Sunday, 20 May 2012


Ken Berwitz

I'm starting to have more company.

Excerpted from Friday's Investors Business Daily editorial, titled "Jig's Up, Cherokee Liz":

There's no truth whatever to Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren's claim to Indian ancestry. She's been proved a fraud. Time for her to fess up and end this charade.

Unless Warren can offer proof, she should quit her post at Harvard Law, which has touted her as its "first woman of color." She plainly wasn't hired on merit.

Warren should also withdraw from her race against Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass. Such dishonesty isn't worthy of any office, let alone one of the nation's highest.

She also owes Native Americans an apology. They're justifiably outraged over a white leftist gaming the racial spoils system (that white leftists created), and enjoying an affirmative-action leg-up at their expense.

Of course, this would be the decent thing to do. Given Warren's sleazy Wall Street-bashing, we're not holding our breath she'll take the high road.

"I'm proud of my Native American heritage," Warren brazenly told CNN last week.

Her story isn't just suspect; it's been proven a lie, thanks to New Media bloggers doing the job the Democrats' shills in the Old Media refuse to do.

How many more demands will it take before Ms. Warren gets the hint?

Tell you what:  if I were a Republican, I would want the answer to be infinity.  I would want her to hang on until the bitter end. 

Which is why I expect Democrats are already hoping, praying, and applying pressure, to get her to shut it down.  And the sooner the better.

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