Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Ken Berwitz

Is there anyone left who does not understand that academia tilts dramatically to the left?

Well, if there is, maybe this excerpt from Paul Bedard's article for washingtonexaminer.com will help:

The liberal tilt of Americas top colleges and universities has gone off the charts with the ratio of liberal-to-conservative commencement speakers reaching 7-1, an all-time high, according to a new survey of graduation ceremonies at the top 100 schools.

It was particularly awful this year, said Ron Meyer of the Young Americas Foundation, which conducted the survey. The ratio has never been this bad.

According to the conservative youth group, of the top 100 universities in the latest U.S. News rankings, 71 featured liberal speakers while 10 hosted conservatives. And of the top 35 schools, only one asked a conservative to speak. Emory College, ranked 20th in the nation, had Obamacare foe Benjamin Carson give the commencement

Any questions?


Ken Berwitz

"For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind":  Hosea 8:7

I start with that iconic line from the New Testament because it so aptly fits how the radical left, and their kindred spirits - such as the "Occupy" remnants - are saying thank-you to the Democrat Party in Chicago this week.

Excerpted from Andy Grimm and Cynthia Dizikes' article in today's Chicago Tribune:

Dozens of demonstrators dashed into the Loop building housing President Barack Obama's campaign headquarters this morning, slipping past security guards and running up escalators as they kicked off what they called a "Week Without Capitalism."

Eight protesters were led out in handcuffs about half an hour later after they refused to clear the lobby. They were cheered by other demonstrators who began dancing and singing folk and gospel songs.

After about 30 minutes marching and singing outside the building, the group tried to enter the building and reach Obamas campaign offices around 8:30 a.m.

Guards locked the revolving doors, but protesters slipped through unlocked doors off to the sides. Some pushed past a security guard who tried to block their entry but quickly gave up as protesters poured through the doorway.

About a dozen uniformed Chicago police officers entered the lobby and stood quietly at the back of the protest group as a demonstrator on the second floor read a statement, echoed by the few dozen demonstrators in the lobby below.

A handful of protesters remained inside near the elevator banks to the upper floors and refused to leave when asked by the building manager and police. They were handcuffed and escorted out a side door, singing This Little Light of Mine.

As they were led to a police van, a throng of protestors standing behind a wall of officers with bicycles sang  "Ain't Going to Study War No More" and cheered and thanked those who were arrested.

The protesters regrouped for a moment of silence outside 130 East Randolph in support of those arrested. Then one demonstrator began strumming an acoustic guitar and the group started singing "Let There Be Peace On Earth" as they marched down Randolph toward the
CTA Blue Line.

Amazing, isn't it?  No matter how far left the Democrat Party lurches, it will never be enough for these lunatics. 

Wasn't it President Obama who spoke in support of the anti-capitalist "Occupy" movement?  Wasn't it Nancy Pelosi who said "God bless them"?   Well this bunch is espousing exactly the same political philosophy.  And the "Occupy" remnants almost certainly will join them throughout Chicago's NATO summit.

But don't expect to hear too many hosannas from Democrats this time.

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.  Even to an old-testament guy like me, that's a pretty good analysis.

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