Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Ken Berwitz

Guy Cecil, Executive Director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) has sent out a new, and old email.

It is new in the sense that, chronologically, it is his latest email.  It is old in the sense that it is selling the same raw class warfare we have seen from Cecil in his previous emails - and is wholly dishonest as well.

Here, let me show you:


If it doesnt help billionaires and huge corporations, Republicans cant be bothered.

John Boehners radical Republicans left town rather than pass a bill to protect middle class families from a $1,000 payroll tax hike. But Senate Democrats stood firm. Boehner caved. The interests of the 99 percent were protected.

This time.

10 Senate races are dead heats. If Republicans flip 4, they will seize complete control of Congress.  We wouldnt be able to stop their next attack on the middle class.

Thats why we must stop them now. And we only have 4 days to do it.

Were still $234,000 short of meeting our Dec. 31 FEC deadline. If we miss this goal, the first stories of 2012 election year will be how Democrats fell short. We will lose momentum. Republicans will surge. We cant let that happen.

Did he miss a buzzword?  A talking point?  A clich?

An astute observer might wonder how the fact that Republicans were demanding a one year extension of the payroll tax instead of the Democrats' two months' extension would qualify as not being bothered with anyone but billionaires and huge corporations.

That same observer might also wonder, concomitantly, how Democrats, who demanded nothing other than a two month extension, could then position themselves as more concerned than Republicans about the middle class.

And then, of course, there is that "99%" jazz - i.e. Cecil and the DSCC are talking "Occupy" language to the Democrat faithful - something they are most certainly not doing in mainstream media.  It sort of tells you where they think the party is, doesn't it?

I can't wait for the next DSCC email.  Maybe this time Cecil will tell us that demanding approval of the Keystone pipeline, with its estimated 20,000 or so jobs, is also a demonstration that Republicans don't care about anyone but corporations and billionaires.

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