Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Ken Berwitz

Is Mitt Romney, the "Weeble" candidate, doing it again?

A week from today, there will be primaries in Michigan and Arizona.  Here is how things are going in those states:

-Michigan:  Last week PPP (Public Policy Polling) had Rick Santorum ahead of Mr. Romney by a whopping 15%, with 39% to Romney's 24%.  But, this week, that same poll shows Santorum edging Romney 37% to 33%;

-Arizona:  PPP has Romney leading Santorum by 3% in Arizona (36%- 33%).  I can't find PPP data for Arizona from the previous week.  If you can, please post it in "comments" and I'll move it up here).

Add to this the media coverage of gaffes by Santorum and his people (it is something of a national pastime for our media to feature gaffes made by Republicans...while burying the numerous ones made by Mr. Obama and his people) and you may well have Mitt Romney sweeping both states next week.  

If he does, I suspect that Rick Santorum's numbers in other places will, as the Johnny Mathis lyric* says, melt like April snow.

"Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down".  And we may be seeing still another example of this little phenomenon from Mitt Romney.


*I mention Johnny Mathis because he sang those words ("melt my heart like April snow", to be exact) and is therefore most associated with them.  But, in fairness, let me note that the lovely song they came from, "The Twelfth of Never", was written by Jerry Livingson and Paul Francis Webster.  Great job, guys.

WisOldMan Three weeks ago, Newt led with 35% or so nationally, and Santorum was at 15%. They have switched places, almost exactly. Mitt remains at 27-28%. This race is going to go on for months...and if Mitt can't win MI, he's toast. That scenario means Santorum v. Gingrich debates...no poop fights...no smear campaigns...and just think how Obama supporters would view two pro-life Catholics; well spoken, completely informed, speaking for weeks on end about the president that is telling Catholics they'll violate their creed, whether they like it, or not. File under "Dream Scene". :) (02/21/12)

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