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Ken Berwitz

Five Days ago, I posted a blog about jules manson, the unsuccessful Carson, California political candidate (now running for office again) who became nationally known because one of his facebook entries said, about President Obama and his family, "Assassinate the fucken nigger and his monkey family".

Countless blog sites have cited manson's comment, assured their readers he is a member of the tea party ("tea party darling" was the specific term used by many of them) and used this comment to "prove" that the tea party is a racist movement.

Me?  I read manson's facebook page and web site, but could not find any reference to the tea party movement at all.  So I emailed mansion and asked the following:

Two quick questions: 

-Are you the same Jules Manson who posted that very offensive facebook comment about President Obama and his family?  It is possible that was another person with the same name


-Are you in any way affiliated with the Tea Party movement? 

Thanks in advance for your answers.

I promised that  if manson answered I would post his comments verbatim.

Well, he did.  And here they are:

Unfortunately I am the person that the press is reporting on. No I am not a teabagger because it was hijacked by the Republican Party. If they can disinfect themselves of this contamination I would have been a supporter of this once fine non-partisan organization. But I do admire their determination and activism. I also admire the occupy any street people. I do not align myself with any one party. But I can best be described as a libertarian and an atheist. I do not wish to disclose who I support because I do not want this to hurt his or her campaign or reflect on them.

Penn Jillette is so well loved among the public that I believe it is safe to say that I greatly admire him. He also mirrors many of my own views. I am currently watching the following as I write this:

It appears that you may be from the press or at least an editor or contributor to an online site. I would be very happy to reveal many more of my views on many pressing matters (especially corporatism, New World Order, drug prohibition, and 9/11) that this country is dealing with if you ask. Take care.

Jules Manson
Candidate for Member of the City Council,
City of Carson, CA

So, is jules manson a tea partier?  Is his tea partier status contaminating the Republican Party?

Well, manson says he says he is not a tea partier.  He derisively refers to them as teabaggers.  And he tells us his reason for rejecting the tea party movement is because "it was hijacked by the Republican Party".

Based on those statements, the answers, pretty obviously, are "no" and "no".

But what about the fact that manson agrees with some of what the tea party movement says?  That, folks is irrelevant.  So does the "Occupy" movement.  Illustratively, I agree with some tenets of communism, and admire much of the moral philosophy of Christianity.  But I am neither a communist nor a Christian.  Agreeing with part of a given philosophy does not make you one of its followers.

On the ugly side, one thing manson does not do in his email:  he does not disavow the threatening, racist reference to the Obamas.  I therefore assume he remains ok with it.  As you might expect, this is why I do not use capital letters while writing manson's name; I won't afford him that level of respect.

Now:  what about all those leftward web sites - like, to name just one - which were so hot to use manson as a poster boy for their contention that the tea party is a racist movement - and, since the tea party has a major influence on the Republican Party, Republicans must be racist as well?

Would you say a correction is in order?  Maybe an apology, and an admission that there was no evidence at all to make that claim?  I sure would.

Let's see if any is forthcoming......

free` Wow what an idiot this guy is. The Tea Party came out against several R's, because they were RINOs. If there were such a thing as a conservative D, then that Democrat would get the support of the TP. The TP movement has to do with conservatism not the Republican party. (12/24/11)

free` I should add to the above. It seems that most conservatives belong to the R party, so that might be why some believe it is a R organization. Maybe a new party could come out of this that could incorporate all conservatives. I for one don't belong to any party, but I try to vote for who I believe to be the most conservative person running. (12/26/11)

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