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Ken Berwitz

As readers know, I thought President Obama's state of the union message was very well written, and would result in a good-sized, albeit short-term, boost in his approval ratings.

It was pointed out by personal acquaintances, and some (obviously not a great many) in the media, that a lot of what he said was same-old same-old stuff.  Which, of course, is true:  with so few actual accomplishments, Mr. Obama could not give a "we have done......" speech, so he was reduced to giving another "we should be doing......." speech.

But little did I realize just how much of a rehash it actually was. 

My sister just sent me this compilation, put together by the Republican National Committee, which brings it home so clearly that even an Obama supporter would have to cringe. 

Click here, take a look, and see for yourself.

You have to laugh.  Or shake your head in amazement.  Or something.


Ken Berwitz

Today, we are told, Newt Gingrich will be endorsed by Donald Trump.*** 

Does it mean his campaign will be infused with a lot of new money?  If Trump opens his wallet, the answer is yes.

Does it mean that people around the country will be saying "If Newt Gingrich is good enough for Donald Trump, he's good enough for me"?  Or "Who cares?"  Or "If that guy is for Gingrich I'm not"?

I can't speak for anyone else.  But, to me, Mr. Trump's endorsement (again, absent the $$$ he might supply) is pure pyrite.  Donald Trump promotes exactly one entity:  Donald Trump.  The end, case closed. 

If Mr. Trump endorses Mr. Gingrich today, both men will be very happy and both men will get a lot of publicity out of it.  But, most of all it will make Trump happy, as he uses that publicity to make the rounds of national TV shows and talk about how important his decision is. 

And you can bet that the media will be more than happy to have Mr. Trump on, to lick up everything he spills their way.  (A media so in love with quotable sound bites that they have been willing to prop up someone as contemptible as al sharpton all these years, will certainly do the same for Donald Trump). 

But, Trump's massive ego and media's massive capacity for sucking up to him aside, what value would a Trump endorsement really provide to Newt Gingrich? 

Suppose a polling organization asked this two-part question of people who are aware of Donald Trump:

Part A:  Which of these three statements comes closest to describing your opinion of Donald Trump?

-He is very knowledgable and very influential politically. 

-He is very successful in business and in self-promotion, but not politics. 

-He is a rich man who thinks that wealth makes his political opinions more important than they really are/

Part B:  What effect would Donald Trump's endorsement of a political candidate have on you?  Would it....

-make you more likely to vote for that candidate

-have no effect on your vote, or 

-make you less likely to vote for that candidate?

How do you think the results would turn out?  

That's something Mr. Gingrich should be thinking long and hard about if/when he gets an endorsement from Mr. Trump.

All that glitters is not gold.


***As of 1:45PM Eastern Time, it is no longer clear whether Trump is endorsing Gingrich or Romney......or maybe someone else or no one at all.

I said it before and I'll say it again:  Donald Trump's interest is Donald Trump.  You can stop right there.  This ludicrous media frenzy over who he will endorse, as if it means anything to voters, is exactly what he wanted, and what he is almost certainly having orchestrated on his behalf.

To the candidate, if any, who gets Trump's endorsement:  beware.  He couldn't care less about you.

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