Monday, 14 May 2012


Ken Berwitz

Over the weekend, a story broke that jeremiah wright, Barack Obama's long-time "spiritual mentor" (his words, not mine) who also happens to be a Black supremacist racist and Israel hater of the first order, was offered a $150,000 bribe to lay low and not give speeches during the 2008 presidential campaign.

The source of this stunning revelation?  jeremiah wright, in an interview with author Edward Klein.

So I watched most of  the Today show's first hour this morning to see where it would place this story and how much time it would be given. 

But guess what:  the Today Show did not report this story at all.  Not one word of it.

The President of the United States is accused of indirectly trying to bribe his own spiritual leader to clam up so voters would not know what was influencing him for almost 20 years.  And Today decided it was not important enough to tell the viewers who rely on it for news.

Today did, however, do a feature on a teenage high schooler who put his version of a song called "I'm So Sexy" on youtube.  (In case you're wondering, "Im So Sexy" was song by a group called LMFAO, which is internet shorthand for "Laughing My F#(king Ass Off").  That was important enough to inform viewers about.

Then they wonder why people like me (and countless others) call them biased...........


Ken Berwitz

Yes, you read that title correctly.  It is not a typo.  Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have exactly the same position on gay marriage.  And, no, neither has changed his position since President Obama's $ucce$$ful "evolution".

How can I say this?  It's easy.  Here's why:

-President Obama, who has been on both sides of this issue issue over the years, now claims to be in favor of gay marriage.  However, he also favors each individual state making its own decision on the issue;

-Mitt Romney, who has been on both sides of this issue over the years, now claims to be opposed to gay marriage.  However, he also favors each individual state making its own decision on the issue.

As you can see, while Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney are currently at odds with each other in their personal opinions about gay marriage, as President both would do exactly the same thing.  There is not one iota of difference between them.

So if you distinguish between the two on their personal opinions, they could not be more different.  But if you distinguish between the two on the one and only criterion that should matter to a voter - what they would do as President?  There is 0% difference between them.

One other point should be made here.  And for supporters of gay marriage (like me) it is a huge one.

If Barack Obama truly feels that gay marriage is an issue of human rights, why is he defining it as a states' rights issue?  Why is he not proposing federal legislation that would define it as a civil right, beyond the purview of individual states? 

If Mr. Obama truly meant it when he said that gay marriage is a human right, that is what what he would do.   And that is what he is not doing.

In other words Barack Obama, based on his actions regarding this issue, is lying to gay people.  

Well, at least in that regard, you can't say he treats gay people different than the rest of the population.....

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