Monday, 30 April 2012


Ken Berwitz

I think I just invented a new term:  BBSS. 

BBSS is when you first toss BS, and then double down on it.

According to Hillary Chabot and Matt Stout's article in Saturday's Boston Herald, Harvard Professor and Democrat Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren has again claimed she is a "native American" - even though neither she or her campaign has produced any evidence to support this claim. 

The fact that one of the tribes Ms. Warren claims to be descended from, the Delawares, say they can't find either her maiden or married name on any of their records?  That is dismissed as a matter of "lax record keeping" - i.e. the tribe's existing records do not count as much as her nonexistent ones.

This is the same Elizabeth Warren, let's remember, who claims to have created the intellectual foundation for the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, and the same Elizabeth Warren who claims not to be rich, though her filings indicate she is worth as much as $14.5 million dollars.

FYI, the single best lines I have heard about Elizabeth Warren's BBSS "native American" claim come from Scott Johnson's April 28 blog at

We learn that Occupy supporter, Harvard Law Professor and Senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren claimed minority status based on her purported Native American ancestry. Funny, she doesnt look Siouxish.

Our friend Susan Vass is not an amateur punster, but rather a professional comedian. She writes to ask: Could Ward Churchill and Elizabeth Warren marry and franchise a chain of Forked Tongue Casinos for other fake Indians?

"Funny, she doesn't look Siouxish"?  It's two days later, and I'm still laughing.


Ken Berwitz

Here, for your delectation, is a quick takedown of President Obama's "spike the football" ad, which first brags that President Obama agreed to let our military take out osama bin laden, and then suggests Mitt Romney would not have done so, based on two pieces of "evidence": 

-A report from Reuters, August 6, 2007, that Mitt Romney criticized Barack Obama for vowing to strike al-Qaeda targets inside Pakistan if necessary, and

-Romney's comment, also in 2007, that "It's not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person".

In reality.....

This is what Mr. Romney actually said about then-candidate Obama's vow to strike al qaeda inside Pakistan, straight from the Republicans' Iowa debate:

"Its wrong for a person running for president of the United States to get on TV and say were going to go into your country unilaterally. Of course America always maintains our option to do whatever we think is in the best interest of America. But we dont go out and say ladies and gentleman of Germany, if ever there was a problem in your country [and] we didnt think you were doing the right thing, we reserve the right to come in and get them out. We dont say those things, we keep our options quiet."

In other words, Romney did not question the concept of doing so, he questionned the concept of blurting it out to the world instead of quietly doing what has to be done.

And this is what Mr. Romney actually said about going after osama bin laden - his full response, not just the part cherry-picked by Obama & Co.:

AP REPORTER LIZ SIDOTI: "Why haven't we caught bin Laden in your opinion?"

GOVERNOR MITT ROMNEY: "I think, I wouldn't want to over-concentrate on Bin Laden. He's one of many, many people who are involved in this global Jihadist effort. He's by no means the only leader. It's a very diverse group Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and of course different names throughout the world. It's not worth moving heaven and earth and spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person. It is worth fashioning and executing an effective strategy to defeat global, violent Jihad and I have a plan for doing that."

A bit different, wouldn't you say?  Romney's answer was not that bin laden should be left alone, it was that the policy should be expanded far beyond just one man, to "Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood and of course (other such organizations) defeat global violent Jihad".

Bottom line:  Not only did Barack Obama's "TA-DA, LOOK WHAT I DID!!!" ad about osama bin laden show him to be full of himself, but his evidence that Mitt Romney would not have done the same show him to also be full of something else:  something far more approriate for flushing, or using to make gardens grow, then to be used dishonestly in an offensive campaign ad like Mr. Obama's.

One last thing:  As bad as this is, expect it to get worse.  A lot worse.

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