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Ken Berwitz

I have just been sent the latest in a seemingly unending string of Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) emails, attacking Republicans and begging for $$$.

This one, signed by DSCC Executive Director Guy Cecil has the usual attack lines, and references to that nefarious Karl Rove Democrats hate so completely.  Par for the course. 

But it also has a flat-out lie.  A lie that I have seen one too many times:

Why we need a Buffett Rule: Warren Buffett's secretary pays almost 36% in income taxes, while Mitt Romney pays less than 14%.

Bullcrap.  That is untrue.  The Buffett rule applies exclusively to federal taxes.  So let me show you the federal tax rate for 2011.  See if you notice a bit of a discrepancy:

Tax Year:

Filing Status:

If your taxable income is between...

your tax bracket is:













Tell me:  How is it that Warren Buffett's secretary is paying a higher tax rate than the maximum rate that exists in the IRS code?  Can you help me out on that one?

She isn't, of course.  Not even if she declares no deductions of any kind (which, of course, she does).  It is an obvious, overt lie.

And that is before we get to the fact that no one has seen either of the two tax returns to actually check how much they pay. 

Isn't amazing that the same media, which will go over any Republican claim with a fine tooth comb (e.g. look at all the fact-checks, just this week, on Republicans' claim that women lost the vast majority of jobs under Obama), have never demanded that Warren Buffett and his secretary produce their returns?  It's not like they are private any more  - not after Buffett and his Democrat cronies have used this claim for months and months to demonize Republicans and push tax legislation.

Are we supposed to just believe them?  Take what they say on faith?  That's not operable.  Unlike the Accomplice Media, some of us like to see actual evidence of political claims.

How can these people call themselves journalists?  How can they even face themselves in the mirror?


Ken Berwitz

If anyone can turn Newark around, Mayor Booker can.  He is a young, fresh, dynamic Democrat (in the party of Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Clyburn, Conyers, etc. etc. et. what a refreshing change that is), and a doer rather than a pontificator.

Newark is lucky to have him. 

I wrote that assessment of Newark Mayor Cory Booker in my blog of October 30, 2010.

Now, let's fast-forward to yesterday.  From we have this:

NEWARK Newark Mayor Cory Booker was taken to a hospital Thursday night for treatment of smoke inhalation he suffered trying to rescue his next-door neighbors from their burning house.


"I just grabbed her and whipped her out of the bed," Booker said in recounting the fire. Booker told The Star-Ledger he also suffered second-degree burns on his hand.


The fire started in a two-story building on Hawthorne Avenue in the Upper Clinton Hill neighborhood, shortly before the mayor arrived home after a television interview with News 12 New Jersey.


Five people were taken to the hospital for treatment: the mayor, a woman from the house and three members of his security detail. The woman was listed in stable condition at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston with burns to her back and neck.


Booker left his home shortly after 6 a.m. this morning to make an appearance on the CBS Morning Show in New York.

I'm no expert on Newark.  But the city seems to be in the middle of a serious revitalization.  And Cory Booker seems to be spearheading it.

Add to that the quality of the man -- believe me, this was no stunt, no staged event; by all accounts Mr. Booker's only concern was saving another human being -- and what do you have?  It seems pretty evident that what you have is a true class act.

Let me repeat what I said a year and a half ago:  Newark is lucky to have Cory Booker.

And Chris Christie better be looking long and hard over his shoulder come next Gubernatorial election.


Ken Berwitz

Visitor logs show that Hilary Rosen has been to the White House 35 times since Barack Obama took office, including at least 5 meetings with Mr. Obama himself.  That is almost once every month.

Jay Carney, yesterday, on Hilary Rosen's access to the White House, from

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney tried to downplay Hilary Rosen's frequent visits to White House today, responding to a question of how many times the Democratic adviser with ties to the Obama campaign has visited the White House stating I know three, personally, women named Hilary Rosen... I have not seen her here very frequently.

Jay Carney knows three women named Hilary Rosen?  I doubt that there are 25 women by that name in the entire country -- probably a lot fewer --  and Jay Carney personally knows 3 of them? 

How many Hilary Rosens have you ever met in your life?  I'm 66 years old and the next one I meet will be the first.  

Jay Carney has not seen Hilary Rosen at the White House very frequently -- when she's their almost once a month? 

These are the kind of lies - obvious, overt lies - a man like Jay Carney tells when he is certain the media will not call him out on what a liar he is.  And, as is painfully clear, he is absolutely right in his certainty.

I use the term Accomplice Media a lot in here.  This is why.

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