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Ken Berwitz

The previous blog talked about a cooked-up issue, meant to divert voters from what they really care about.

This one is a bit different.  I am providing links to a number of stories meant to remind voters of what the polls tell us is most on their minds.  I pulled these from --- and there are plenty more as well:

Iran cuts oil to some countries (thus causing them to run up the international price by trying to buy oil from other sources)


Saudi Arabia CUTS Oil Output...

Oil prices hit 9-month high...


Gas prices highest ever for this time of year...

$4.93 in Los Angeles...

Already, talk of summer 'staycations'...

For three years President Obama has moved heaven and earth to make sure we utilize as little of our vast oil reserves as possible.  No ANWR drilling.  No more offshore drilling (though he was perfectly willing to subsidize Brazil's drilling --- done by a company that george soros has a major interest in).  Not even the Keystone pipeline, which would enable us to more easily and inexpensively get oil from our friendly next-door neighbor Canada.

Instead, Mr. Obama, through his politically-compromised Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, has pumped billions of dollars into so-called "Green" energy companies which - amazing coincidence here - are disproportionately owned and/or invested in by big-time Obama supporters.  And which, not incidentally, are going bankrupt one after the other. 

In short, we are more in the hole energy-wise now than we were at the start of this disastrous administration, but Obama $$$ contributors are making fortunes on the backs of taxpayers.

One other thing.  Regarding the claim which is continually made by President Obama and his operatives that we have only 2 - 3% of the world's oil reserves?  It is a lie.  Every time they say it they are lying. 

Their lie is based on a fact that most people seem unaware of, and most of our wonderful "neutral" media seem intent on keeping them unaware of:  the fact that the only oil reserves counted in that statistic are the ones we are currently exploring.  

In other words:

-Because we are not drilling in ANWR, none of the ANWR oil is being counted. 

-Wherever offshore drilling has been denied, none of the oil in those areas is being counted. 

-Since no shale oil is being extracted from the upper midwest (where some estimates suggest we have three times the amount of oil as Saudi Arabia), none of the shale oil is being counted.

That is how they lie to us.  Openly, blatantly.....and, obviously, with great confidence that their Accomplice Media will not tell citizens the truth. 

Sadly, this is one of the few things they are right about.


Ken Berwitz

Unless you have spent the last several weeks on a NASA moon mission, it is a pretty good bet that you have heard the name Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin is an NBA player, for the New York Knicks, and a graduate of Harvard university (not your typical source of NBA talent).  Just a couple of weeks ago, the Knicks picked him up as little more than a warm body to fill in a few minutes here and there.  But, much to everyone's amazement, he has played like an all-star.

Lin's scoring, and assists are largely responsible for the the Knicks going from second-division quality play to winning most of their games.

The racism angle comes in because Jeremy Lin is ancestrally Chinese.  And a couple of geniuses at ESPN decided it would be a clever idea to use an extremely offensive term for Chinese people when reporting about him.

This led to ESPN viewers being treated to the following visual - which was put up by ESPN editor Anthony Federico:


And the same "chink in the armor" line was used verbally by on-air personality Max Bretos (whose wife, incidentally, is Asian).

The result?  Federico was fired, and Bretos is suspended.

Both men are extremely apologetic - as they should be.  But that does not change the fact that they used an overtly racist slur on the air.  What were they thinking? 

ESPN did the right thing.  Let's hope the network's quick action will stop others from doing the same.  


UPDATE:  I contacted Anthony Federico by email and asked him to respond to what I had written.  He either did not see it (I'm sure he was pretty inundated with email correspondence) or he ignored it. But he did put out a comment/explanation on, which you can read by clicking here.  Take a look, and decide for yourself if it makes any sense.

Zeke ..... correction == that's JIMMY the Greek Snyder --- who took the nickname from the 1920's horseplayer Nick the Greek. (02/20/12)

Zeke .... .... Ya don't wanna offend da fans. ...... Hell, Don Imus could have told 'em that --- or Rush Limbaugh ----- or Nick the Greek. .... All fired because of very mild utterances. (considered mild in the case of Imus, because he is a shock jock). (02/20/12)

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