Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Ken Berwitz

Mitt Romney has won all five primaries today - New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware, where he more than doubled the vote total of Newt Gingrich, who hoped to do quite well there.

If there was any doubt before, it is gone now.

Game, set, match.


UPDATE:  A number of web sites are reporting that Newt Gingrich will drop out of the race next Tuesday and endorse Mitt Romney.  I have no idea why he would wait a week to do so, but that is what the reports say. 

There are also reports that Rick Santorum will soon formally endorse Romney.

If true, this will leave ron paul, who , after 43 primaries, has yet to win even one.  paul barely even makes it to et cetera status.

On to the general election.

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