Thursday, 22 December 2011


Ken Berwitz

As the "Occupy" movement fades further into the distance (except for the very few places where sympathetic mayors are allowing it to fester), a new venue has sprung up:  New Canaan Connecticut.

John Hinderaker of has written a tiny, but very funny blog about it - too short to excerpt (he can lift anything I write anytime, of course).  Here it is:

Most Pitiful Occupation Ever


I am pretty sure this is not a parody, but rather a straight news story about an effort to Occupy Darien, Connecticut: First Day of Occupy Darien Draws Small Crowd:

The first day of the Occupy Darien demonstration got off to a slow start at a wet Tilley Park in Darien on Wednesday morning with about 10 protesters coming out for the event.

Cole Stangler of New Canaan was the first to arrive, carrying a sign that said, End the Wars, Tax the Rich.

This is one of the great photos and photo captions of all time:

Trudi Goldberg delivers a speech to Cole Stangler, Richard Duffee and Bennett Weiss at Occupy Darien.

A demonstration where those who attended can be identified individually, by namehilarious! The Occupation movement is a gift; lets hope it keeps on giving.

Another unoccupied occupation.  These are gettting more and more frequent.

But never forget:  they are the 99%!!!.


Ken Berwitz

I don't get it.

President Obama, Harry Reid, etc. are demanding a 2 month extension in the payroll tax cut - which means by the time the ink is dry it is over.

Republicans are demanding a one year extension - which is no great shakes either, but pretty preferable for anyone who thinks the payroll tax extension is a good idea (and there are very good reasons not to). 

So how can Republicans come out on the grinch side of this issue?  You have to be pretty inept politically for that to happen, don't you?  Well, don't you, Mr. Boehner and Mr. Cantor?

Sometimes you have to pinch yourself to believe things are happening.....


UPDATE:  This afternoon, Republicans, under immense pressure, appear to have agreed to the 2 month extension. 

On MSNBC, Chris Matthews is deliriously happy over this Republican "loss" - with the formerly reasonable and now safely-in-the-leftwing-fold Howard Fineman, and Jonathan Martin of, delighted to agree with him.

It will be interesting to see what happens in two months, when Republicans remind voters that this is not a settled issue for the rest of the year only because Democrats insisted it not be.  Mr. Matthews might have a different view of things then.

Zeke .... .... So, the Democrats are giving ya 40 bux a paycheck, ending in February. ..... and, the Republicans want to give you Tow Grand next year. .... ..... ..... How come Johnny B couldn't get that across. ..... .... And, even the MSM is croaking that it was merely inept politics ..... .... Wuss ... (12/22/11)

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