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Ken Berwitz

This would be laughable --  if it were not so pathetic and did not so clearly demonstrate how easily voter fraud can be accomplished without requiring a valid ID.

Excerpted from this remarkable article at

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has declared that there is no proof that in-person voter fraud is a problem. He's about to see proof that even he can't deny.

In a new video provided to, James OKeefes Project Veritas demonstrates why Holder should stop attacking voter ID laws--by walking into Holders voting precinct and showing the world that anyone can obtain Eric Holders primary ballot. Literally.

The video shows a young man entering a Washington, DC polling place at 3401 Nebraska Avenue, NW, on primary day of this year--April 3, 2012--and giving Holders name and address. The poll worker promptly offers the young man Holders ballot to vote. 

The young man then suggests that he should show his ID; the poll worker, in compliance with DC law, states: You dont need it. Its all right. As long as youre in here, youre on our list, and thats who you say you are, youre okay. 

That, folks, is so clear that even a member of the Brennan Institute for Social Justice would have trouble explaining it away (though I have no doubt it will act like the soros-funded left wing mouthpiece itis, and try).

Thank you James O'Keefe and the Project Veritas people, for again exposing what lying phonies politicians and left wing activists are when  they claim voter fraud is virtually nonexistent.

Thank you, (and the other web sites interested in disseminating reality rather than partisan BS), for putting it out so everyone can see.

And shame beyond belief to the so-called mainstream media, any one of which could have done exactly the same thing at polling locations throughout the country and gotten exactly the same result, but chose not to on behalf of Attorney General eric holder and the other lying phonies in this woeful administration. 

Let me say it again, as I have so many times before:  Requiring a valid voter ID prevents only one group from voting:  illegal voters. 

It does not prevent old people from voting.  It does not prevent students from voting.  It does not prevent racial minorities from voting. 

It prevents illegal voters from voting.  The end.  Period.

No wonder Obama & Co. are so against it.


UPDATE:  We have a response from the eric holder-led Department of Justice.  If anything, it is more disturbing than how easily the voter fraud was accomplished.

According to Ben Shapiro of, a DOJ official said, so help me:

Its no coincidence that these so-called examples of rampant voter fraud consistently turn out to be manufactured ones.

I almost fell off my seat when I read that.  OF COURSE the examples are manufactured ones, you incomparable dolt.  The people who are actually committing voter fraud do not go public with how easy it was afterwards.  They just vote vote fraudulently.  And they can do so as easily as James O'Keefe's people can, for exactly the same reason:  if no one checks, there is no way to find the fraud.

The Department of Justice under eric holder is more than just a disgrace. It is an owned and operated subsidiary of Obama, Inc. 

And our so-called media, which have looked the other way time and again and again on behalf of holder and Obama, are not journalists.  They are accomplices.

free` Why don't Republican groups just fight fire with fire? If the D's have figured it out surely the R's can. (04/10/12)


Ken Berwitz

Vice Presidentially speaking, this is the silly season.  It is when just about every politician anyone ever had a good (or bad) word to say about is written up as a potential Vice Presidential nominee.

I usually just laugh them off, which is why you have seen so little about VP picks in this blog.  But now that - as chronicled by's Tina Korbe - Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, and most recently Nikki Haily, have floated Florida Rep. Allen West's name as a possible running mate for Mitt Romney, I feel I have to say something.

As regular readers know, I have enormous respect for Allen West.  He is a self-made man, a career military man from a military family, who spent years "in the line of fire", deployed in Iraq, and rose to the rank of Lt. Colonel.  After retiring from the Army, Mr. West was briefly a high school teacher, then was a civilian advisor in Afghanistan.  Academically, he holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee, a master's degree in political sckience from Kansas State University, and a master of military arts and sciences degree from the Army's Command and General Staff Officer College.

Are you impressed?  Very impressed?  I certainly would hope so.

But a Vice President is one heartbeat away from the Presidency of the United States.  And as impressive as those credentials are, they do not qualify him to run the country.

Politically, Allen West is a first-term member of the house of representatives, who has spent about 1 1/4 years in office - and, due to redistricting, stands a very good chance of being voted out in November. 

That's it.  That is Allen West's entire political career.  Does it qualify him to be next in line for the Presidency?  Obviously not.  Not even remotely close.

Rep. West barely has had time to learn how it all works, what the protocols are, or even where the men's rooms are, let alone accumulate the body of knowledge that would put him in contention for higher office.

Liking Rep. West, supporting most of his views, and respecting his non-political career is one thing.  Putting him into a Vice Presidential candidacy because of it is quite another.

The fit is not there.  It would be a huge mistake.

Chris I agree 100%. West is good man and a credit to his District....but he's not ready. (04/10/12)

Zeke ..... ..... Don't like Allen West for Vice President ? ? ? .... How about for President -- he has more in his resume than the current office holder. .... .... (04/09/12)

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