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Ken Berwitz

Let me start with the answer to that title.  No.  Of course he is not.  The question is ridiculous.

The reason I am asking is because Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen, with characteristic hyperbole and obeisance to hard left orthodoxy, has written a blog attacking Mitt Romney for not repudiating Donald Trump's skepticism over the authenticity of Barack Obama's long form birth certificate. 

Cohen feels Mr. Romney "...ought to know that the so-called birthers exude the fetid aroma of racism: To them, the oddly named Obama just doesnt look like a president should."  Translation:  To question the birth certificate is to be a racist who wants Obama out of office for no reason other than the color of his skin.

Based on this brilliant analysis, Cohen then "reasons" (that may be a highly exaggerated verb) that since people who doubt the authenticity of that birth certificate are racist, and since Obama repudiated the racist jeremiah wright, Romney must therefore repudiate Trump.  And he calls Romney a raft of names for not doing so, including cowardly, indecent, unprincipled, and opportunistic (Cohen somehow left out pimply-faced, balding and psoriatic - oversight I guess).

Could this be more idiotic? 

I would usually say no.  But, having read some of the commenters' reactions (Washington Post commenters are vastly hard-left, and I would not at all be surprised if this were the result of an organized effort directed at the paper), I have to say yes it can. 

Want a sampling?  Ok.  Here are a few of them.  Take a look and, just for fun, rank-order which of the commenters are most in need of psychiatric help:

When Wright name was discovered with Obama, I did some checking and some things he says are true but whites find some truths offensive when they are racist but of course deny they are and try to make something out of nothing.  

With that said I don't agree with everything but I don't agree with anyone on everything.


After all that is said in this article, the issue of Mr. Romoney's birth place is pushed aside. 
What a Hoot to discover that Mr. Romoney is a illegal immigrant. Until he can prove his U.S. birthplace, Mr. Romoney is a illegal immigrant. 



In a dark past of our history they did their dirty deeds in the dark of night wearing bedsheets and dunce-caps. 
These days their ilk vent their vile spleens through rumor, innuendo and lies, and they have found a leader. 
Donald Trump has appointed himself the Pied Piper of the former lynchers and haters. A role he was born, it now appears evident, to play. 
In our democracy these knuckle-dragging droolers have the right to vote which makes them attractive to Mitt Romney who will do or say anything for a vote in his quest to become president. 
In what history will see as its most egregious example of crass pandering and abandonment of one's integrity and self-esteem Mitt Romney has groveled at the feet of Donald Trump and sent him forth to deliver that hate stained vote. 
In keeping with his life of cowardly decisions and actions Mitt Romney will publicly seek to distance himself from the Trump hate-machine but we will not see him condemn it. 
Such is the man who wants to be our president. 
Such is the man who wants us to trust him with our childrens future. 
Such is not a man, only the shadow of one. 




Donald Trump is the lowest of the low. We in Florida are taking a petition for women, minorities and all immigrants to stop watching the Apprentice. He only cares about the dollar so this is what we will be doing. We are appealing to all decent human beings to stop watchin that piece of nonsense he has on TV. We can go a step further and boycott his casinos, hotels, etc. Apart from Hitler and the other disgusting despots of the world, he is the most offensive person in modern times. It is a shame that we have to share the same air space with this ugly person. We say boycott everything Trump.


Tolerating (up to a point) crazy supporters who appeal to a fringe element is a legitimate strategy. But "the Rev." Wright's supporters really are a fringe, and Obama eventually disowned him when he got too offensive. Not so the Donald. A majority of Republicans believe that the president is an illegal alien who's stolen their guns and their liberty. The fact that this is code talk for what they really hate about him, the color of his skin, is not lost on Mittens Romney. He has a lot to gain by hanging around with a guy who will say what he himself is too cowardly to admit, that his main support is among racists. And given enough degenerate racists voting, he may get his big wish.

Enough?  I agree. 

That is the kind of "intelligence" a ridiculous, gratuitously hateful blog like this generates. 

I assume Mr. Cohen is very proud of himself for writing what he did, or else he would not have done so.  But I wonder how the Washington Post feels about this kind of material being published under its masthead, and the comments it spawns. 

I hope, for the paper's sake, it makes them more than a little uncomfortable.

Teresa No I don't think Trump is a racistis for questioning Obama's birth certificate. He is asking what a lot of Americans are wondering, my self included. I don't think Obama is an American and if he was not born in the U.S. then he should not be President.. You're from Florida? enough said.. (05/31/12)


Ken Berwitz

Every internet-savvy person knows that "lol" stands for "laugh out loud".  People use it all the time in chat rooms, on social media, etc. to indicate they think something is funny.

But I actually did "lol" just now, when I read the latest blog by leftward writer and activist Michael Tomasky, in which he agreed that Barack Obama made an awful mistake last night when, while honoring WWII Polish hero Jan Karski with a Medal of Freedom, Mr. Obama referred to "Polish Death Camps" rather than nazi death camps.  As noted in my previous blog, this unbelievably egregious gaffe absolutely enraged the Polish government.

Here is what Tomasky had to say about it:

For Obama to refer to a "Polish death camp" is just ghastly. How in the world could that happen? Some callow kid in the speechwriting office didn't know the difference? His or her boss also didn't know? And what of Obama? I will assume that he does know better. But he said the words.

Assuming he knew it was wrong when it was coming out of his mouth, why didn't he just stop and say: "You know, Mr. Karski, it says here 'Polish death camp,' so that's what I said, but I want to correct that. We all know that these were German camps." That's all. Easy peasy. He really should have just taken charge of the moment there and shown some honesty and candor.

The reason  I laughed out loud - and a heads-up to Michael Tomasky:  Jan Karski was given the Medal of Freedom posthumously.  He died in 2000. 

If Mr. Obama wanted to correct his gaffe to Mr. Karski personally, he would need someone who communicates with the deceased.  Maybe Mr. Tomasky could hook him up with Whoopi Goldberg's Oda Mae Brown character from Ghost.  Or, in a pinch, Michael Keaton's Beetlejuice might be able to help out.

Just sayin......

Zeke .... ..... ..... .... Well, the sign was in Polish ... and Obama only understands Austrian. ... ..... ..... (05/30/12)

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