Sunday, 26 February 2012


Ken Berwitz

For whatever it's worth, here are my thoughts (not predictions) -- keeping in mind I haven't seen all the movies::

-Best Picture:  It should be between The Artist, The Help and War Horse.  I go with The Artist because it is so offbeat and courageous. 

Best Director:  I expect it will be Michel Hasanavicius for The Artist - who, apart from deserving the honor, would certainly be the most interestingly-named winner of the night.  But I wouldn't count out Hollywood's beloved icon, Martin Scorcese, for Hugo.  Personally, I'm sort of hoping that Woody Allen will pull off the surprise-win of the night, for his wonderfully entertaining Midnight In Paris.  

-Best Actor:  Jean Dujardin for The Artist, but I wouldn't be unhappy if Brad Pitt snuck in for Moneyball.  I still can't figure out what the hooha is about George Clooney's performance in The Descendants.  It is very good, but, to me, nothing special - and as I have previously written, I thought the movie was wildly overrated.

-Best Actress:  The toughest call of the majors.  Meryl Streep was phenomenal as Margaret Thatcher.  Rooney Mara was great as the girl with the dragon tattoo.  But my heart is with Viola Davis - not just because she was nothing short of fabulous in The Help, but because I thought she should have won a couple of years ago for Doubt.  It would give me a very warm feeling to see her standing up there with that Oscar in hand and thanking the people around her.

-Best Supporting Actor:  I have less familiarity with the movies for Best Supporting Actor than I do for the others.  But I sort of root for Christopher Plummer, because he just celebrated his 117th birthday (ok, I may be off by a few months).  Jonah Hill was excellent in Moneyball and maybe he'll pull it out - though he has lost so much weight since playing the part that, if he does, it will look like someone else is accepting it for him.

-Best Supporting Actress:  Octavia Spencer for The Help.  She was in a class by herself.  The others were terrific, but compared to Ms. Spencer they don't get beyond et cetera.

Let me end by saying my wife and I saw "Gone" last night (along with a theater-full of tweens and teens who giggled and shrieked through the whole thing).  Amanda Seyfried is an excellent actor - too good to have been in this silly, preposterous mess.  But at least she and Emily Wickersham (who played her sister) are easy on the eyes.  Heck, it could have been Rosie O'Donnell and Roseanne Barr -- which, now that I think of it, would have changed the genre from thriller to horror.....

BOBW I liked gone- it was not boring. I am sick and tired of Meyrl Streep promoting herself as as as George Clooney- who cant act at all. best actor phoohey! and as far as Decendents- you talk about a boring insipid movie- that sure was one. I HOPE HORSE WINS- it was a spectacular from titles to credits. (02/26/12)

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