Friday, 03 February 2012


Ken Berwitz

If you didn't read this stuff you would never believe it.

Elizabeth Warren, left wing academic, candidate for the US Senate from Massachussets, and self-proclaimed root of the "Occupy" movement, has informed the world that she is not rich.

Ms. Warren's estimated net worth is $14.5 million dollars.  But she is not rich.  Let me know when you stop laughing and I'll continue.......

.......finished now?  Wiped the tears from your eyes?  Your sides are starting to hurt less?  Ok, let's continue.

Howie Carr has a column about this in today's Boston Herald.  I suggest you use the link I've provided, read it, and enjoy the combination of laughter and outrage it will elicit.  But, for now, let me tease you with a few excerpts:

There's something about Democrat Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren that reminds me of Granny Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies. Shes younger, I know, and her face isnt as emaciated. But shes got the same hair and glasses. And they both wander around perpetually grumpy, Granny C with her squirrel rifle, Granny W with her law books both utterly oblivious to how fabulously wealthy they are.

This latest brouhaha came on, where else, MSNBC, where she was talking to Comrade Laurence ODonnell:

I realize there are some wealthy individuals Im not one of them but some wealthy individuals who have a lot of stock portfolios.

Her flack elaborated: She does not have a broad portfolio of stocks in individual companies.

What she has is a broad portfolio of mutual funds which have a broad portfolio of stocks in individual companies.

The estimates are that Granny Warrens overall net worth is $14.5 million, not bad considering that according to her TV ads she began life swaddled in a gunny sack in the back of Ma and Pa Joads pickup truck, fleeing the Dust Bowl.

Its unfortunate that the remnants of the Occupy Wall Street movement are too stoned to read the financial disclosure statements that Senate candidates like Granny Warren have to file. Because they might be protesting outside her mansion, 

Scott Brown lives in Wrentham, Granny Warren lives in Cambridge. Shes the poor one, got that?

If Elizabeth Warren lived in a rabbit warren, maybe someone would believe her BS about not being wealthy.  But multi-million dollar digs in Cambridge?  You don't pay for that with rabbit pellets.  Nor does a big-time mutual funds portfolio pay dividends in carrots.

As we relentlessly hear about how obtuse and out of touch another Massachusetts politician is - fella named Romney - it is good to remember that he ain't the only one.

What's going on up there?  Maybe it's those chemical vapors wafting out of the Charles River.........

Zeke .... .... You can't spell "LIBERAL" without L I E. .... ..... (02/03/12)


Ken Berwitz

Michelle Malkin's latest column is titled "Jim Moran, racist pig."    I was going to blog about his comments regarding Alan West today, but Ms. Malkin has done it so well that there is no need.   

In my opinion, the only thing wrong with this piece is that, when enumerating the seemingly countless other examples of what a sack of manure Moran is, Michelle left out his pathological hatred of Israel.  That should have been in there too. 

I will not put up any excerpts from the column, in the hope that it will spur you to use the link and read every word.  Please do.

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