01/13/13)


Ken Berwitz

Pamela Geller writes a very interesting web site called I can't say I always agree with what Ms. Geller writes.  But I can say her commentary is worth reading, and often dead on target.

Ms. Geller's latest piece involves the suicide of Aaron Swarz (sometimes spelled Schwarz), a computer prodigy who was heavily involved in creating "Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and, both of which function as methods of internet information sharing.  Swartz, according to Geller, may have committed suicide as the result of intense hounding by the eric holder-led Department of Justice.  His crime?  He had the nerve to believe in disseminating information.

Let me say that I do not know whether Mr. Swartz was or was not guilty of any crimes, or whether the DOJ should/should not have been after him. 

But, in the course of writing about his case, Ms. Geller - who (with good reason) despises what has happened to the DOJ under holder, provided links to a number of outrageous actions by this formerly meaningful entity, which our wonderful "neutral" media have, for the most part buried so deep you'd have to launch a rocket ship from China to find them.

With this in mind, I thought I would put up the segment of Ms. Geller's piece with links to reference each of these outrages.

Here they are:

Put this in context. Obama's DoJ, headed by Eric Holder, refused to prosecute thr Black Panthers who violently threatened voters with billy clubs and night sticks at polling places on election day. The case was dropped, despite the fact that the case "was already won." This was so gross a violation of voters' rights and the proper function of the Department of Justice that one of its best and brightest senior lawyers resigned in protest: J. Christian Adams.

Obama's Department of Justice policy is that "no voter intimidation cases will brought against a black defendant where the victim is white."

Obama's pro-jihad Department of Justice refused to prosecute Muslim Brotherhood groups, including Hamas-CAIR, ISNA, MSA, MSU, et al, despite the "mountain of evidence" entered into evidence in the largest terrorist funding trial in our nation's history. Documents linked these groups to the funding of terror and murder of non-Muslims, and conspiring toward "eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within."

Obama's pro-sharia Department of Justice department is pursuing cases against cities and towns to enforce sharia in the schools, prisons, and workplace. Obama's Department of Sharia filed an unusual lawsuit against the school system in December 2010, not to ensure that the kids get a good education, mind you, but more importantly, to ensure that the Muslims get special rights and extraordinary accommodation.

The DOJ is creating Muslim majority legislative districts by converting a religious class into a racial one.

The DOJ's Holder sued a New Jersey county demanding that a correction facility accommodate a Muslim employee's khimar, a religious head covering.

Further, Obama's Department of Justice dropped the "charges" against the Muslims who blew up the USS Cole.

Please, please, click on each of these links and read the particulars, so you can see with your own eyes what Ms. Geller is talking about.

And when you find out the answer?  Please, please, think about your personal comfort level with a Department of Justice which acts in this manner - particularly with Attorney General eric holder, who heads the DOJ.

Then reflect on the fact that this country re-elected Barack Obama, the man who appointed holder, to another four years in office.

And finally, ask yourself whether we would have re-elected Mr. Obama if his Accomplice Media had done less covering for him and more honest reporting about these outrages?

Sorry for ruining your day.

ROSENBERG It may be time for a New Jewish DEFENSE League. Morsi is another Hitler in the making. OBAMA JUST GAVE HIM FREE F16 JETS AND LIBERALS THINK ALL IS WELL WITH THE JEWISH WORLD. Israel is surrounded by enemies with nuclear ambitions, a holocaust is in the making. Wake up Jews before it will be too late once again. Rabbi DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG (01/15/13)


Ken Berwitz

Is it possible that the Obama administration's idea of "spending cuts" is to make sure that patients die as quickly and inexpensively as possible?

I ask this question because there is significant evidence that this is exactly what is being done in the United Kingdom -- and because the UK health care system is one of the most important models for ObamaCare:  the gold standard for Donald Berwick, Obama's former Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, who was in that position when ObamaCare was being developed..

Read the following excerpts from Jeremy Laurence's article in London's Daily Standard, and you'll understand why I raise this question.  Please pay special attention to the paragraph I've put in bold print:

It was developed as a measure to help ease the suffering of the dying. Instead it is alleged to have introduced "backdoor euthanasia" into the NHS, leading to the early deaths of tens of thousands of patients in return for millions of pounds in "bribes" for hospitals.

Specialists in palliative medicine have hit back at critics of the so-called Liverpool Care Pathway, a checklist devised to help hospital doctors and nurses assist patients to a humane, dignified and pain-free end. They argued that its aim was to enable patients to "live until they die" - freed from the paraphernalia of tubes and machines that can increase distress.

The measure, developed over a decade ago by palliative care specialists in Liverpool, has become embroiled in controversy in recent months, as some doctors, religious leaders and pro-life groups have alleged that patients are being put on the "pathway to death" without their consent or that of their families in response to financial incentives from the NHS. The Daily Mail has run a campaign claiming hospitals are being bribed with millions of pounds to send patients to an early grave.

An estimated 350,000 patients with chronic illnesses need palliative care each year but fewer than half (170,000) receive it, of whom 130,000 are placed on the pathway.

The audit last year by the Royal College of Physicians and Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute in Liverpool of 178 hospitals found 44 per cent of patients who were conscious and a third of families were not consulted before the decision was taken.

Jeremy Hunt, the Health Secretary, condemned the failure to consult as "utterly unacceptable." But he defended the Liverpool Care Pathway as a "fantastic step forward", adding that "one or two mistakes" should not be allowed to discredit it.

Hospitals have received bonus payments related to the number of patients placed on the pathway, amounting to an estimated 30m.

"Death panels", anyone?

Does that at all look like the kind of hospital care you would find acceptable in the United States?  A hospital - often without bothering to consult the families - decides to put patients on a "pathway" to death, with a financial incentive to do the same for as many other patients as possible?

Do you find the number of patients being refused palliative care (i.e. the relief of the pain, symptoms and stress of serious illness) and simply guided to their deaths, to be troublesome?   Well, the UK has less than one-fifth the population of the United States, so multiply those numbers by 5, and add a few more on for good measure to see how "the pathway" might work here.  How do you feel about it now?

In 2009, alan grayson, the lunatic-left congressperson from Florida - who was just elected again to the house of representatives by the people of his district - said this:

"If you get sick, America, the Republican health care plan is this: Die quickly,"

Does grayson think Donald Berwick was a Republican appointee?  Does he think it was the Bush administration which sought Mr. Berwick's advice when coming up with ObamaCare?  Will he be speaking on the floor of the house warning us to guard against the possibility that a government-run health care system like ObamaCare must be watched closely so it does create its own version of "The Liverpool Pathway"? 

Or  is making sure that patients die quickly - which no Republican ever proposed, of course, or anything like it - an ok outcome if Democrats are running the show?

Virtually every major poll has always shown a majority of people do not want ObamaCare.  But we voted Barack Obama back into office for a second term anyway. 

Therefore if this is the direction ObamaCare moves - and don't doubt that it very well could be - we have no one to blame but ourselves.

What have we done to ourselves?  To the sick and old among us?

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Ken Berwitz

So how is the job situation going, four years into the Obama administration?

Here, excerpted from an article at, is your answer..

According to the December 2012 employment situation report, job growth stalled out in the final three months of 2012, as the number of employed Americans (143,305,000) was nearly unchanged from the levels recorded in the previous two months.

Breaking down the employment situation by age groups, we find that the number of employed teens (Age 16-19) fell by 66,000 from November 2012 to December 2012 to 4,402,000 as the number of young adults (Age 20-24) declined by just 25,000 over the same time to 13,570,000. Meanwhile, the number of employed individuals Age 25 and older increased by 119,000 from the previous month to reach 125,333,000.  (Click chart to enlarge)

Change in Number of Employed Americans by Age Group, Since Total Employment Peak in November 2007, through December 2012


I have a question:  is Mr. Obama still blaming President Bush for the job situation?  For the overall economy?

Is he still doing so four years after taking office?  Four years after inflicting the so-called "stimulus package" on us, which has resulted in trillion-dollar-plus deficits every year since, and every year in the forseeable future, which resulted in unemployment levels jumping through the roof for years and, only now, grudgingly dropping to where they were when Mr. Obama first took office?


And we re-elected him? 

Who is he going to blame this time around?  Mitt Romney?  Tom Dewey?  William Howard Taft? 

What were we thinking?  What is wrong with this country?

free` Ken, Remember when the D's and the left and the MSM screamed about the 487 billion dollar deficit Bush had one year? But now they are OK with multi-years of trillion dollar deficits. The MSM should be more ashamed of themselves than the pols, I can tell you, it makes me sick. (01/13/13)


Ken Berwitz

Apropos of nothing political:

Want to see a great slideshow of cars from the 1950's?  Then click here

For some it will be history.  For others, it will be nostalgia.  Whichever it is for you, I guarantee it will also be fun.


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