Friday, 17 February 2012


Ken Berwitz

Have you noticed that Egypt, fast becoming a shari'a law state, is not the only "Arab Spring" country media have decided to stop talking about?  Have you noticed that they are not talking about Libya either?

Maybe this is the reason why, as excerpted from a welcome exception to the rule, an unbylined article at

CNN) -- Armed militias in Libya are committing human rights abuses with impunity, threatening to destabilize the country and hindering its efforts to rebuild, Amnesty International said Thursday.


Militias have tortured detainees, targeted migrants and displaced entire communities in revenge attacks, according to a report the organization released a year after the start of popular uprisings that eventually ended Moammar Gadhafi's 42-year rule.


"Hundreds of armed militias, widely hailed in Libya as heroes for their role in toppling the former regime, are largely out of control," the report says.


Detainees at 10 facilities used by militia in central and western Libya told representatives from Amnesty International this year that they had been tortured or abused. Several detainees said they confessed to crimes they had not committed in order to stop the torture, Amnesty International said.


At least 12 detainees held by militias have died after being tortured since September, the human rights organization said, adding that authorities have not effectively investigated the torture allegations.


"A year ago Libyans risked their lives to demand justice," Donatella Rovera, a senior crisis response adviser at Amnesty, said in a statement. "Today their hopes are being jeopardized by lawless armed militias who trample human rights with impunity. The only way to break with the entrenched practices of decades of abuse under (Gadhafi's) authoritarian rule is to ensure that nobody is above the law and that investigations are carried out into such abuses."


Libyan officials could not be immediately reached for comment.

Funny thing:  when we were bombing Libya and qadaffi was on the run, you could not find time enough in the day to read/see/hear all the stories about how the "Arab Spring" was in full bloom and what a great foreign policy triumph this was turning into for President Obama. 

But now that qadaffi is dead, and what is taking his place not only is no better but arguably might wind up being even worse (let's not forget those al-qaeda flags flying in various places throughout the country) there is more news about new developments in the Lindbergh kidnapping than in how Libya is turning out. 

The truth is that, like Egypt, this foreign policy "triumph" is an utter disaster.  And, in Libya's case, one that was facilitated by US dollars and US bombs.

So why do you suppose media - other than CNN and a relatively few others - have pushed it right off the end of the earth news-wise? 

How can they call themselves journalists?  How can they even face themselves in the mirror?

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