Monday, 02 April 2012


Ken Berwitz

Just a quick note, regarding the Democrats who have been screaming for weeks now about those @^&#ing Republicans and how they were responsible for Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law which, they claim, gave George Zimmerman license to kill Trayvon Martin.

When "Stand Your Ground" went before Florida's state senate in 2005, it was approved by a vote of 39 - 0, with one member not present.

In other words, every Democrat in Florida's state senate voted for it.  No different than Republicans.  If you eliminated all Republican votes "Stand Your Grond" would have passed unanimously anyway.

What does this mean?  It means that the Democrats who ignore this fact to attack Republicans are blatantly misinforming the public so they can politically demagogue "Stand Your Ground" - and further inflame racial tensions in the bargain.

If you are as troubled by this as I am, I suggest you remember who they are.  Especially on election day.

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