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Ken Berwitz

To say that Donald Trump and MSNBC show host Lawrence O'Donnell do not like each other is like saying that Chris Christie and Anthony Weiner are shaped a little differently.

Not surprisingly, therefore, they have exchanged words about each other here and there. 

I thought you might like to see Donald Trump's most recent salvo, via something called

"Lawrence O'Donnell will soon have another cancelled show to go along with his three cancelled TV series, "Mister Sterling", "The Kill Point" and "First Monday". @lawrence is a poor man's Ed Schultz (who replaced @Lawrence) and Al Sharpton. He was moved to 10PM due to bad ratings and taken off Friday due to being totally irrelevant. He desperately needs to keep making up false statements about me to get attention. Without clips of me, his show would be completely dead and he knows it. As I have said many times before @Lawrence is the dumbest man on television. He is only angry because I would never have wasted my time doing his completely irrelevant show.

The poor man's Ed Schultz and al sharpton?  Now that's insulting.

One can only imagine how Mr. O'Donnell will answer (actually, since this was tweeted yesterday, maybe he already has).


Ken Berwitz

Last year our wonderful "neutral" media could not report enough about the "Arab Spring" and how much its great tidal wave of freedom and democracy was due to President Obama's actions - most especially his involvement in forcing Hosni Mubarak out in Egypt. 

Remember how Egypt's transformation was going to herald a great new era in the Arab world, brought to us by Barack Obama, and the western-educated twitter and facebook fans in Tahrir Square?

Well, Read the following excerpts from a report at, and see if you can guess why media do not report much about the "Arab Spring" anymore:

Egypt: Muslims attempt to purge village near Alexandria of its Christian population


On particularly prominent display here is the use of the Orwellian "reconciliation meetings," where "reconciliation" depends in practice on Christians' giving into whatever demands are imposed on them. "Alexandria: forced eviction of 62 Coptic families by the Salafis," from AsiaNews, February 9:


Cairo (AsiaNews / Agencies) - The radical Muslims are trying to empty a village near Alexandria of its Coptic population - 62 families, on the basis of unfounded allegations against a Copt. The Copts of Kobry-el-Sharbat (el-Amerya) were attacked on Jan. 27 by a crowd of some three thousand Muslims led by Salafi leaders who set fire to the Copts houses and shops. The violence were sparked by the allegations of a barber Muslim Toemah, who claimed that a Coptic tailor of 34, Samy Mourad Guirgis, had "illegal" photos of a Muslim woman on his cell phone. Mourad has denied the charges, and turned himself in to police in fear of his life. The Muslims set fire to his house and his shop, and his whole family was forced to leave the village. Mourad is still under police custody.

Since then there have been three "reconciliation meetings" in the police headquarters in el-Amerya, attended by representatives of the Coptic Church, the Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood. According to police, the woman concerned has denied the whole story, and no compromising photos of any kind were found Mourads cell phone. But radical Muslims argue that "Muslim honor has been damaged," and at the first meeting, they refused any type of compensation for the Copts who were innocent victims of their violence.

On 30 January a crowd of Muslims attacked the village of Kobry- el-Sharbat for the second time, setting fire to three Christian homes, under the eyes of the security forces. Following this Islamic representatives have requested that a wealthy Coptic merchant, Soliman, be expelled from the village, accusing him and his sons of having fired into the air while their house was being burned. The family of the merchant denies that there were gunshots, and no one was injured. The police, however, has issued an arrest warrant for Solimans sons.

On 1st February in a "reconciliation meeting" demands were made for a number of Coptic families to be expelled from the village and the forced sale of Solimans assets, under the supervision of the Salafist Sheikh Sherif el-Hawary. Otherwise Kobry el-Sharbat would be attacked again, and the Coptic houses completely burned. Soliman signed the agreement, defined by father Boktor, who was present at the time, "a complete injustice." Soliman agreed only to avoid further damage to the Copts. Magdy Khalil, head of Middle East Freedom Forum, said that "reconciliation meetings" were totally illegal, and that the complicity of Egyptian authorities is obvious and urged Copts to return to their homes. "If we accept this, we will open the door to an avalanche of forced evictions." And forced deportation is a crime under international law. 

Let's review: 

-There are 62 Coptic Christian families being burned out of a village, because one member of one of the families is accused of having "illegal" pictures of a Muslim woman on his cell phone - pictures that no one could produce;

 - During one of the attacks - which the "authorities" were perfectly happy to allow - a second Coptic Christian was accused of firing into the air - presumably to stop Islamist fanatics from torching his home.  

Let's suppose both allegations are true.  What does any of this have to do with Coptic Christians in general?  Why would anyone accuse or attack any other Coptic Christian but the man with the telephone (that didn't have the pictures) and the guy who fired warning shots to stop his home from being destroyed?  Do Muslims commit crimes?  When they do, does it mean that all Muslims must be attacked?

This is what Egypt is degenerating into.  This is what the authorities are allowing. 

This is the vaunted "Arab Spring" our media were so happy to use as a sellling point for Barack Obama - until it become obvious even to them that it was not an "Arab Spring" at all, but a catastrophe in progress.

Are you surprised that mainstream media have largely stopped reporting on what is happening in Egypt?  That they do not question the decisions made by Barack Obama and his administration regarding Egypt - e.g. demanding Hosni Mubarak's ouster - which led to this sorry state?

I certainly hope not.  Because, lamentably, this is not surprising at all.  It is what we have come to expect from a large segment of our media.  So why would we be surprised in the least when they bury the story and protect Barack Obama from the horrific consequences of his position regarding Egypt?

What ever happened to honest journalism?  How did one side manage to co-opt so much of what used to be an honorable profession and turn it into little more than partisan propaganda?

Can we ever get it back?

Zeke ..... ...... .... The Christians of Bethlehem have similarly been harassed and attacked to drive them away from a city that has been their home for 2100 years. ..... ..... Bethlehem, in the past two decades, has gone from being a Christian city to being a majority Muslim one. .... .... Threats, beatings, theft, and rape are typical tactics. .... ..... .... (02/10/12)

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