Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Ken Berwitz

I wonder what David Axelrod will say about this one?

The latest Pew poll is out.  And it shows that, in just the past month, Mitt Romney has closed a 12% deficit versus President Obama to just 4%.  Here, for your information (and Mr. Axelrod's opprobrium) are the data - along with the key issues which voters are basing their decisions on:


Please note that, of the top four issues for voters, three are economy related and the fourth is health care.  Then remind yourself that our economic data continue to be lousy (despite the Accomplice Media's best efforts to portray them otherwise), and that most people are against ObamaCare, the administration's signature health care initiative.  Maybe, just maybe, those factors have something to do with this turn of events.

Please also note that, despite Democrats' intense efforts to make them key issues this year, abortion and birth control remain at the bottom of the list - exactly where they were when David Gregory, George Stephanopoulos and other "neutral" media personalities tried to help Obama & Co. by moving them up the ladder.  And that is no "Fluke" either.

So let's review.  About a half dozen polls have come out in the past few days.  With a single exception, every one of them either has Mr. Romney closing in on Mr. Obama or leading him outright.  And even the one that has Mr. Obama ahead by wide margin, CNN/Opinion Dynamics, has Romney closer now than he was the last time around.

Remember, too, that we are only about a week into the part of this campaign where Mitt Romney has been able to pay full attention to Barack Obama, rather than slugging it out with a major Republican competitor (Newt Gingrich seems to still be fantasizing that he is somehow in this race, but he isn't, and ron paul is bordering on the outskirts of kucinichville).

The bottom line?  Anyone who thinks Barack Obama is coasting to a second term better think harder.  And any Democrat running for the house or senate who thinks he/she can ride Mr. Obama's coattails is delusional altogether.

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