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Ken Berwitz

You would think that an organization calling itself the National Organization for Women would actually give a damn about women, wouldn't you?

Yesterday I blogged again, as I have for years, about the grotesque treatment afforded countless millions of women around the world, who are under the thumb of radical shari'a law Islam.  I pointed out that NOW, and other organizations like it, are left wing front groups which could not care less about these women, as demonstrated by the fact that, other than a few general CYA pronouncements every now and again, they never mobilize to do or say a thing on behalf of these women.

But this is not to say that NOW and its kindred pals do not mobilize about something.  Let me show you what is important to them, via the following excerpts from Caroline May's piece at

Media Matters, NOW unite to force Limbaugh off the air

 Start listening to Rush Limbaugh. That was the unexpected message representatives from Media Matters for America and the National Organization for Women delivered to NOW chapter leaders in a secret, narrowly focused strategy session Wednesday night.

In audio of the NOW/MMFA strategy webinar obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, the liberal organizations plotted the best ways to get the radio giant and veritable burr in their collective saddles off the air.

The key, according to Media Matters online outreach director Jay Carmona, is to target Limbaugh at the local level specifically advertisers in local radio markets but with an eye on his national sponsors.

I will say, just going by the numbers, getting local stations to drop Limbaugh is actually a hard, more long-term campaign than just looking at getting local sponsors to drop, she explained, adding that they do not need to get the conservative talker off every local station to make an impact.

The strategy session focused on NOW chapters ability to focus on local advertisers, who buy time from broadcast affiliates rather than from Limbaughs carrier, Clear Channel, because most local station affiliates make the bulk of their profit off of these local advertising dollars, so targeting your local advertisers really is how you get those local stations to drop Rush. And that is what youre aiming for.

Call participants also heard that targeting national advertisers can also be effective, but that the result wont impact the local stations as much as Clear Channel itself. 

As left wing partisans, and NOW depise Rush Limbaugh.  That is because he is an unrepentant conservative who exposes their actions and ridicules them - especially NOW, which he calls NAG:  "the National Association of Gals". 

And there is also the fact that Limbaugh used the word "slut" to describe Sandra Fluke, the 23 year old struggling law school student, barely (bad pun there) able to afford the necessary $1,000+ per year women need for contraception --who turned out to be a 30 year old career left wing activist getting a $59,000 a year education, with a rich boyfriend who takes her on international trips, claiming not to know she could buy oral contraceptives at the local Walmart for $9 a month.  That made Limbaugh completely intolerable to them. 

Therefore, instead of exercising their free choice and simply turning the radio dial to a different station, NOW has joined the sorosian in an all-out effort to remove Limbaugh from the airwaves, so you don't have a choice.

Meanwhile, women under the thumb of radical Islam - which is to say women all over the world, very much including the United States of America - continue to be treated as nothing other than housemaids and sperm repositories, completely subjugated, beaten at will, even subject to being killed if they dare try to live their own lives, because doing so would dishonor their families.  And NOW could not care less.  It is too busy trying to censor Rush Limbaugh so you can't decide whether to listen to his show.

So please do not tell me that NOW, and organizations like it, care about women.  They don't.  They care only about left wing women, and women who can be manipulated to vote for left wing candidates and/or causes.  The end.  

If you are not one of those women, you don't mean a thing to them.

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