Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Ken Berwitz

Two days ago, President Obama told us that he and his wife Michelle had finally paid off their college loans just 8 years ago:  quite a journey, given that Mr. Obama last attended a school in 1991, which means it took him 13 years to retire the debt.

Do you believe him?

The only way to know for sure is for Mr. Obama to release his college records - which, of course, would also mean giving us a look at who, if anyone funded any part of his college education, including whether he received foreign aid from, say Kenya or Indonesia.

Is that why he refuses to release them?  No one knows for sure.  But what we do know is that keeping them under wraps means there is no way to check his claims regarding student loan payoffs.

This leads to the question I ask of mainstream media:  why, over the four years-plus since Mr. Obama began actively campaigning for the presidency, have they never demanded to see those records?  Why have they simply accepted what Barack Obama has told us about his college years without demanding any evidence to back it up? 

Let's also remember that this is the same Barack Obama who is pushing the so-called "Buffett Rule", which is predicated on Warren Buffett's claim that he paid a lower rate of income tax than his secretary -- and the same mainstream media which have never demanded to see the actual tax returns so they could check whether Buffett's claim was true.

My question about the "Buffett Rule" is the same as it is for the college records:  why do they simply accept what Barack Obama says, without ever demanding evidence to back it up?

Is there any wonder that I call them Barack Obama's Accomplice Media - ever willing to accept whatever he tosses their way, with or without documentation?

Did they do the same for George Bush, or any other Republican President?  Would they do the same?  No, of course not.  This free pass is owned by Barack Obama.  End of story.

How can they call themselves journalists?  How can they even face themselves in the mirror?

free` On this same subject I ran across this at CNBC -- Student Loans: The Next $1 Trillion Bailout? ----- Here’s what we do know about student loan debt: it’s roughly $1 trillion in size, greater than either auto or credit-card debt and second only to mortgage debt in the U.S. ---- READ the Rest Here (04/25/12)

Zeke .... ... How about the gub'mint give each person $40,000. Their spending will boost the economy (illegal aliens get it also; their spending will also boost the economy). Monitor the results, and repeat at 3 month intervals, as long as necessary. ..... ...... ...... Makes about as much sense as bailing out all those bubbles. ..... The economics of it are just as sound ..... ..... ... (04/25/12)

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