Monday, 16 April 2012


Ken Berwitz

Hilary Rosen, one of the closest confidantes of President Obama, and the DNC, makes a stupid comment that exposes her contempt for women who stay at home to raise children - and then makes an even stupider "apology" which makes it clear she didn't intend to apologize at all.  

So what does the Obama administration do about it?  Well, one thing is to trot out Chuck Todd, among its most reliably obeisant mouthpieces at the thoroughly compromised "news" division of NBC, to try to convince viewers that they should ignore the whole thing.

Here is the transcript of Todd's absolutely fraudulent attempt at damage control, from yesterday's Meet The Press (which Rosen was supposed to have been on, but declined - possibly because Obama & Co. told her to stay the hell out of the public eye until this blows over):

'We saw the Romney campaign desperately trying to find anything to close this gender gap, change the conversation away from this idea of access to health care, things like that, and instead, move it to something that is on more comfortable turf. So they found one thing, and boy did they move to essentially manufacture a controversy because this is not an Obama surrogate. This is a paid CNN commentator, all of those things. But they were pretty effective at using them - we know the echo chamber that's out there."

Nice touch, Chuck, to claim that this was a desperate attempt by Romney to change the conversation away from so-called women's issues - when it was your pals in the media, with Meet The Press host David Gregory front and center among them, who pushed it into the center ring in the first place.  You get points for creativity.  Not journalistic integrity, but creativity.

In reality - a far, far cry from what Chuck Todd is selling, to say the least - Hilary Rosen has been one of the most intensely active Obama insiders of this administration. 

According to Jim Geraghty in his fact-laden column of last Thursday, White House visitor logs show that, since Barack Obama became President, Rosen has visited the White House a minimum of 35 times.  That compares to 9 visits from General David Petraeus, 16 from Energy Secretary Steven Chu and 12 for Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.  Does that look like there is no connection between Obama and Rosen to you?

And this is before we get to her close advisory association with the Democratic National Committee - which the serial liar Debbie Wasserman Schultz now is pretending never existed. 

Oh, and did I mention that the Managing Director of Rosen's company, SKDKnickerbocker, is Anita Dunn, formerly President Obama's White House Communications Director?

See, this is how they do it.  There is nothing magical or esoteric about their technique.  It is the high hard one right down the middle of the plate.  They send their flaks - like Chuck Todd (and a great many more) - out to lie for them.  Then they count on most of the mainstream media to continue preserving and protecting Barack Obama by not calling the Chuck Todd's of the world out on their lies.  

And, for three years, it has worked like a charm.

There is no bottom to this administration.  Or to the cesspool that "journalism" in this country has become.

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