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Ken Berwitz

Are President Obama and his disgraceful toady sock-puppet of an Attorney General, eric holder, intentionally trying to invent a race war to get Mr. Obama re-elected?

Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski seem to think so.  And they have plenty of evidence to back it up.  

Here are a few excerpts from their commentary at See for yourself:

Eric Holders Department of Justice (DOJ) has launched an all-out war on voter-ID laws and other measures designed to safeguard the electoral process. Although Holders actions are purportedly to prevent African-Americans from being disenfranchised, the reality is that they serve the crass political purpose of ensuring that Holders boss gets re-elected next year.


The clearest example of this trend is through voter-ID laws.


Such laws combat voter fraud that we see on Election Day, especially in certain parts of the nation.


Its not cynical to say this. The 12 or so battleground states that will decide the 2012 presidential election suggest Obamas re-election strategy. These states include Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Missouri. All of these states have large African-American populations.


The African-American community has a staggeringly high unemployment rate under President Obama. So black Americans will not vote for this president because of any prosperity hes brought to that community. Instead, he has to gin up their votes by painting a picture of racial conflict in which he and the governmental agency dealing with such things, DOJ is their champion.


This is also seen in Holders incessant playing of the race card. First he says were a nation of cowards about race. Now that hes on the ropes for DOJs scandalous Operation Fast and Furious gun-running scandal, he has the audacity to say that he and President Obama are being attacked in part because theyre both African-Americans.


Voting is a fundamental right.  But there is another voting right. It is the right not to have your legal vote diluted by fraudulent votes. As we explain in our Yale Law & Policy Review article The Other Voting Right, every invalid vote cancels out one valid vote. Each such cancellation undermines our democratic republic and reduces the legitimacy of election results.  

Is that what Mr. Obama and holder are up to?  Trying to get Black citizens to forget how completely this administration has failed them by concocting a phony "issue" and pretending there is racism involved? 

What an ugly, cynical, dishonest strategy.  How insulting to Black voters.  How insulting to their intelligence and powers of comprehension.  And, lamentably, for some people you can bet that it is going to work. 

Let's hope most are smart enough not to buy what Mr. Obama and holder apparently are selling.

free' I have said for many years now, that the left and especially the Obama administration have not only been trying to start a race war, but also a class war. Their nastiness knows no limits. (01/01/12)


Ken Berwitz

Here, for your reading pleasure, is the latest compaign email from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC).  This one went out under James Carville's name.  Mr. Carville is, of course, known far and wide for his careful avoidance of incivility and overheated political rhetoric.  


Read on and see how delicately he has positioned this reasoned, good-hearted solicitation:


Dear (Recipient),


Listen, what you do on New Years Eve is your business. Get rowdy, dance like a fool I wont judge.
But if you let that ball drop without doing something to keep the GOPs hands off the Senate majority, you just might wake up with one heckuva political hangover.
Thats because this is our last chance to batten down the hatches before Karl Rove and his gang of hyenas come at Elizabeth Warren and the rest of our Democratic candidates with every sleazy attack they can dream up.  
Remember: If Republicans had their way, New Years Day would bring something much worse than a headache a middle-class tax hike.  President Obama and Senate Democrats stopped them.
But with 23 seats to defend and only four seats protecting our majority taking our foot off the gas pedal in the last few hours of 2011 is exactly the kind of mistake that could cost us.
Dont be That Guy (or Girl) who wakes up tomorrow wishing he'd (or she'd) made better decisions. Click here to contribute $5, $10 or more to help the DSCC raise the last $50,000 it needs to beat Rove and the GOP before the midnight deadline!
Right now, weve got ten seats that are pure toss-ups. And if we dont hit our last mark of 2011, we risk letting the GOP gain an edge as 2012 gets underway.
If that happens in just four of those races, guess what the partys over.  Republicans will get to work erasing health care reform, middle class tax cuts even Medicare. And all well have is regrets.
In just a few hours, the books will be closed on 2011. We wont get another shot at this goal. And if youve been putting off doing your part to save our firewall by saying youll get to it later, guess what: Weve run out of later.
Click right here, right now, and lets get this done. Were $50,000 away from hitting our mark and starting 2012 off on the right foot. Please contribute $5, $10 or more!
If you end up wearing a lampshade tonight, you might feel a little silly in the morning. But if we let the DSCC fall short of its goal and Karl Rove gets an edge that allows him to beat up on folks like Elizabeth Warren and deal a devastating blow to President Obama and the Democrats well feel way worse than silly.
So this year, skip the regret (and maybe that last shot of tequila).
Click here to help the DSCC finish the year strong by contributing $5, $10 or more towards our year-end goal!
Its your last chance to stand up to the far right in 2011. Make it count.
Thanks, and have fun tonight.
James Carville


What a sweet sentiment.


In just a few paragraphs, Mr. Carville has managed to:


-call Karl Roves campaign people a gang of hyenas,


-accuse them of sleazy attacks (unlike calling people hyenas, I guess),


-claim dishonestly that Democrats prevented Republicans from raising taxes on the middle class,  


-claim that Republicans will erase health care reform (that one is correct and, based on every major poll, most of the country would cheer it),


-erase middle class tax cuts a lie,


-and erase Medicare not only a lie, but, according to the usually reliably-leftward, the single biggest political lie of 2011.


I think this is wonderful.  I am elated that Democrats, who made such a point of condemning incivility and overheated political rhetoric earlier this year, are so assiduously holding to their principles.


I mean, hey, it's not like Carville called Republicans hyenas and lied about their agenda, and..oh, wait.


Ken Berwitz

Tom Blumer writes a political blog called, and also is a contributor to 

Mr. Blumer is exasperated by "journalists" who misrepresent how our current 15+ trillion dollar deficit came to be - which means he is perpetually exasperated.  And every now and then he puts up a commentary which shines a light on the fiction constantly being pumped out about it by so-called "journalists" - along with some of the key facts which somehow keep eluding them.

His latest exercise in sisypheanism occurred yesterday, and I thought you might like to read it. 

So here is a taste, to whet your appetite...and then you can click here to read it all:

There are press memes which wont go away no matter what, and no matter how often disproven. One, repeated in an Associated Press report a couple of weeks ago as our troops were about to leave Iraq, claimed that No WMD were ever found there. The truth: Yes they were  along with 550 metric tons of yellowcake uranium found in Iraq after Saddam was overthrown, specifically the stuff that can be refined into nuclear weapons or nuclear fuel.

Another meme which wont die and fails to pass the truth test was in an AP item by Julie Pace about President Obamas decision to defer raising the debt ceiling by $1.2 billion today. In it, she repeated the leftist line about how the national debt has grown so large (HT to an NB emailer):

The debt limit is the amount the government can borrow to finance its operations. It has soared because the government has run record deficits over the past decade. The borrowed money has helped pay for two wars, stimulate the nations economy after the worst recession since the Great Depression and keep intact broad tax cuts initiated during the Bush administration.

Mr. Blumer goes on to tear Ms. Pace's claim apart - using nothing but easily checkable numbers and facts.

In other words, he does what Ms. Pace, and countless other "journalists" could, but do not, do.  And - marvel of marvels - their inability (disinclination?) to do so is highly beneficial to Democrats in general and President Barack Obama in particular.

What an amazing stroke of coincidental luck for them...........

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