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Ken Berwitz

The good news is that, today, we finally have an article from the Associated Press about the extremely (and I do mean extremely) misleading, prejudicial pictures which have relentlessly been shown of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

The bad news is that the Associated Press has published this article three weeks after the Trayvon Martin shooting became a national story, thus long since the impressions these pictures left an indelible mark on the public.

Here is the beginning of the AP story:

When he was shot, Trayvon Martin was not the baby-faced boy in the photo that has been on front pages across the country. And George Zimmerman wasn't the beefy-looking figure in the widely published mugshot.

Both photos are a few years old and no longer entirely accurate. Yet they may have helped shape initial public perceptions of the deadly shooting.

"When you have such a lopsided visual comparison, it just stands to reason that people would rush to judgment," said Kenny Irby, who teaches visual journalism at the Poynter Institute, a journalism think tank in St. Petersburg, Fla.

The most widely seen picture of Martin, released by his family, was evidently taken a few years ago and shows a smiling, round-cheeked youngster in a red T-shirt. But at his death, Martin was 17 years old, around 6 feet tall and, according to his family's attorney, about 140 pounds.

Does that opinion look familiar to you?  Well, if you read this blog it certainly must, because I have been talking about it in maybe a dozen blogs over the past weeks' time.

So how come the AP didn't notice it, or talk about it, until now? 

But wait.  This gets worse.

Further on in the article it is mentioned that the Zimmerman picture is 7 years old, and is a mug shot taken after he was arrested on charges that were subsequently dropped. 

Does Zimmerman have a negative look in the picture?  You're damn right he does:  how would you look if you were just arrested for something that turned out to be nothing worth pursuing by the police?  The article then notes that there is a more recent picture of Mr. Zimmerman, smiling and in nice clothing, which would have left a much different impression.

The AP also mentions that there is a later picture of Trayvon Martin "with gold teeth" (unmentioned is a second picture of Martin with an insolent look and upraised middle finger). 

But what's the difference, since the AP claims it cannot verify the picture and doesn't bother to show it, as it doesn't bother to show the newer picture of George Zimmerman, in this article.

FYI:  both pictures were taken from Trayvon Martin's own twitter page, but the AP somehow cannot figure out how to substantiate them.  Isn't that remarkable?

Even more remarkable is that this - at least ostensibly - is an article which is supposed to bring us up to speed on what Martin and Zimmerman really looked like that day.  Yet the only pictures it shows are the ones that it is telling us are years out of date, and not at all descriptive of the two men.

Is it just me, or does this article seem a lot less FYI than it does CYA? 

What a waste of time.  And what a joke.  . 

It is time to be journalists again.  SHOW THE NEWER PICTURES


Ken Berwitz

For over a month now, we have been treated to the saga of sandra fluke - the orchestrated journey of  - as reported by a breathless media  - a "23 year old struggling law school student" who, in reality, turned out to be a 30 year old professional left wing activist with access to $59,000 a year for her Georgetown U law studies, and a boyfriend - Adam "Cutey Pants" Mutterperl (that's his description, not mine) - from a fabulously rich left-wing family who takes her on jaunts around the world.

During that time, I have been shown maybe a dozen mailings from the Democrat Party using the fluke fraud as a basis for claiming that Republicans are waging a "war against women".  Regular readers know that I have put several of them up in this blog.

But I am here to tell you that, this conjured-up claim notwithstanding, there really is a political war on women.  It is a war on conservative women and it is being waged by Democrats - even as their Accomplice Media run interference and barely report on it.

You certainly know about the tidal wave of vitriol that has been tossed at Sarah Palin.  And Michele Bachmann.  And Michelle Malkin.  and so many other women who dare to think differently than the entrenched left.  That is old, but still ongoing, news.

Well, here is one which has emerged since the sandra fluke fraud, that you may not be as aware of. 

Rebecca Kleefisch is the Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin.  Like Governor Scott Walker, she is being subjected to a recall vote.

Excerpted from Michelle Malkin's latest column:

While Democratic femme-a-gogues continue their plaintive wailing about a war on women, Kleefisch has battled vile misogyny from liberal detractors. When lefty Wisconsin radio host John Sly Sylvester accused Kleefisch of performing fellatio on all the talk-show hosts in Milwaukee and sneered that she had pulled a train (a crude phrase for gang sex), feminists remained silent. A former television anchor, small businesswoman and mother of two, Kleefischs quiet work on economic development has reaped untold dividends for the state. But if conservatives who preach the gospel of fiscal conservatism do not act, the profligate progressives vendetta against Wisconsin may result in the first-ever recall of a lieutenant governor in American history.

FYI, Rebecca Kleefisch is a 36 year old mother of two small children - children who, mercifully, may be too young to understand what this scum of the earth said about her.

Tell me:  Is this a tad worse than, say, Rush Limbaugh calling a self-described sex addict (which is what you have to be to need over $1,000 worth of contraception a year when oral contraceptives cost $9 a month and condoms are less than a buck a piece) a "slut" and a "prostitute"? 

Well, this sylvester person said it.  He also made a similarly disgusting comment about Ms. Kleefisch's appearance, based on the fact that she is a colon cancer survivor.

And that's not all.  There is another report that when Ms. Kleefisch's husband walked within earshot of one of the groups supporting her recall, a "young woman' screamed at him that "you're wife's a fucking whore".   Again, this is no problem - not if it comes from the left and is aimed at a conservative woman.

So how are the so-called "women's groups" reacting to this example of open season on one of their own?  Not a peep out of them. 

Anyone who thinks this bunch cares about women needs to seriously rethink:  they care about leftward Democrat women:  the rest can go to hell.

And has john "sly" sylvester apologized for over-the-top language, as Limbaugh did about what he called fluke?  Nope, why should he?  Being a vile left wing hater means never having to say you're sorry.

Meanwhile, in all the Democrat mailings that have been issued over the past month, not one word in any of them to distance the party from this disgusting filth.  Nothing from Patty Murray.  Nothing from Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  Nothing from Nancy Pelosi. 

Evidently it is perfectly ok for the Democrats of Wisconsin to ride the sick attacks on Rebecca Kleefisch, and maybe win an election off of them. 

After all , who will say boo about it?  Certainly not our Accomplice Media.

You want to see a war on women?  This is a war on women.  A real one. 

How do you like it?

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