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Ken Berwitz

In 1971 Hasbro came up with a pre-school children's toy called the Weeble.  It consists of a series of egg-shaped characters that, because of their shape, always stay upright.  As their advertising jingle says, "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down"

I was reminded of Weebles yesterday, when Mitt Romney - his campaign again on the verge of a collapse - managed to win both the Maine caucuses and, maybe a lot more significantly, a straw poll of CPAC members. 

Mr. Romney did not win the caucus or the straw poll by a lot.  But he won.  And that still means he got more than anyone else did.

Does Mr. Romney's campaign for the Republican nomination wobble?  Yes it does, continuously.  But, at least so far, it has not fallen down.  Which is more than Bachmann, Huntsman, Cain, Perry and, maybe this time, fellow wobbler Gingrich can say.

Next stop:  Michigan and Arizona on February 28th.

Zeke ..... ..... ...... In words of four letters: ..... RINO ...... ..... ..... ..... ... PS: the dimo-critters will not cut rinos any slack because they rolled over and tried to play nice. .... .... The frustration is felt by "conservatives" ... or ... "those (who hold pre-1965 values of belief in America, competing in the marketplace, etc" ..... .... in the face of a tilted playing field administered by liars ..... ( no, it's not a QUOTA, it's merely a goal .... with heavy penalties if you don't reach the quota .... uhhhh .... goal). (02/12/12)


Ken Berwitz

This blog is not easy to write.  I have been a fan of Tony Bennett's singing for many, many years - and I greatly respect his extraordinary talent as an artist as well.

But Mr. Bennett, sad to say, doesn't restrict himself to singing and painting.  He is a lunatic-fringe left winger who, based on the past few months, seems intent on making his legacy of incredibly stupid comments more prominent than his music and art.

Last September, Mr. Bennett had to contritely apologize for saying that the USA caused the 9/11 attacks.  That's right, he really did say that.

Excerpted from a CBS News report:

In a statement issued late Tuesday, according to, Bennett said, "There is simply no excuse for terrorism and the murder of the nearly 3,000 innocent victims of the 9/11 attacks on our country. My life experiences -- ranging from the Battle of the Bulge (in World War II) to marching with Martin Luther King -- made me a lifelong humanist and pacifist, and reinforced my belief that violence begets violence and that war is the lowest form of human behavior.

"I am sorry if my statements suggested anything other than an expression of my love for my country, my hope for humanity and my desire for peace throughout the world."

While promoting his new album of duets, "Duets II," on Stern's radio show, Bennett asserted that the U.S. was responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, D.C.

And now we have this equally incredible comment from Bennett at the Clive Davis "party" (which, in actuality, turned into a condolence call), just hours after the body of Whitney Houston was discovered. 

Excerpted from an article at

Speaking just hours after the passing of Whitney Houston, legendary singer Tony Bennett said he feels with the rash of celebrity deaths recently ... it's time to legalize drugs. 

Bennett performed at the Beverly Hilton last night Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party, in an evening dedicated to Houston. Bennett told the crowd, "First it was Michael Jackson, then Amy Winehouse, now the magnificent Whitney Houston.  Let's legalize drugs, like Amsterdam, it's a very sane city now."

Unbelievable, but true.  Tony Bennett used the drug-related death of Michael Jackson, the drug-related death of Amy Winehouse, and now what quite possibly is the drug-related death of Whitney Houston, to plea for......legalizing drugs. 

Hey, why not?  Then everyone can join in the fun.

Personally, I am conflicted about legalizing some drugs under some circumstances - particularly marijuana.  I can make a case for both sides.

But would I ever exploit the death of three performers with significant drug problems which either caused or contributed to their deaths - one of whom had just died a few hours ago - to argue for legalization?  Does it even make any sense to use these deaths as an argument for legalization?  Not in a million years.  It is roughly the equivalent of citing three drunk drivers who caused fatal accidents to argue that bars should be able to sell more drinks before cutting people off.

Tony Bennett will be 86 years old this August.  Is it possible that these comments are a sign of senility?  Dementia?  Or is he just an idiot?

I don't know which it is.  So I don't know whether to pity Mr. Bennett or be outraged by him.  But either way, I wish that - other than singing, of course - he would just shut the hell up.


Ken Berwitz

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Helluva spring.

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