Monday, 26 December 2011


Ken Berwitz

If you believe in the old maxim "Better late than never", especially when it comes to exposing the pervasive crony capitalism practiced by President Obama and his woefully unethical administration, this should be very satisfying to you.

Excerpted from Joe Stephens and Carol D. Leonnig's article in yesterday's Washington Post:

Linda Sterio remembers the excitement when President Obama arrived at Solyndra last year and described how his administrations financial support for the plant was helping create hundreds of jobs. The companys prospects appeared unlimited as Solyndra executives described the backlog of orders for its solar panels.


Then came the August morning when Sterio heard a newscaster announce that more than a thousand Solyndra employees were out of work. Only recently did she learn that, within the Obama administration, the companys potential collapse had long been discussed.

Its not about the people; its politics, said Sterio, who remains jobless and at risk of losing her home. We all feel betrayed.


Since the failure of the company, Obamas entire $80 billion clean-technology program has begun to look like a political liability for an administration about to enter a bruising reelection campaign.


Meant to create jobs and cut reliance on foreign oil, Obamas green-technology program was infused with politics at every level, The Washington Post found in an analysis of thousands of memos, company records and internal ­e-mails. Political considerations were raised repeatedly by company investors, Energy Department bureaucrats and White House officials.


The records, some previously unreported, show that when warned that financial disaster might lie ahead, the administration remained steadfast in its support for Solyndra.


Whats so troubling is that politics seems to be the dominant factor, said Ryan Alexander, president of Taxpayers for Common Sense, a nonpartisan watchdog group. Theyre not talking about what the taxpayers are losing; theyre not talking about the failure of the technology, whether we bet on the wrong horse. What they are talking about is How are we going to manage this politically?


The administration, which excluded lobbyists from policymaking positions, gave easy access to venture capitalists with stakes in some of the companies backed by the administration, the records show. Many of those investors had given to Obamas 2008 campaign. Some took jobs in the administration and helped manage the clean-
energy program.

Translation:  Give enough money to the Obama campaign and President Obama, whose entire career has been built on spending spending other people's money, will make sure the US Taxpayer backs your solar company - footing the bill if it doesn't work out.

And in case you think Solyndra is the only example, please don't forget Evergreen Solar.  Or SunPower.  Or NextEra Energy.  Or the Granite Reliable Power project.   And others as well.

So while I am more than a little distressed at how long it took for the Washington Post to jump in - and even more distressed that they published it on Christmas day, which pretty much guarantees a lesser degree of readership, I am gratified to finally see this chapter-and-verse expos of the scandalous, overt acts of crony capitalism by Obama & Co. on its pages.

Now:  When do the New York Times, the network news, etc. etc. etc. also wake up?  Ever?

Their epiphanies (if they ever happen) - and the 2012 elections -  cannot come fast enough.

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