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Ken Berwitz

In case you were wondering if NBC and MSNBC are sincere in their effort to get the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman story right....

I just checked MSNBC's home page.  And it has a picture of Trayvon Martin on it.

Guess which one?

Yep, you guessed it.  The "red shirt" picture of an angelic Trayvon Martin from years ago.   

Trayvon Martin case: Justice Department could bring hate crime charge

Not the 6 foot-plus Trayvon Martin who liked to wear a 'grille' (gold teeth), gangsta-thug style - i.e. the Trayvon Martin that George Zimmerman saw.  Has anyone checked to find out if his "grille" was in when Zimmerman confronted him?

Trayvon Martin Twitter

NBC is pathetic.  Its news people ought to be ashamed of themselves....assuming they have any capacity for shame that is.


Ken Berwitz

Here, folks, is a sampling of what the DSCC (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee) has sent out to current and former contributors over just this weekend, in the hope that it will raise more cash for Obama & Co. 

In reading these excerpts, please remember that a) they are only a small part if what is being pumped out by this crew, and b) it is a sampling of only three days' worth. 

Enjoy the "civility":

From Senator John Kerry:

I'll cut to the chase: If we dont hit our goal before Saturdays midnight FEC deadline, we may give the Republicans the tiny advantage they need to snatch the Senate away from you.
But we know too well that polling in March wont matter a bit in November if Republicans spend a tidal wave of Koch Brothers cash clouding the truth with the lies and smears that have been the GOP trademark for as long as you and I can remember.
Trust me -- it works. And this time it could cost us the Senate. Believe me. I know firsthand. And I'm not willing to turn back the clock to the days when the Senate was a rubber stamp for Republican extremism.
We know what the Republicans do when they think they can get away with it. They find a few radical right-wing millionaires to bankroll TV ads and smear campaigns that tear down Democrats.
Your contribution before Saturdays
midnight deadline is vitally important. We have to be able to respond to the dirty tricks and the outright lies so we can re-elect President Obama and defend our majority.


From (DSCC Executive Director) Guy Cecil:



This month, the GOP wants to end health care reform through the Supreme Court. Next month, they will use SuperPACs to launch multi-million dollar attacks against it, President Obama and Democratic candidates.
In 72 hours, we will know if we are on track to be able to defend the president and Democratic candidates: either we will have enough money, or we wont. If we do, we will take them on in every battleground state. If we dont, our voice will be smothered under a wave of disgusting ads trashing President Obama and every Democrat on the ticket. 

From Senator Patty Murray


Dear Arleen - Senator Kerry cut to the chase below. If we don't make our fundraising goal in 48 hours, we could be handing the White House and Senate to the Republicans. On April 1, our totals will determine whether Democrats have the money to stop them.

Last night, the House voted to end the Violence Against Women Act. This is just the latest example of what we will no longer be able to stop if Republicans take over the Senate. Rove and his cohorts only need to swing four seats to make it happen, and we expect an unprecedented flood of attack ads hitting battleground states in April. We need $1 million this month, and we're about 70% of the way there. I'm asking if you could please help with $5 right now. We have 48 hours to fight back.



From (DSCC Director of Online Communications) Jason Rosenbaum:

The question is this: Will you help Democrats raise this last $305,000 before this critical FEC deadline in 48 hours? If the answer is no, Karl Roves SuperPAC ads will air next month without a response from Democrats. That would cause enough damage to Democratic candidates to hand four Senate seats to the Republicans, and turn the Senate into Eric Cantors rubber stamp factory.

From Guy Cecil again:

just want to make sure President Clintons message doesnt get lost in your inbox. He said it exactly right. If we miss this FEC fundraising goal in 24 hours, the Republicans divide-and-conquer tactics could cost us the White House and Senate. Our fundraising totals on April 1 will determine if we have the resources to compete with Karl Roves SuperPAC operation. Were only $140,000 short of the $1.3 million we need this month to stop them. Can you help with $5 right now?

Just this week the House voted to pass the Ryan budget and to end the Violence Against Women Act. These are just the latest examples of the terrible legislation we cant stop if Democrats lose the Senate. If they swing just four seats, government will once again be the playground of Karl Rove and his cronies. Don't wait -- stand with President Clinton and the DSCC right now.


From Bill Clinton:

Democrats know that turning an economy around takes real leadership and a true commitment to the middle class.

Sadly, he's up against opponents who have no interest in helping do the hard work. They'd rather divide
America than lead it. Just look at what's happening now -- are we really supposed to believe that women's rights are getting in the way of job creation?

But these divide-and-conquer tactics have won them elections before, and if we're going to protect Democrats in 2012, we need to fight back before it's too late.

And the special interests are going to come at us with every nasty trick in the book, spending as much as $500 million to beat President Obama and take the Senate.

Without fired-up Democrats, wed still have insurance companies in charge of our health care. Our auto industry would be done for. Medicare and Social Security would be gone. And we wouldnt have the Democratic Senate firewall that is currently keeping these anti-woman policies from becoming law.

From Senator Al Franken

Now throw this into the equation. Karl Rove and his pals are ready to spend $500 million attacking President Obama and the Democrats before November. And the DSCC the only organization solely devoted to fighting back and keeping the Senate blue is $90,000 short of its fundraising goal, with just 15 hours left before the deadline.

You dont need to be a math genius like me to see that President Obama and the Democrats need help.  Your help. By which I mean your money. Please click here to give $5 or $10 and help the DSCC reach its $90,000 goal before midnight tonight!

Democrats are facing a real algebra problem.

X = President Romney. Y = a Republican Senate. X + Y = Z. Solve for Z.

Z could mean the end of Medicare as we know it. Z could mean outrageous restrictions on womens access to health care. Z could mean more giveaways for corporations that ship our jobs overseas and nothing left over to help the middle class.

But theres one variable that equation doesnt account for: You. (
Not U. You, the person reading this email.) Your contribution to the DSCC will help us fight back against the far right, defend President Obama and the Democrats, and stop a Republican agenda so radical, you could say its irrational. (Get it?)

If all Democrats needed to re-elect President Obama and keep our Senate majority was a single Senator who could prove the Pythagorean Theorem in less than five minutes, I could save the day all by myself. Ive actually had daydreams about that.

But, alas, itll take more than elementary geometry to help the DSCC reach its $90,000 goal before Saturday nights deadline. We need your help. By which, again, I mean your money.

(NOTE:  This is supposed to be humorous.  You were supposed to be laughing)


From Guy Cecil Again:

10 hours and $55,000 to keep the Senate. Can Sen. Franken and the DSCC count on your help?


From Senator Patty Murray Again:

We are down to the final few hours before this first FEC deadline of 2012. Falling short would signal to Karl Rove and the Republican SuperPACs that we don't have the resources to defend President Obama and Democratic candidates. We simply can't show that kind of weakness. They would destroy us. 

Missing this goal would put the Republicans one step closer to total control of
Washington -- and the end of Medicare and women's rights as we know them. 

Here's a fun little game for you:  See how many times you can count Karl Rove's name.  And the claim that Republicans are at war with women.  And the claim that they want to end Medicare.  And the claim that they want to end health care.

Remember, folks, this is from emails sent in just the past three days.  And it is only a small portion of the emails:  in the interest of brevity I've left out a lot more. 

Does this look like desperation to you? 

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